Rediscover The Most Neglected Spiritual Discipline & Learn How To Most Reflect Christ’s Love Today
Short Clip
God is love.
Jesus said that His love reflected through us would be the way people would know we are His disciples.
The Spirit of God overflows us with love from God.
God wants us to be kind and tenderhearted and compassionate like Him.
One of the most well-known attributes of God is Love. God explains His character in 1 John when He said: God is love. God loves us. We are to love one another. When God explains to us what He desires to be our attitude towards the world He demonstrated it by His ministry: Jesus who is the exact image of God the father showed such tender compassion for both saved and lost people. He felt for their needs and extended compassion towards them.
God wants to have us reflect His love in this world. Jesus said that the badge of love would be how the world would know that we are His people. God wanted Old Testament Israel to live in such a way that the world around them saw, and felt the love and compassion of God.
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