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John 3:16 The Greatest Verse In the Bible

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John 3:16 The Greatest Verse In The Bible

During the unfortunate years of suffering and death that surrounded World War I, a young American died on the battlefield. As he was brought in and examined for personal effects a letter fell from his pocket. Stained and torn it had some words scribbled on the back. They went like this:

John 3:16 The Greatest Verse In The Bible

There are many great things in the world. There are the biggest hydroelectric projects, the tallest buildings, the biggest banks, the costliest weapons, the highest mountains and so on. But, in the only book God wrote there is a verse that stands above all others.

In God’s estimation the world needed saving and he devised a plan that is summed up in this powerful verse.

1. For God = the greatest lover 2. so loved = the greatest love 3. the world, = the greatest group 4. that he gave = the greatest gift 5. his only begotten Son, = the greatest attraction 6. that whosoever = the greatest offer 7. believeth in him = the greatest simplicity 8. should not perish, = the greatest security 9. but have = the greatest assurance [not maybe, hope so, if..its have!] 10. everlasting life. = the greatest possession
Well, Jesus told that man he had to make a choice. Its your turn tonight.
ESPONSES: Jesus only offered two options. Either you can believe or disbelieve Him. He is right or wrong. If He is telling the truth, and I believe He is, then there is only one way to heaven – HIS. So, what will your response be? Belief or Unbelief?

ESTINIES: As far as Jesus goes its only Eternal Life or Eternal Death. There are no other comfortable choices. He draws the line and declares the alternatives and we are left to pick a destiny. Behind this door is: • endless life, peace joy and • the presence of God forever. R D

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Behind this door is • the blackness of darkness forever in unquenchable fire, • worms that never die and • the horror of knowing you made the eternally wrong choice.

HOICES: Only Jesus could be so bold as to say there is no middle road on the highway to heaven. Its all or none. Its receive the free gift of eternal life or reject it. No choice is to make the answer to Him be NO.

What will it be? The choice is yours. What will you do with the INDISPUTABLE SIGN, the Empty Tomb, The Risen Christ?

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