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Power of Scripture #4





Last week we saw the first two aspects of the power of the Scriptures.

I. Transforming Power – the power to change us 1. removing 2. restoring 3. refining 4. reviving 5. revealing 6. reminding 7. resisting

II. Secondly, the Life Completing Supplying Power – powerful scriptures are the divine source of:

1. truth 2. happiness 3. growth to maturity 4. power 5. guidance 6. comfort 7. victory

• LA Times quoted this week the Washington Post – People are finding they are unable to make it have a void – Confessing, apologizing, crying out…

Now we come finally to: How do the Scriptures describe themselves?

Life Confronting – John 8:30-31 – Christ demands response Gal. 3:10 – cursed if not obey

1. Authoritative – Gen. 3:1 – start questioning Is. 1:2 – the Lord speaketh

They are God’s voice.

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2. Pure – in two ways A. Inerrant in every part = all Bible says is truth, no mistakes, no lies (John 10:35) Prov. 30:5-6 – Every Word of God is pure.

B. Infallible in total – Ps. 19:7 = the law is perfect

3. Complete = doesn’t need any help

Rev. 22:18-19 Deut. 4:2 – ye shall not add…. Heb. 1:1 – God hath spoken

God only dealt through 2 groups to reveal His Word:

Apostles (NT) Prophets (OT)

And their work is finished!!

4. Effective – It can perform its work God has determined.

Is. 55:6-7,11

It can meet the cry of our hearts and fill the void.

Paul to pagan world, “Preach the Word” –

So okay – the Word of God describes itself as confronting our lives as it is –

• authoritative • pure 1. inerrant 2. infallible • complete • effective

And also as:
5. Sufficient – the source of all we need:

Rom. 10:17 – faith comes by hearing Eph. 2:8-9 – receiving the gift of God 2 Tim. 3:16-17 – the man of God may be complete

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Acts 4:12 – salvation, last word is Christ found in the Word of God 6. Preserved
Psalm 12:6-7; 119:89,140

Not added to…by man’s opinion Not lost….by time passing Not destroyed…by adversaries Not compromised…by religious error

We hold in our hands, the very Word of God!!

If we were to put all variants in the Greek text, it would equal less than half a page – No doctrine – just spellings, etc.

Hold on, two more.

7. Supernaturally Divine Extraordinary Extraterrestrial Metaphysical

Out of this world!!

2 Tim. 3:16 – God breathed it to us 2 Pet. 1:21 – God moved its authors

It comes from far above and beyond us and our mere physical time/space existence!

As Gordon Clark the apologist states:

God invaded our space/time box…in person and left His revelation.

Many religions in the world – Only one revelation

The Word of God is exclusive – it’s the only way, truth and life

So, the Scriptures are powerful because they have:

• Divine Transforming Power • Divine Life Completing Power

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And now we have seen they demand from cover to cover to have Life Confronting Power.

The Word of God claims to be:

• authoritative • pure A. inerrant B. infallible • complete • effective • sufficient • preserved • supernatural

But last of all, and what really must be considered:

8. The Word of God claims to be determiner of the destiny of each human being that has ever existed.

Watch these verses: Mark 8:34-38 – Our souls destinies are held by Christ’s words.

John 5:24 – How do you hear Christ’s words?

The Bible Only way to miss judgement for sin.

John 8:31 – only way to be his disciple = through His words

John 11:25-26 – Life = believing Christ’s words!

So God’s Word finally claims to be Determinative! Have you bowed to its claims?

1. authoritative 2. pure (inerrant/infallible) 3. complete 4. effective 5. sufficient 6. presented 7. supernatural 8. determinative

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