The Gospel Explained by Peter

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MMG-06 040201AM There are golfing heroes who inspire; basketball and football heroes who inspire; entertainers and authors who become heroes and inspire; political and civic heroes who inspire; medical, rescue and military heroes who inspire…(can you even look at that 911 photo of the twisted cross of steel and the firemen raising the flag without […]

The Flood – Beware of Scoffers

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960714PM DDD-2 Flood-2 THE FLOOD: SCOFFERS BEWARE II PETER 3 BNW-08  Fossils speak of death, and death speaks of sin and judgment, not of creation and development. When correctly interpreted, whether theologically or scientifically, this world- wide witness in the very earth itself testifies of a sovereign Creator who controls and judges His creation. Rather […]

The Flood – A Silent Witness

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960714AM DDD-1 Flood-1 THE FLOOD: A SILENT WITNESS II PETER 3 BNW-07 THE SILENT WITNESS BENEATH OUR FEET We have come now to the conclusion of our look at the BOOK YOU CAN TRUST! The last element is the FLOOD. As an 11 year old Jr. High student I sat at the feet of Dr. […]

Extinction Level Event

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081123AM Extiction Event.doc Extinction Level Event BYT-37 II Peter 3:1-8   God tells us in Genesis 7:11, that the most disastrous event that has ever happened on earth began. Please open there with me.   God sent an extinction level event to the Earth judging the entire human race completely given over to sin. No […]

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