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Suff. of Scripture Pt 1

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ZNA-436 890402AM THE SUFFICIENCY OF SCRIPTURE PART #1 II TIMOTHY 3:16 Open to 2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is from God. 3000 pages printed @60 seconds in America…but among the sea one is alone, unique…I hold it in my hands today! The sufficiency of the Scripture is the statement of the incredible nature of this […]

Suff. of Scripture Pt 2

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ZNA-435 890402PM SUFFICIENCY OF THE SCRIPTURES PART TWO II TIMOTHY 3:16 The greatest man who ever lived or will ever live is the Lord Jesus Christ. He stands monumentally in perfection against the deplorable backdrop of fallen and depraved humanity. God became man, unique and all-powerful authority. The historian Philip Schaff (The Person of Christ), […]

The God-Breathed Book II

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ZNA-227 930613AM WHY I BELIEVE THE BIBLE IS TRUE! II TIMOTHY 3:16 Open in your bible to II Timothy 3:16 The book you now hold is unlike any other in the world. ‘All scripture is given by inspiration of god…’ God tells us this revelation, this inspired book is the very breath of god. Theopneustos […]

You Can Trust God’s Science

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080921AM BYT-31 II Timothy 3:16   God has spoken. The words He spoke are God’s Word the Bible. All Scripture—is given by inspiration of God. All Scripture is profitable for doctrine. All Scripture is profitable for reproof. All Scripture is profitable for correction. All Scripture is profitable for instruction in righteousness. God has declared that […]

Unleashing the Transforming Power of God’s Word into Your Life – Exemplified by Ezra

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161002AM  SWS-35 Unleashing the Transforming Power of God’s Word into Your Life: Exemplified by Ezra Ephesians 6:17 & 2 Timothy 3:16-17 God wants us to survive the active war zone we must live in. He wants us to not be wounded, devoured, distracted, and neutralized. What is His plan? We Wear the Armor He gives […]