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Matthew 1-2 – Welcome To The New Testament – When God Became Man

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1. Matthew 1:1-7— A Genealogy of Grace (1:1-17). Forty-two men, five women & Jesus. The amazing message is hidden in a hard-to-pronounce genealogy.
a. Defrauded Tamar (Genesis 38): No PAIN is too deep for God’s Grace.
b. Defiled Rahab (Joshua 1-2, 6): No PAST is too bad for God’s Grace.
c. Despised Ruth (Genesis 19; Deuteronomy 23; Ruth 1-4): No PROBLEM is too big for God’s Grace.
d. Defeated Bathsheba (2 Sam 11-12): No STAIN is too deep for God’s Grace.
e. Determined Mary (Matthew 1-2; Luke 10-2): No TASK is too great for God’s Grace.
2. Matthew emphasizes Joseph’s tie to the royal line of David through Abraham, David & Solomon vs. Mary’s bloodline in Luke going back to Adam. Though Mary’s line is also a valid one, it has the curse on Jeconiah (Matthew 1:11-12; Jer. 22:30). Joseph & Mary’s families knew each other and trusted each other enough to betrothe Joseph & Mary.
3. A Bio of Joseph (1:18-25)
a. Matthew 1:18-20a—Sought God with his problems.
b. Matthew 1:20b-23—Listened to God v. 20 for guidance.
c. Matthew 1:24-25a—Obeyed God v. 24 with his actions.
d. Matthew 1:25b—Honored by God v. 21, 25, for his obedience.
4. The Testimony of the Wisemen (Matthew 2)
a. Matthew 2:1—The Wisemen came to Jesus.
b. Matthew 2:2—The Wisemen sacrificed their time, their schedule, their comforts, security & resources for Christ. It was a LONG journey.
c. Matthew 2:11b—The Wisemen presented what they had to Jesus. They didn’t send it to Him, they brought it and gave it to Him personally, themselves. Some lessons for us:
i. Come to Him Yourself
ii. Sacrifice your time, freedom, and comfort for Him
iii. Present what you have to Him
iv. Personally Worship Him
5. So many contrasts: Herod was insecure and hated Christ as a rival; the leaders ignored Christ, and were indifferent to His arrival, but the Wisemen insistently sought Him and loved Him. What simple lessons can we draw from the Wisemen?
a. God has servants in the most unexpected places.
b. God gets glory from unexpected people.
c. God is found only by hearts and not heads.
d. Finding God is costly.
e. True faith is unstoppable.
Application Prayer: Lord, like Bathsheba I believe that no stain is too deep for Your grace. Like Tamar, no pain is too great for Your grace. Like Rahab, no past is too bad for Your grace. Like Ruth, no problem is too big for You. Like Mary, no task is too great. I believe You God, and ask for Your grace to help in times of need. Amen. Lord, You guided Joseph and he responded. Help me to humbly surrender and follow Your plan. Lord, You also called the Wisemen to sacrifice and be a part of your plan. They did and were so blessed. I want to also insistently seek, love, follow, and worship You. Help me to so today.