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I Samuel – Three Key Doctrines

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OTI-09 960207WE Life in the flesh or Spirit would be an apt title of this first book of Samuel. The striking contrasts between Hannah and Peniah, Samuel and Eli, David and Saul attest to this truth.  We read some of the great stories of the Bible in First Samuel, like the persistent love of Hannah […]

Hacking Agag to Pieces

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060305PM DSS-12 1st Samuel 15.3-16.1 How bad is sin? Sin is so bad it took God killing His own Son to pay the price of wrath that sin deserved! That is an abstract thought until we see the price of sin is terms we can relate to. Our first portion of Scripture this evening is […]

Saul – Rejected by God

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060219AM DSS-08 1st Samuel 13 The Lord of life, the Creator–God Himself, once said something very sobering. He said that the day of our death is better than the day of our birth (Ecclesiastes 7:1-2). Why would He tell us that? Because at the end, after the life is finished, the real person is known. […]

Saul – How NOT to Serve God

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060205AM DSS-06 1st Samuel 15 There is a chorus we often sing, “The greatest thing in all my life—is loving You, knowing You, serving You…”. Those are precious words, if they are true, and they are. And if the Bible ends with those who know, love and serve the Lord doing so forever—and it does. […]

David – Standing Alone for God

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060129AM DSS-05 1st Samuel 17 David was willing to stand for God–all alone. And there were few more lonely spots in the history of the universe than the hillside of the Valley of Elah in the ‘no man’s land’ between the armies of Israel and the Philistines. Haven’t we all sometimes wished we could have […]

David’s Spiritual Secret

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060108AM DSS-01 1st Samuel 16 Everything seems so fragile these days. News gets old in seconds, emails in hours, movies in days, electronic gadgets in weeks, cars in months, and buildings in years. Nothing seems enduring in our world. We live more and more in a world that is temporary. From the delete button on […]

What Happens When Parents Pray

020707AM Prayer-3 GDGW-20 Growing Dads God’s Way-20 The Most Powerful Tools in Godly Parenting: Prayer – 3 What happens when parents pray? DWM-14  WFF-20  WFP-17   What Happens When Parents Learn to Pray? I Samuel 12:23   One of my great heroes of the faith is a missionary who lived from 1824-1907. His name was […]

Spirit Filled Believers Want to Avoid Eli’s Idolatry of Neglect

120819AM Choice-5 Tragic Eli.doc Choices Every Spirit-Filled Believer should make Choice #5: Spirit-Filled Believers Want to Avoid Eli’s Idolatry of Neglect CHO-05 I Samuel 1-5 On Father’s Day we began looking at Four Choices every godly dad should make. We saw there are four dads that display an attribute that God especially points out in […]

Cries from the Desert of Loneliness and Betrayal

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As we open to I Samuel 23 we are coming to the final stages of David’s life on the run. From the desolate wastelands of Israel’s geography we hear the cries of David’s heart from desert where he now find that added to danger, deprivation, and despair are the twin struggles of betrayal and loneliness.

That is what happened next in David’s life. He has survived a fight with the Philistines. He is surviving daily advances against him by King Saul. But now after those he had risked his life to protect and save from the Philistines, turned against him. David now shows for all the world to see, how does a godly person deal with:

The Loneliness and Pain of Betrayal

Finding Hope when Everything has Been Lost

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Open with me to I Samuel 18 as walk through a few chapters to get to our passage for this evening. These chapters tonight remind us that:

Our Struggles Frame God’s Faithfulness

The context of these dark and lonely days in David’s life, makes an incredibly beautiful frame around some of the most precious of all of David’s Psalms[1]. His prayers, cries for help, and affirmations of God’s faithfulness: seem even clearer, dearer, and more memorable from those dark and lonely hours in David’s life. David repeats in as many ways as possible that: 

When Overwhelmed David Fled to the LORD

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We have all heard of people who have gone through complete emotional or mental breakdowns, but few of us have ever actually witnessed one as it happened. The good news is that God recorded the “before, during, and after” of the emotional and physical breakdown David experienced.

This sad but instructive event is captured flawlessly and in amazing detail. As we open to I Samuel 21:13David hit the bottom, overwhelmed by life, sinking into fear, and trapped by his choices, he melts down.

David’s Darkest Hour: When David Felt Abandoned by God

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Psalm 13 may be the very deepest of all the pits of life David endured. In this Psalm David is all alone and momentarily felt that even God had left him. Note the exact spot these events take place in the text of I Samuel 21:15-22:2:

1 Samuel 21:15-22:2 Have I need of madmen, that you have brought this fellow to play the madman in my presence? Shall this fellow come into my house?” 22:1a David therefore departed from there and escaped to the cave of Adullam.

When David Became a Caveman

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As we come to I Samuel 22, we find David hiding in a cave, and living on a day to day, just making it mode surrounded by troubles. His experience is mirrored in the lives of multiplied people across the world. When live reduces to being just in a survival mode.

“Survival mode” means knowing that life must go on, but you just couldn’t remember why. These times of just making one day at a time is often when slowly become a vicious swirl of getting up, going to work out of the home or in the home if you’re a mom; and dropping into bed exhausted at the end of the day.

David’s Life in the Minor Key: Is Depression Sin?

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If you’ve ever felt trapped, imprisoned, or helplessly caught by life, then you share the emotions of David in the midst of life in the Cave of Adullam.

Things had gotten so bad that David makes a confession that is packed with meaning to us today. In the form of an urgent prayer offered to God, and captured for us on paper, David explains that his soul is in prison. The setting is so graphic, look at it with me in I Samuel 22.