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One Holy Passion





Romans 16

Open to Romans 16

*What kind of passion for Christ do you think it took to associate with Christ in a hostile world?

* Last night we had a grim reminder at 11 p.m. a group of young people pounded, banged, shook our door and yelled “Let us in”. By the time we could get to see what was going on, they ran off into the night.

* Have you ever thought what would it be like to be hunted down, searched for and stalked for capture and cruel torturous execution.

* Just 8 years after Romans 16 was written, that is what went on. Over Romans 16, flames the awful glare of humans dipped in tar burning alive as Nero’s torches. What calls forth that kind of passion for Christ? Can we have such deep and abiding commitment today? Yes, it’s called a holy passion. Rom. 15:6

It’s described in the account of the birthday of our church. Yes, our church QBC was born not in 1828, but A.D. 33 — 50 days after Jesus Christ died and rose. Acts is a record of common, normal, ordinary folks like us, who yielded to God and were filled with A Holy Passion.

Let’s look and imitate.

1. Webster defines “passion” (W.N.I.D. 2nd, 1787) “a zealously pusued interest, an object of love or ambition…zeal.”

2. Luke describes the early church as having some zealously pursued interests… Let’s note them and use them to focus our lives, direction, resources and time together… And because they as we are spirit dwwelt. Let’s call this a Holy Passion.

3661 569 homothumadon 12 times 5:185 445a adv. Together, unanimously, with(in) one mind, purpose, accord, Acc. 1:14, 2:1 3674/2372, impulse ag

Acts 1:14 continued with one accord in prayer and 2:1 were all with one accord in one place. :46 daily with one accord in the temple, 4:24 their voice to God with one accord, b:12 they were all with one accord 7:57 and ran upon him with one accord, 8:6 the people with one accord gave heed, 12:20 but they came with one accord to him, 15:25 being assembled with one accord, 18:12 made insurrection with one accord 19:29 rushed with one accord into the theatre.

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Rom. 15:6 That ye may with one mind (and) one

1. Communing with Christ (1:14) 2. Fellowship (2:1) 3. Worship (2:46) 4. Godly dependence (4:24) 5. Identification as Christt’s (5:12) 6. Response to word of God (8:6) 7. Follow biblical leaders (15:25)

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