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MOI-09 010513PM ISRAEL’S REBIRTH IS GOD’S TESTIMONY TO THIS WORLD: Ezekiel gives us God’s last word to the heathen nations of the world who sought to occupy His land and prevent His people from returning. The process of this latter-day, prophetic move, as expressed by Ezekiel, is what I call the three R’s of end-time […]


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OTI-26 960918WE   ILLUSTRATION: TAPED SENSORS Late in 1996 a plane went down in the Andes Mountains. It didn’t make much news. All aboard were lost. The investigation later revealed the cause of the crash. As with all planes in snowy regions, the maintenance crews had to spray off the wings in their de-icing routine. As […]

A Flat Tyre

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BYT-08  960630AM A Flat Tyre Dr. John Phillips states in his book Exploring Prophecy, “Of the hundreds of specific and detailed prophecies in the Bible we could examine, here is one of the most famous: the body of prophecy concerning the destruction of Tyre. That magnificent Phoenician city on the coast of Palestine was leveled […]

One Huge Event In Prophecy

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080914AM BYT-30 Please turn with me to the second to the last Old Testament book called Zechariah. There God gives us the key to understanding His plan for the last days of Earth. Everything in God’s mind centers upon one place, one city, one word and that is JERUSALEM.   When Jesus told His disciples […]

How To Intrepret The Bible Correctly – Ezekiel 37-39 And The Fight For Jerusalem

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When Jesus told His disciples and us about the future he built every word of it around one city on earth named Jerusalem (Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 21). Jesus framed His words about the rest of the history of this planet by the sight of Jerusalem in all its earthly glory spread out in front of Him. Jerusalem is the trigger that will set off the grand finale for planet earth. 

Jerusalem is the Trigger

Twenty-six hundred years ago God foretold that the fate of the entire planet earth would hinge upon one city. 

The Coming Invasion Of Israel

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Jesus explained world events would be tied to Jerusalem in Matthew 24, where Jesus also saw a Jewish Temple rebuilt and part of the Tribulation events.

So for this to Temple to be built (that Paul, John, and Daniel also saw prophetically, with Christ), something must happen during the “times of the Gentiles” (Luke 21:24). That may be what we are seeing happening all around us in the world events touching upon the Nation of Israel.