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Short Clips BYT-42 090315AM Christ’s first Epistle in Revelation explains how to Learn to Live a Holy & Sanctified Life in the midst of an Evil World.   In the midst of all this debauchery, Jesus Christ had planted a church at Ephesus, one that was well-pleasing to God; and the Ephesian believers were honored […]

The Church – A Shared Life

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ZNA-441 890219PM Our shared life THE CHURCH: OUR SHARED LIFE EPHESIANS 1:4 0A Christian physician wrote some powerful words once that portray our life in Christ’s body as seen through our human bodies – Sometimes a dreaded thing occurs in the body – mutiny – resulting in a tumor… A tumor is called benign if […]

Assurance of Election

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ZNA-440 890226AM ASSURANCE OF ELECTION Ephesians 1:3-4 We just finished the evidences of election. Remember them? PAUL CERTAINLY DID… As he sat in far-off Corinth, many months later he reflected on what was so fixed in his memory. As he wrote to this dear assembly he noted 3 specific evidences that ALL THREE PERSONS OF […]

Concepts of Redemption

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ZNA-412 890813AM REDEMPTION Eph. 1:7 Slaves and slavery evoke images in our minds – from our own early years as a nation and stretching back to ancient times. Listen to Wm. Barclay the liberal commentator of England a generation ago, who writes: “A slave was not a person; he was a living tool. A master […]

God’s Inner Circle

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ZNA-410 890827AM GOD’S INNER CIRCLE EPH. 1:8-10 Join me in Eph. 1:7-10 as I read from J. B. Phillips’ translation and emphasize this portion of God’s word. “Praise be to God for giving us every possible spiritual benefit in Christ! For consider what He has done — before the foundation of the world He chose […]

Heirs of God

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ZNA-408 890910AM HEIRS OF GOD Ephesians 1:11-12 In 1930 an author named Boyden Sparkes recounted the life of the greatest miser America has known. Hetty Green was her name. The book about her life was called The Woman Who Loved Money. In 1916 this heiress died in an attack of apoplexy arguing the merits of […]

Spirit Sealed

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ZNA-407 890917AM SPIRIT SEALED Ephesians 1:4-6 God’s master plan for the church has 3 parts: – Eph. 1:4-6 starts in eternity as God united us with Christ which: Justified us Adopted us Reconciled us Remember that it meant: • In justification the sinner stands before God as accused and is declared free • In adoption […]

Spirit Sealed Pt 2

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ZNA-405 890924AM SPIRIT SEALED PART 2 Ephesians 1:13-14 As you are opening to Eph. 1:13-14, let us point out to you that the subject of the Holy Spirit is a vast one that touches on the very heart of our ministry. In fact, I’ve been collecting reports on various Christians of the Holy Spirit. The […]

Knowing God

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ZNA-400 891022AM KNOWING GOD Ephesians 1:15-23 Text: Eph. 1:15-23 This week something took place that has touched each person who saw it: FACES OF CANDLESTICK PARK The first and most vivid sight of the great quake were the “faces of Candlestick Park”. Remember them? They are etched in my memory: There were faces of: 1. […]

What God’s Word says About Christians, Alcohol & Addictions; Gray Areas, Sin, & Sanctification, Liberty & Legalism?

LNB-41 110828PM Q&A-03 Alcohol.doc What God’s Word says about: Christians, Alcohol & Addictions; Gray Areas, Sin & Sanctification; Liberty & Legalism Romans 14; Proverbs & Ephesians 5:18 As believers, God offers through His Word an entire philosophy of how to please God in the realm of gray areas, questionable things, liberty, and legalism; and all […]

The Holy Spirit in Ephesians

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LNB-16 911020PM Let’s talk about power, tremendous power, power we can relate to – and get a hold on.  Imagine with me 625 square miles of Rhode Island, roughly alive from the TF green alp west to Vernon (Mooseup Valley/Green R.I. on the Ct. border south… to Ashaway on west à Pt. Judith on the east – bottom […]

Wives Loved By Titus 2 Husbands Who Love As Christ Love

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GEW-R-09 100620AM EBG-18 Husbands Loved.doc The 21st Century Woman of Grace: Wives Loved by Titus 2 Husbands: Who Love as Christ Loved Ephesians 5:25-33 When the believers in Crete listened to God’s Word, they heard the voice of God asking them to start making specific, personal choices to obey His Word. Sanctification is when believers […]

Discipleship Lesson 6 – The Spirit Of God Getting Full, Staying Full, & Living Full Of God’s Spirit

As we open to Ephesian 5:18, we are learning what it means to Get Full, Stay Full & Live Full of God’s Spirit. This may be one of the most vital topics, in the Bible, for any believer.

