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REVELATION 11 God Keeps His Word

I. GOD KEEPS HIS WORD * God has staked His name on one nation – Israel Jer. 31:2 – * God has also chosen a city to associate with: Jerusalem – City of Melchisadek, type of Christ and Abraham’s offering Issac – City of David – City of Solomon and temple – God calls it “My city” – Place of Christ’s crucifixion – sacred to: Jews, Christians, Moslems – A.D. 70 3rd (Herod) temple destroyed [586 B.C. first (Solomon), second Zerubbubel] – A.D. 685-91 Dome of the Rock – A.D. 1520-66 Sulleman the Magnificent Now, look at Rev. 11:1-2 – God says there will be another temple. – Daniel said so: 9:27, 12:11 – Christ said so: Mt. 24:15-16 – Paul said so: 2 Th. 2:4 British statesman Disraeli asked to defend Bible one word: Israel Lesson: God keeps His word! Are you trusting Him?

II. GOD PROTECTS HIS OWN – v. 3-7 A. God always has witness – Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Job, Moses, Samuel…. B. God provides power: Elijah – drought and fire
Moses – death and disease C. God has perfect plan “finished”, “tetelestai” Jesus Christ, “finished course” – Paul, “to wit God in Christ”

Lesson: God protects His own; Are you resting in Him?

III. GOD GIVES ENDLESS LIFE – V. 8-14 Rom. 4:17 Abraham’s faith Rom. 8:11 Lesson: God gives endless life! Are you hoping?

IV. GOD EXPECTS WORSHIP A. Heaven is a place of worship where God rules and reigns – v. 15-16 – Are you experiencing heaven as you worship Him? B. Worship flows out of the wonders of God’s revealing Himself: – Are you overflowing with God? 1. He is eternal in character – v. 17a 2. He is awesome in power – v. 17b 3. He is righteous in judgment – v. 18 4. He is indeflectible in loyalty – v. 19 Here’s the ark (but don’t look for Indiana Jones and the distortions and errors of this swashbuckling explorer)… It’s in heaven. * Ark = portrait of God’s abiding presence and promises. * Contents = A. 2 stone tablets of the Law = God is unleashingly holy… B. Aaron’s rod that budded = God gives life C. Pot of Manna = Christ is bread of life Well, (1) God keeps word = trusting? (2) God protects His own = resting? (3) God gives endless life = hoping? (4) God expects worship = adoring?