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BYT-44 090329AM Understanding How Jesus Used God’s Word. If we look closely at the recorded words of Jesus, and especially in the 1 in every 10 that are quotations from the Old Testament, we can see that the Bible was Christ’s Book that He constantly relied upon.   Jesus built His life and ministry upon […]


BYT-35 081109AM Did you know that there is scientific, geological and hydrological proof that God already destroyed all earth-dwellers once (with water) in the Flood? That is a warning that He is coming soon to do that again only this time with FIRE. THE HISTORICAL FOUNDATION FOR OUR FAITH: THE SILENT WITNESS BENEATH OUR FEET […]

Seven Keys to the Heart of God

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Prayer is a journey into the presence of God. We enter God’s presence by way of His Tabernacle, God’s tent of Meeting. Every point of the God’s Tabernacle points to Christ.

The first and primary lesson we learned about the Tabernacle was where God placed it. In the center of the Camp, with smoke slowly rising from the altar and with the Twelve Tribes in an ordered arrangement around it around. Looking intently we would note a long, black, unattractive tent of porpoise skins.

Do You See Christ – in Exodus?

KGD-26   NR3-08   TAB-08   XAS-12 020331PM TONIGHT WE SEE THAT PASSOVER SEASON WAS PROPHETIC The Gospels record Christ fulfilled the three prophecies of the Passover season. The Feast of Passover[1] prophesied redemption. Jesus the Messiah, the Passover Lamb, was slain for us. The Feast of Unleavened Bread prophesied sanctification. He was set apart. His body would not decay in the […]

Seeing the Bible as Whole in Christ

KGD-02   NR3-11   TAB-29    XAS-15 020602PM   Please open to John 5:39 and 46. Always remember to really grasp God’s Word we must see that all of it speaks of Christ. Now turn with me to Exodus 24:16, the revelation of the Tabernacle was so sacred, so powerful, so vital to God that He made Moses stand for 6 […]

Four Curtains, Three doors, But One Christ

NR3-15  TAB-21   XAS-20 ASGOTB-14 020825PM Laver and Curtains A STRATEGIC GRASP OF THE BIBLE-14 PORTRAITS OF CHRIST IN THE TABERNACLE 4 Curtains, 3 Doors, 1 Chris   ROAD MAP TO HEAVEN   Essentially, a brief birds eye view of our subject matter should follow along this vein: First sinners approach God for salvation. In the Tabernacle […]

Finding Christ in Exodus

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TAB-32 980215PM The 1st Book of God’s Word is Genesis. Within it’s pages God tells of our creation after God made all the rest of the Cosmos through Christ. Humans were the crown of creation, made in the Creator’s image. Then man embraced sin instead of obedience and the long line of ravaged, ruined and buried […]

Exodus – The Way Out

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OTI-02 951122WE Join me in the Dark splendors of ancient Egypt. Stand with me amid  Moses and Egyptian Plagues. Before him stretched the wonders of the Nile. The forest of 50 to 70 foot red granite[1] and limestone pillars ornately carved and painted with cartooshes and hieroglyphics was impressive.To stand before the living god-Pharaoh himself was […]

Experiencing God’s Presence

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981004AM NR3-16   TAB-01 TAB 5 ENTERING GODS PRESENCE INTIMACY WITH THE ALMIGHTY EXODUS 24-40 “ENTERING GOD’S PRESENCE” The tabernacle which God instructed Moses to construct is a powerful lesson for us this morning. This morning, we can learn an enormous amount about how God wants us to enter His presence. Then tonight, we can learn […]

Moses–God’s Man

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980308PM NR3-20  TAB-12 GOD’S WAY OF SALVATION IN EXODUS 1-18   When the back side of the desert Moses stepped into the lush green gardens leading up to Pharaoh’s palaces – it must have been a sight. Clad only in his shepherds rough and outdoor garb with that distinct odor sheep give off, he was […]

The Temples God Describes: First, Second, Third, and Final

Tonight we need to ponder how the Tabernacle God intricately designed and described, as well as the four Temples God’s Word describes, fit into God’s great plan of the Ages. To understand we need to remember that:

The heartbeat of God’s Word is worship.

The only thing God seeks is worship.

The purpose of salvation is worshiping the God of Heaven.

So, to start with—is your heart the heart of a worshipper?