Sometimes, when we study a topic as massive as the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we need to remind ourselves why this study matters. For a moment think of the record we find in Acts.

How To – Read, Study, Memorize, Meditate & Use the Word of God for Transforming Your Life Each Day

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Today look at one of my most favorite doctrines in the Bible.

I love the Bible because I love the Author, God Himself.

I love the theme of the Bible, because He is my Savior.

I love the power of the Bible because it has the words that lead to endless life.

I love the impact the Bible makes, because each time we eat of it our hearts rejoice.

Taking the Shield of Faith, Quenching the Fiery Darts & Standing for God – How Did the Battle Go This Week?

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God Says Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth

Satan is alive and well on planet earth today.

As Prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2), his silent army of demon invaders swirl through the air. Around us lurk those infernal warriors of the Kingdom of Darkness.

These are not science fiction aliens.

Rather, as super strong extra-terrestrial intelligent beings, their aim is clear.

Their shocking strategy is so powerful, normal humans would pale if aware of it.

These twisted demon hordes are even more deadly than a terrorist’s attack.

They are locked on course.

Their target is the human mind, the control center of every human being on the planet.

How God Uses the Full Armor of God to Deliver Us from the Evil One

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One of the touching stories of human courage and sacrifice came from the 2011 meltdown of the Japanese Fukushima reactors. In an effort to save countless other lives, one team of engineers entered the stricken reactor room and feverishly tried to stop any further radiation leaks. Their calls and emails indicated that they knew that if they stayed too long their lives would succumb to ARS (acute Radiation Syndrome), that took out dozens of similarly tasked Chernobyl workers in 1986.

The Justifying Death of Christ Opens for me the Sanctifying Life of Christ – The Sword of the Spirit Explained in Psalm 119

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161113AM SWS-37 The Justifying Death of Christ Opens for me the Sanctifying Life of Christ: The Sword of the Spirit Explained in Psalm 119 Ephesians 6:17 & Psalm 119 We are looking at the final piece of our spiritual armor from Ephesians 6:17, which is the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of […]

Psalm 119 – The Bible’s Longest Chapter is a Spiritual Diary on How to Use God’s Word as the Sword of the Spirit

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  161016AM SWS-36 Psalm 119: Ezra’s Spiritual Diary on How to Use God’s Word as the Sword of the Spirit Ephesians 6:17 & Psalm 119 What does the Sword of the Spirit look like when used in the life of a believer? Psalm 119: The Bible’s Longest Chapter is a Spiritual Diary on How to […]

Unleashing the Transforming Power of God’s Word into Your Life – Exemplified by Ezra

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161002AM  SWS-35 Unleashing the Transforming Power of God’s Word into Your Life: Exemplified by Ezra Ephesians 6:17 & 2 Timothy 3:16-17 God wants us to survive the active war zone we must live in. He wants us to not be wounded, devoured, distracted, and neutralized. What is His plan? We Wear the Armor He gives […]

Unleashing the Transforming Power of God’s Word into Your Life – Exemplified by Jeremiah

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   161002AM SWS-34 Unleashing the Transforming Power of God’s Word into Your Life: Exemplified by Jeremiah Ephesians 6:17 What does the Sword of the Spirit look like when used in the life of a believer? The Scriptures give us many amazing examples to learn from. Each one found the Scriptures profitable for doctrine (what’s right), […]

Extinguished or Burning – How to Resist the Evil One’s Attacks

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Paul gives the insight that explains our struggles throughout our earthly lives as we look at Ephesians 6:16. Think about what we have read so many times:

above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one

Now, apply the simple methods of Bible study. How many truths can you find in this one verse?

Wearing the Helmet of Salvation – Clinging to God’s Securing Promises

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As Bonnie & I set out for our ride through the shaded woods and sunny breezes of the tall grass prairies of the Al Sabo Nature reserve, we had no idea of the spiritual lessons we would glean.

Moments after gliding onto the Texas Township Bikeway we crossed paths with some serious bikers. They had the gear, the cadence, and the helmets.

We had none of those things. But, they swept past us so quickly they hardly saw us.

The Simple-Faith Shield that Works Each Time We Use It

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As we open to Colossians 2, we need to learn a practical lesson about how to apply spiritual truths from God’s Word, to our lives. Pause and think of that word “spiritual”.

Spiritual Warfare.

         Spiritual Armor.

                  Spiritual Life.

                           Spiritual; spiritual; spiritual.

