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Horrors From the Abyss

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REV. 9:1-2


Last Sunday night was crucial to our understanding of this book… If you missed it, I will share the outline, but get the tape or you will miss where we are headed!

I. A PROPHETIC PERSPECTIVE (4 Parts) 1. Why study Revelation? 1:3 Blessed 2 Pet. 3:10-14 = promotes Godliness discourages materialism develops expectancy 2. When? 2:7 As Soon As God’s Servant 3. How? 1:19 In Content 1-4 Jesus Christ challenging His people – church 5-20 Jesus Christ conquered planet earth 21-22 Jesuss Christ consumating plan eternity 4. What does Revelation say? Chapter Event Present Application ________________________________Lesson____________ Rev. 1-3 Church Age Be saved; key verse: Behold & know “today is day of salvation” ______________________________________________ Rev. 4 Rapture, End Be ready; key verse: church & judg- “Behold, I come quickly” ment of Christians, Be Holy, “All stand” __________________________________________________ Rev. 5-18 Tribulation Be thankful; God not appointed us to wrath (I Th. 5:9) __________________________________________________

Rev. 19 Second Coming, Be patient Christ right wrongs, Christ clean planet _______________________________________________ Rev. 20 Millenium; Be focused Christ perfect earth Christ fulfill promise __________________________________________________ Rev. 20 GWT Be faithful Point folks to Christ Fulfill God’s plan __________________________________________________ Rev. 21-22 Heaven, Be investing Lay up treasures in heaven! __________________________________________________ II. A PROPHETIC PASSAGE (7 fold evil) Turn now to the 5th trumpet (#1, Ch. 8) called the “first woe”.

V. 1-13 Describe in human language a Satanic invasion that alters human existence. There are three woe trumpets. The third precipitates the end and is described only after a lengthy parenthesis. At this point a description is given of just the first two. The first of these describes a satanically energized belief which afflicts humanity. The second describes a satanically energized battle which alters history.

(1) The fifth trumpet (Woe 1) — a satanically energized belief which afflicts humanity

The description which follows is highly symbolic. It tells of a fearful demon host which is to be unleashed by divine permission. The terrible demons loosed thus from the pit will seize upon men and prepare them for the strong delusion and for the exaltation of the beast

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to complete and universal power.

The world is already being prepared for what is to come. It is one of the ironies of the age in which we live that, at a time when scientific enlightenment is at its zenith and men are educated, pragmatic, and materialistic in the extreme, millions are turning to the occult for entertainment, enlightenment, and eventual enslavement. Every year, hundreds of new books are published dealing with demonism, witchcraft, magic, spiritism, ghosts and prophecy. Every season brings its quota of television shows featuring similar themes. Soothsayers, prophets, astrologers, fortune tellers are given avid hearing by millions. The groundwork is being layed for an enormous increase in demon activity soon to burst upon the world.

V. 1-13 Satanic Invasion 1. V. 1-3 horrifying “and 5th angel sounded…” – imprisoned – released 2. V. 4 hungering “and it was com…” 3. V. 5-6 torturing “and to them…” 4. V. 7a pursuing “and shapes…” 5. V. 7b thinking “and faces…” 6. V. 8a captivating “hair of women” 7. V. 8b deadly “their teeth”

In conclusion, what should we do tonight? Modern man professes not be believe in demons, but they exist just the same. Moreover, they are clever with a diabolical cunning. Man’s attitude toward the demon world may well be likened to man’s attitude in the Dark Ages toward bacteria. If we could be transported back to London in the year 1666, we would find ourselves in a nightmare world. The great bubonic plague is at its height. The sights and sounds of the city are life the terrible climax of a horror movie. It is generally believed that fresh air is the culprit. The College of Physicians recommends the frequent firing of guns to blow away the deadly air. People seal themselves into their rooms and burn foul-smelling messes to ward off the fresh
air. Chimneys are sealed, rooms are gray with smoke, and people choke in the suffocating stench. Outside, palls of black smoke hang over the city. People sit in the tightly sealed chambers, grimly determined to endure the smarting smoke, convinced they are thus immune to the plague. We tell them they are wrong, that the plague is not caused by fresh air but by germs, microscopic organisms spread by fleas–and they laugh us to scorn.

Modern man has adopted a similar attitude toward the demon world. We tell them that the world is in the grip of Satan and that he has countless hosts of invisible demons to aid him in his dark designs against mankind. We say that these unseen beings are intelligent, and that before long, they are to be joined by countless more of their kind worse even than themselves. People look at us with pitying scorn and suggest we peddle our theories to the publishers of science fiction. But it is true all the same. Once the pit is opened, the world of men will be invaded by a virus far more dreadful than the bubonic plague, a virus all the more deadly because it is able to think and because it directs its attack against the soul rather than the body. Phillips

III. PRACTICAL REMINDERS ABOUT SATAN The World’s Worst Natural Disasters: _________________________________________________________ (The death tolls given in the following list are based on commonly accepted data but are not definitive.)

Deaths Date Cause Place

75,000,000 Mid-14th C Bubonic plague Europe and Asia (Black Death) 22,000,000 1918 Influenza Worldwide 20,000,000 1969-71 Famine Northern China 10,000,000 1939 Floods/famine Northern China 9,500,000 1877-78 Famine China 3,700,000 1931 Flood Yellow River,

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China 3,000,000 1669-70 Famine Bombay/Madras, India 1,500,000 1943-44 Famine Bengal, India 1,000,000 1201 Earthquake Syria/Egypt 1,000,000 1846-47 Famine Ireland 900,000 1887 Flood Honan Province, China 830,000 1556 Earthquake Shensi, China 800,000 1838 Famine Northwestern India 655,000 1976 Earthquake Tientsin/ Tangshan,China 500,000 1970 Typhoon/flood Bangladesh 300,000 1737 Earthquake Calcutta, India 300,000 1881 Typhoon Haiphong, Indochina 300,000 1642 Flood Yellow River, China 250,000 526 B.C. Earthquake Antioch, Syria 215,000 1876 Tsunami Bay of Bengal, India 200,000 1703 Earthquake Tokyo, Japan 200,000 856 Earthquake Persia 180,000 1920 Earthquake Kansu Province, China ? 1983- Famine (cont.) Africa, eastern and south

“Understand and resist Satan!”

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