When God Removes His Restraint Humanity Destroys Itself (Revelation 6:1-11)
One of God’s attributes is His wrath. Last time we saw His future, ultimate, smoldering wrath as He returns to judge the world. That is His cataclysmic wrath as He pours out His fiery indignation. There is another element of God’s wrath and that is what operates all the time. It is called His consequential wrath. Cataclysmic & Consequential, both are forms of God’s wrath against sin, and sinners who do not repent.
God’s consequential wrath was built into His creation of the universe. Please turn with me to Hebrews 11. Our Creator-God who is the All-Mighty Maker of the Heavens & the Earth, spoke so much into existence at Creation, that scientists have never stopped discovering, for thousands of years, more and more of what He did. Underlying all the vast parts of the Universe, are laws that seem to govern everything.
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Have you ever thought that human scientists only discover and name laws that are already there? Humans didn’t make the laws of physics or biology, they just discovered and try to use them. We know them as the:
Immutable Laws of Nature
We all know that there are laws in science. The well used laws of science lead to constant technological advances. The more we know, understand, and harness those laws the faster, smaller, and more powerful & efficient our technology becomes.
But for just a moment, think about where those laws came from. Immediately we as believers know that they came from the Almighty God who spoke into existence this Universe, overflowing with the laws of thermodynamics and electromagnetism that frame everything. God invented, instituted, and maintains those very laws of science that every scientist lives by and works with.
The laws of electromagnetism have led humans to understand the spectrum of light, sound, and all other known waveforms. So much so that we can study, measure, and eventually use the various lengths & speeds of these waves, which include the tiny realm of visible and hearable waves of sound and light.
Waves of electromagnetism go in both directions on the spectrum so far studied, from the super large and slow waves (like radio waves) to super small and fast waves (gamma rays) .
Someone Made Those Laws of Nature
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