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The history of planet earth may well be traced by the wars our fellow humans have so often fought. It was Babylon that first conquered in a global way. How many peace-loving boys and their dads perished to fill the coffers of their king? Then Assyrian and Persian and Greek armies sowed blood, broken bodies, and death across the face of the earth. In cold, calculated, and cruel efficiency the Romans fought and won the world we know.
In more modern times the 13th-century inhabitants of Asia were mesmerized by the Khans and the Mongol Empire was carved across the continents leaving an estimated 40 million dead in its path. Five hundred years pass and Napoleon ravages Europe for 20 years with a death toll of 5 million as blindly his armies follow him. Most vivid is the strange little man who hypnotized some of the most sophisticated and civilized cultures on the planet into becoming barbaric butchers of humanity. Hitler caused upwards of 50 million deaths with 6 million of them being the gasses and murdered people of promise the Jews.
Those pages are dark ones in history but far worse are those to come. Armies that dwarf all, which ever marched, are poised even as we speak and at a moment known only to God the ultimate weapon, angels of doom by the hundreds of millions will be unleashed. Needing no weapons, no food, no vehicles, no rest these cosmic warriors are unstoppable and deadly. In their wake will fall more than all wars have ever killed and all in just a brief moment in time. All that and yet the earth dwellers miss the message, turn their Backs on God and worship themselves and the demons that enslave them in cruel hatred and lust. Join me in Revelation 9 as we Discover the JUDGMENT OF JESUS as He opens the Abyss of Horrors and judges the hardened and unrepentant sinners.
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