Does “Spiritual” Sometimes Sound Distant & Hard to Grasp?

Are We Enjoying The Kind, Tender, Forgiving Life That God Gave To Us Believers?

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Do you all remember Ephesians 2:8-9? Say it with me (NKJV):

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, 9 not of works, lest anyone should boast.

We are Saved By God’s Grace

Salvation is the most amazing work of God in the Universe. Stars are great, galaxies are amazing, atoms are intricately constructed, and DNA is a wonder of Divine engineering; but salvation is so incomprehensible that, even the angels are in wonder and desire to fully understand what God offers to us.

Truth 3 – Spirit-Filled The Amazing Plan God Designed To Keep Us Filled

Discipleship is Explaining What God Has Said

Discipleship is all about explaining what God’s Word says about God’s desires for our lives as believers. Every generation needs those who will explain God’s Word to the next generation. Not just the facts, but also the application. As the Great Commission puts it: “teaching them to observe all things”.

Our Part in Edifying the Body of Christ

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This morning, as we open to Ephesians 4, we are Christ’s church; and, as a member of Christ’s Church, we each need to understand what God expects from us.

Christ’s plan for each of us is to focus on our part of the mending/equipping, and building up/edifying of other believers in His Church. To clarify God’s plan, we need to ask and answer some simple questions:

•    Why do we come to this same building each week called Calvary Bible on Drake? 
•    Why do we go through all the hoops to join this fellowship of believers formally, and become members of CBC?
•    Why do we submit to the direction of the elders and seek to follow what they prayerfully present as God’s plan for this church? 
•    Why are we celebrating these past 80 years and wearing these nametags?

Our Communion of Shared Lives

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But now comes the wonderful part. This truth is what has strengthened Christ’s church through all these centuries since Pentecost—when we gather obediently as Christ’s church, He is present; and when Christ is present He uses us to do his work of repairing one another from the injuries of life’s struggles.

This is what is repeatedly demonstrated throughout the pages of the New Testament:

Mended Lives Get Repaired And
Built Up by God’s Word and People

What God Says to Look for In A Man

Mature saints offering true spiritual worship is God’s strong desire for each of us.

As we open to Ephesians 4, through His servant Paul, our Lord Jesus Christ explains the purpose and plan for His Church, and where each of us should seek to be today.

First, Jesus explains His plan for the church is giving God’s Word through Apostles and Prophets (Ephesians 4:11a); and for that Word to be used to plant churches throughout all generations by church planters (evangelists); and to mature and grow believers by pastor teachers (Ephesians 4:11b).

Husbands: Is Marriage Your Highest Priority?

Can there be any higher calling than the one the God of the Universe has given to husbands? God says, love your wife just like Christ loves His Church. That is a very high calling, and perhaps the most sobering words any married man, who knows and loves God could hear.

Paul explains marriage is unlike any other role we fill in life as a man. Marriage is unlike any other job we do. Marriage is elevated, by God, speaking through Paul in Ephesians 5, to one of the highest places in life.

There are few things in life that God singles out to be done in a way that clearly imitates how Jesus did it.

Husbands Who Love Like Jesus

As we open to Ephesians 5, think about the end of Creation Week, as God looked over the entire scope of the Universe He fashioned, only one element was “not good”. It was man. Adam was alone, and God said that wasn’t good. So God crowned the six stellar days of creation with Eve, the perfect partner and friend for Adam. When God designed marriage, it was to perfectly complete those He had fashioned in His image. God established a vital truth: a designer marriage would be one lived the way God designed it to be. Sadly, most marriages are not designer marriages.

Husbands Who Lead Like Jesus

God desires every marriage in Christ’s church to be led by a husband clothed in humility. That is the goal God has for every man here who is a genuine believer, and is married or hopes to be someday.

All of us husbands are asked by God to represent Him here on Earth. As we saw last time in Ephesians 5:25 our first command is to LOVE our wives. Sacrificially like Jesus. Today we look at the second half of the plan God left for us: we are to LEAD with Christ’s humility.

Humility Reflects
Christ Jesus

Close the Door to the Devil

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When Jesus faced off with the Devil His weapons were simple—three carefully chosen verses from God’s Holy Word. As we open to Revelation 2, we find that same Jesus writing to a church that had learned the same lesson—how to use God’s Word to overcome and resist the devil, his demons, and their own flesh.

As we open to these verses we are reading Christ’s 1st personal letter to a church. In this letter He commends a group of believers who followed Paul’s teaching and Christ’s example of how to resist the devil at every level in life. We need to pause and ask about what kind of people were these Jesus wrote to at:

Ephesus in the
First Century