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Lust – Learning to Flee this Deadly Enemy

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Exploding Myths that make us miserable Myth # 1 THE MYTH OF LUST: YOU ONLY GO AROUND ONCE SO GO FOR THE GUSTO!


Researchers have found that even in the world of nature the myth persists that bigger is better. One group of scientists made a cardboard version of a female butterfly during mating season and placed it among the other females. The males were released and all hovered around the larger, unreal, false, and fake female – while all the genuine females waited in the distance.

Until that cardboard lifeless model was removed, the males never would pay attention to the real world even for a moment. So is lust in our world today. It teaches us to look at the outward instead of the inward; it says bigger is better. It leaves us unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and empty as long as we allow lust to live unhindered in our lives.

Illustration: Cardboard butterflies Hughes, James, p. 169.

I. DECIDE TO PLEASE GOD BY YOUR CONDUCT. V. 1 A. First – holy living is not an option. It’s an imperitive. “ought” B. Second – holy living is not momentary. It’s continuous “to walk” C. Third – holy living is not private. It is [and shall be] public. “to please god” D. Because of these three, look at the end of the road, look at second corinthians 5:10. The day of reckoning. 1. “must” – no option = compulsory 2. “all/each one” = personal 3. “appear” made manifest = public 4. “recompensed” individually paid = specific

II. PLAN TO LIVE ACCORDING TO GOD’S COMMANDMENTS V.2 A. Don’t miss this – that word “C” is a military term for passing on orders. B. Look at John 14:15-21. Because we love we obey!

III. FOLLOW GOD’S WILL. v. 3 OUR CALLING IS TO DO GOD’S WILL. This is anarthrous = no article. Indefinite. This is something “God wills”. There are others… It is our calling. Holiness is God’s will – The first step to holy living is doing God’s will – God’s will starts with holy living A. God’s will is that we be sanctified, holy and pure (I Th. 4:3)
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B. God’s will is that we be (I Th. 5:18) Thankful C. God’s will is that we be (Eph 5:18) Be being filled with H.S. D. God’s will is that we be (I Pet. 2:13-15) Submissive E. God’s will is that we be (I Pet. 4:19 / 5:10) Suffering F. God’s will is that we be (2 Pet. 3:9) Saved

IV. PURSUE PERSONAL HOLINESS V. 4 COMMITMENTS to personal holiness – to pure living. Vessel = body 2 Tim. 2:20-22 God says FORNICATION is wrong = any sex contact prior to wedding, mentally or physically. That’s videos, magazines, movies, TV, beachwatching:girl watching… living together, parking, petting… God says ADULTERY is wrong = any mental/physical contact other than with wife. If started – stop, repent, restore. If not started, – DON’T! You say HARD! Yes, always been that way. How? Mk 7:21-23 Because starts with mind Victory – We have a priority to be holy * Our bodies are God’s temple A. REMEMBER YOU ARE JUST A RENTER! WATCH YOUR DEPOSIT! I Cor. 6:19-20 – bought B. REGULARLY RENEW YOUR LEASE! Rom. 12:1,2 – So give back to owner 1. That means – What we put in our body must be holy to God – not alcohol, drugs, cigarettes. 2. What we do with our bodies must be holy to God – no immoral, fornications, adulterous, impure things. No dissipation, overeating/gluttony, No lack of discipline 3. What we put on our body must be holy to God – modesty, propriety, sanctity, purity a) II Cor. 10:5 TAKE thots captive b) Col. 3:1 LOCK affections upward c) Eph. 6:17 WEAR helmet / use sword d) II Tim. 2:22 FLEE lust e) I Pet 5:9 RESIST devil 4. WOMEN… I Tim. 2:9 = be modest I Pet. 3:3

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