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The Plagues Of Moses Are An Amazing Preview Of The Tribulation Judgments

FTGC-05c, NR3-20, TAB-12 980308PM Here are links to the 52 Greatest Chapters Bible Study Resources we are using:   1. The MacArthur Study Bible I use: https://amzn.to/33vqwsm 2. Grudem Systematic Theology: https://amzn.to/3y1M1iu 3. The Larger Moleskin Notebook I use: https://amzn.to/3biMwLh 4. The Smaller Moleskin Notebook I use: https://amzn.to/33vTNmN   “As an Amazon Associate, I earn […]


MOI-35 920119PM But in a moment known only to God, the countdown will click to zero and the next step to eternity will be ignited. What is it? The Rapture — snatching us out! Let me illustrate it!   First, Jude 14-15 Enoch 7 from Adam, now Second, Genesis 5 Enoch — preacher of righteousness […]

A Jet Tour Of The Majestic Life Of Christ & God’s Authentic Word

God’s Authentic Word Pt1 JET-06 150621PM Majesty HL-06 John 5:1-46 A Jet Tour of the Majestic Life of Christ & God’s Authentic Word – Part 6 Pool of Bethesda Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem in the centuries to follow would establish shrines at the presumed locations of almost every episode of Jesus’ activity in the holy city. […]

II Kings – Serving God

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OTI-12 960228WE During the period covering the last 130 years of Israel and the last 250 years of Judah, II Kings records the response of the people to these  prophets in the order[1] they spoke and wrote: Elijah [*875-855 BC], Elisha [*855-795], Obadiah [840-825], Joel [825-810], Jonah [*785-770], Amos [*765-755], Hosea [*755-715], Isaiah [740-692], Micah [735-700], […]

What Does 2 Kings 15:36 Say About Extra-Biblical Books, Canonization, And Our Inspired Bibles

Ultimately, Scripture is the test of everything; it is the Christian’s standard. In fact, the word canon means “a rule, standard, or measuring rod.” The canon of Scripture is the measuring rod of the Christian faith, and it is complete.

Of course, throughout history spurious books have been offered as genuine Scripture. For example, the Roman Catholic Bible includes the Apocrypha. The Roman Catholic Church accepts those books as Scripture, but it is clear that they are not.32 They contain errors in history, geography, and theology.