When God Abandons A Nation To Die – His Plan For A Dying Culture Is A Lesson For U.S.
Short Clip
Isaiah confronts a nation drowning in sin and points out what God sees—Corrupt leadership. Grasping materialism, drunken pleasure-seeking, defiant sinfulness, moral perversion, arrogant conceit, and corrupt leadership. These are the specific sins that God identifies as the reason for the destruction of Israel.
Do they sound vaguely familiar? It wouldn’t be a stretch, would it, to say that we live in a nation that is consumed with its grasping materialism? Has there ever been a society in the history of the world as materialistic as ours?
Has there ever been a society more given over to pleasure, madness, partying, drunkenness, drugs?
Has there ever been a society more defiant in its sinfulness, quicker to shake its fist in the face of God?
Has there ever been a society more morally perverted where marriage is bad and living together is noble, where a relationship between a man and a woman is only one of many options?
Or telling the truth doesn’t matter, honesty doesn’t matter, virtue doesn’t matter; style matters.
And has there ever been a more arrogant society of people who have more of their own answers for everything?
Has there ever been a culture with more personal opinions given weight and merit?
And certainly, like many other cultures, we have corruption in our leadership, and we find out about it just about every day, don’t we? Another corrupt person who lacks virtue, who lacks integrity, who is dishonest, who is hypocritical, who is immoral; and those are only the ones that we know about.
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