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The Trinity, Fear, End times & Are God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Free Will Compatible


Dr. John Barnett answers questions from the floor on these topics:

Question #1 “What about traveling or living in dangerous places like Honduras, what does the Bible say?” Answer:  Fear vs. Peace in a Dangerous World;

Question #2 “What is the difference between Trinitarianism & Modalism?” Answer: The Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity, Inspiration, Christ’s Affirmation of the Scriptures, the Reliability of God’s Word.

Question #3 “What is the relationship between God’s Will, Sovereignty & Free Will in Decisionmaking?” Answer: There seems to be some latitude within the Will of God for individual choices.

Question #4 “What does the New Heaven & New Earth look like?” Answer: Revelation 21 says that it is NEW in the sense of new of the same kind, not new of a different kind.

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