I Chronicles – Seeing God

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OTI-13 960306WE I.                     A Servant of God finds the Sufficiency of the Spirit [4:1-7] as is portrayed in the Widow’s oil miracle. A.                 IMPOSSIBLE DEBT: She had a humanly impossible situation [4:1] one only God can fix. So we are impossibly indebted to the lost world around us. Romans 1:14-15  I am obligated both to Greeks and […]

The Third Temple: Jerusalem and the Dome of The Rock

Three thousand years ago the greatest human fortune ever amassed on Earth was passed on from father to son. Please turn with me to I Chronicles 22.

King David in 970BC gave Solomon 1 million talents of silver (that means somewhere between 60 and 100 million pounds of silver, or 30 to 50 thousand tons of silver, worth 14.4 to 24 billion dollars today at recent market closes of about $15/ounce). 

David also gave Solomon 100 thousand talents of gold (that is between 6 and 10 million pounds of gold, or 3-5 thousand tons of gold, worth between 90-150 billion dollars today at $950/ounce). 

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