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MEETING GOD AT THE END OF LIFE–Are You Ready For The Greatest Day of Your Life Kneeling Before Him?

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In other words, he lived each day like he was on his way to explain what he did with his life to the One who gave him life – Jesus Christ.
Jonathan Edwards, one of the greatest minds ever produced in an American had this as his constant plan:
“Resolved, never to do anything I would not want to be found doing—by Christ when He returns.”
Are you ready this moment, to appear before Christ’s Throne? That Throne we will each someday stand before was described by the Apostle Paul in several places, none is clearer than 2nd Corinthians 5:10.
Each year we get to start a new fresh page.
This year that page is named 2021, and it contains 365 1/4 days, 8766 hours, 1/2 million minutes, and 31 1/2 million seconds.
But more than anything else, this new year is a new opportunity for each of us to invest as much of that time as we want with God in Heaven.
The one thing EVERYONE has in common is time.
No one has more than anyone else.
We each get one day at a time.
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