Wanted – Godly Men

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930523AM.DOC Growing Dads God’s Way LESSON-13 Wanted: godly men Psalm 15; I Tim 3  DWM-04 – Wanted: Godly Men—Please apply these truths within! I Timothy 3:1   There have probably been few times in the history of this planet when it has been harder to be a man of god than today. All around us […]

The Discipline of Integrity: Pursuing Personal Godliness

This morning God wants to know how serious we are about following Him, as we open to 1 Timothy 4:7-10. God’s Word is explaining to us that we have an appointment for a workout in the gym. God Himself wants to train us in how to live, walk, and grow in Christ. The Discipline of Integrity means we choose to do what God’s Word says we are supposed to do.

Beware of Affluenza : Praying in Godliness with Contentment For Our Children

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Today God wants us living for Heaven, and every other day of our earthly lives. 

But, we have to do so in the midst of an epidemic that has gotten stronger century by century. This flu we face as believers in Christ each day is far more deadly than the H1N1 variety of influenza now loitering and infecting people across the globe. Affluenza or materialism is a deadly disease that robs Christians of their desire for Heaven and replaces it with a desire for earth.

As we open to I Timothy 6 we find Paul warning about this spiritual sickness of materialism. This morning measure your personal resistance level to the nearly irresistible draw of spending life chasing stuff, money, pleasure, and possessions.

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