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Prayer – Hezekiah, Assyria & The Destroyer From The Pit

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The Destroyer From The Pit



God Had Other Plans: The strategic location of the land would create special pressures. You might call it, “God’s testing ground of faith.” In this land, there was much pressure and many tests. But, through these tests, with all odds against the Israelites, God showed forth His miracle power to sustain them and bless them, even in difficult situations. That made people sit up and take notice.
Since all communication, trade, and even armies of the ancient world had to pass through this land, the message of God’s relationship to man through His chosen people would be spread to the known world.
The people of Israel were to be the living testimony of God through their lifestyle and message. In times of peace, traders and travelers could see and hear God’s message and take it to the world.
In times of war, God showed His power to miraculously defend them. This message also went around the world. For example, the great King Sennacherib of Assyria invaded Judah in 720 BC. When he reached Jerusalem, he blockaded the city and mocked King Hezekiah and the God of Israel. God moved. The angel of the Lord killed the soldiers and officers of Sennacherib. 2 Chron. 32 says that Sennacherib returned back to Assyria in disgrace. Not only is this recorded in the Bible, but Sennacherib left an account of this event chiseled in stone which testifies to what God did on this day in Israel.
The Destroyer From The Pit

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