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Proof #7 Reliability Script = Because of life transforming power

We come to final reason why I preach the bible in literally true, the authority on all matters of: • life – it’s purpose, origin, destiny. • People – The fact is we are sinners and need conversion. • History – Its author & guide and what he has as the outcome • Universe – its creation, sustainer and ruler • Sin – its origin, its universal blight & judgment • Family – Gods ordaining it, rules to guide it and ultimate • War & peace, death & disease, government & politics, money & reason • everything that matters is authoritatively addressed in scriptures.

Do you remember the other 6 reasons that we should trust and heed the scriptures? Let me emphasize them again – I. Because Christ did and commanded us to “Search scriptures”, “Have you not read” II. Because of unshakable conviction of all writers 3800x “thus saith God..” III. Because of its divinely planned unity A. One author, plan, theme: B. from Genesis to Revelations one Kingdom of God C. one king, one kingdom, one entrance into his presence IV. Because of supernatural endurance as it lasts than ages. Nothing can destroy it, not – empires & emperors, sword & fire, conquest or captivity, scholars or skeptics, neglect or ignorance. It remains the living, powerful & enduring word of God!! V. Because of God’s challenge that only he knows the future and details it in prophecy! Isaiah 41:23
VI. Because of the amazing self authenticating truth the Bible has always contained in the realm of science. Astronomy, Geology, Hydrology, Oceanography, Isostasy, and on and on, all are coming into agreement with God’s word…

I. But finally, Because the Bible alone of all books in the world is divine in its life transforming power!! Other books can change mind only this book can cause new nature, new heart, new spirit, true peace, true love – that’s mighty, only Word of God! So scriptures have life transforming power… A. Let’s look at that power from three perspectives 1. What is the basis of that life transforming power? In other words, how do you get it and keep it! 2. What is the extent of that life transforming power? In other words, what’s it going to do to me, in my life? 3. What’s the demonstration of the life transforming power? In other words, what’s the proof God changes lives? B. Well – Hold on to your seats, here we go! 1. What is the Basis of the Word of God’s life transforming power? How do you get and keep it? Turn to Romans 1:1-7 a) v.1 “Gospel of God” there is stated what we want and how do we find it. b) v.2 “He promised” – from God “through Prophets” – By messengers “in Holy Scriptures” – in Bible So – it’s good news (Gospel) of God *through prophets in Word of God c) v.3 “Concerning His Son” There come the facts: Virgin born, sinless life, God man, killed, buried, raised

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d) v.5 “Through whom…”There’s the basis. Let’s get the picture: God has Good News. His messengers from creation have borne the same message these “prophets, righteous Abel Hebrews 11:4, Enoch preached God’s judgment Jude 14-16, Noah preached righteousness 2 Plis. It’s now complete and in hand scriptures, they judge what if from God. It centers on Living Jesus Christ and what is life transforming power? e) v.4 “Spirit Holiness Jesus Christ our Lord. What’s the Basis? Submission to revelation Word of God, Jesus Christ as Lord f) v. 5 to obedience of the faith. That’s living transforming power to salvation. The absolute submission of a believer to Christ is massive in the Word of God – (1) Paul uses title Lord 275 times; (2) New Testament total = 718 times; (3) In fact Paul uses full name of Christ continually; Lord Jesus Christ 68 times (NT total 87 times) C. What else besides this? Good news from God. In his word; About Christ; That He is Lord; And we enter obedience of faith Scripture full – 1. Writer of Hebrews said (12:9) “Must be subject to father of spirits (God)” to live 2. James (1:21) “Put aside (sins) and received word implanted…to save souls” 3. Peter (1P1:2) saved so may “obey Jesus Christ”
4. John (1J2:17) who has eternal life? “one does the will of god abides forever 5. Paul calls it a) love of truth 2th 2:10 b) obeying gospel 2th 1:8 c) continuing in faith Col 1:23 6. John calls it knowing God John 17:3 7. Yes – It’s good news; It’s a free gift; It’s by faith alone. But – The response is sumbmission to Christ Jesus as Lord! Remember how our Lord described it? Mt 13 has 4 soils but only one genuine salvation: 1 snatched; 2 withered; the third is choked; the 4th produces fruit = the proof of salvation. As Matthew 7:21 “one doing will of God”. So that’s the basis II. What’s the extent of the life transforming power of the scriptures – what’s it do to us? A. Acts 26:18 – open eyes… B. Ezk 36:26-27 New heart… C. Jam 3:13 Wisdom above pure… D. 2 con 5:17 new creation. Total new creature in old clay pot!! III. Finally, How is Word of God’s life transforming pwer demonstrated? Let’s look at sciptural proof in lives then at some changed lives today. A. Scripture snap shots from Hebrews 11, note the response of faith evident in each life 1. Abel – offered what God wanted 2. Enoch – sought God presence “walked” 3. Abraham – obeyed and left idols 4. Sarah – believed 5. Issac – passed blessing along 6. Jacob – worshipped 7. Joseph – ordered 8. Moses – endured

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9. God accepted the responders 10. Ninevah at Jonah’s preaching 11. Queen of Sheba and on… B. How about today, well CH Spurgeon once said don’t try protect the Word of God, just unleash it – “like lion in a cage” C. When Word of God unleashed to transform lives what does it do?

It Transforms: Into: Self sufficiency Godly reliance Spiritual coldness Full hearted devotion Life of apathy Devoted care Total self-centerdness Loving sacrifice Pride Humble submission Smothering bitterness Sweet forgiving spirit Grip of fleshly desire Purity of mind Present moral defilement Pursuit of holiness Scars of past Opportunites to share grace received Greed – idolatry Worship Anger Self-controlled/spirit filled joy Rebellion Living sacrifice Bondage to alcohol, sex Bondslave to Christ

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