The Christian Mind Pt 8

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ZNA-161 940605AM I TH 4.1-8 p. 10 Mind-8 INSIGHTS FOR HOLY LIVING I THESSALONIANS 4:1-8 PART EIGHT: THE CHRISTIAN MIND: BEWARE OF DANGERS Open to Hebrews 12:14: The reality of ones eternal destiny hinges upon the truth of that a radical conversion has started in their very own mind and it is radiating outward to […]

Entering God’s Presence

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TAB-33 020526PM Tonight we study the Tabernacle because it is the single subject to which the Bible devotes more chapters than to any other. The Tabernacle was invented, planned, and designed by God to give us an insight into worship at the very Throne of God. Let’s go there by way of Hebrews 12:22-24. Please stand […]

The Holy Spirit Wants to Change You (Hebrews)

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LNB-19 911117PM “El Tablazo looked so close.  Too close.  It happened so fast.  Exploding into the jagged 14,000-foot peak, the DC-4 disintegrated with a metallic scream.   What was left of the Avianca Airline flight bound for Quito, Ecuador, flamed crazily down the mountainside into a deep ravine.  One awful moment illuminated a cold Colombian mountain in the night, then the […]

Esau – The Power of Little Choices

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060305AM DSS-11 Esau.Amalek.Agag.Suffer Loss Like Saul .doc Esau, Amalek, Agag and Saul Why God was so hard on Saul? The Power of Little Choices… Hebrews 12 Four thousand years ago one man made a series of little choices. He was rugged, handsome, hard working, honest, athletic, strong—and proud. From the perspective of those who lived […]

Christ – Refuge for the Weary

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050703PM WN-27 REFUGE FOR THE WEARY A Life Long Refuge for the Weary Christ our Refuge Hebrews 6:18-20 COR-06 If anyone should have been stressed out and weary it was Jesus. He lived the perfect human life, yet–He lived in a whirlwind of activity. He was constantly eating, walking, talking, and sleeping with twelve men […]

Christ – Refuge for the Unclean

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050703AM WN-26 Refuge for the unclean A Life Long Refuge for the Unclean Christ our Refuge Hebrews 6:18-20 COR-05 For centuries an archaic Old Testament system of justice laid in the dust of the past. Then Jesus stepped onto the planet. The One who was promised arrived, and the True Refuge that these temporal, insufficient […]

Christ – Our Life-Long Refuge

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COR-04 050626PM The safest spot in the universe is in the embrace of Jesus. Once into the arms of Jesus, what do you get? Turn back for a moment to Joshua 20 and note somewhere these six truths for those who flee to the safest spot in the universe. When you get there, to Him, you […]

The Safest Spot in the Universe

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050626AM WN-24 Safest spot on earth The Safest Spot in the Universe Christ our Refuge Hebrews 6:18-20 COR-03 The safest spot on earth is just over 700 miles from us this morning in Colorado. It is a super secure military command center called NORAD. There in the Rockies, under Cheyenne Mountain, a mile deep in […]

Christ – Our City of Refuge

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COR-02 050619AM Last week we saw how Christ our forerunner has forever anchored our souls safely in heaven. If that were all there was for us in Hebrews 6—that would be enough for a lifetime of hope. But there is more. Turn with me again to Hebrews 6:17. Look again at these precious words of security, […]

Concert of Prayer: Learning How to Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace & Mercy

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Prayer is: 

1). The way that God has decided He will work IN us; and
2). The way that God has decided He will work THROUGH us.

Prayer: The Way God Works

Let me repeat that: 

•    First, Prayer is the way God transforms us into what He wants us to be like. We read, study, memorize and then ask Him in prayer and He transforms us.

Considering One Another – How To Get Stirred, How To Be Stirring, & How To Stay Stirred

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Tonight our goal is to practice the words from God in Hebrews 10:24-25.

As we turn there we are looking at the simple reality of applying God’s Word.

How do we stir up others for God?

God says we are all to have as our goal, every time we gather that we are to think about our mandate, or our mission from God as we gather:

1.    How to Considering One Another:

2.    How to Get Stirred.

3.    How to Stir Others.

4.    How to Stay Stirred

Samson: A Study in the Impact of Chastening Upon a Compromised, Worldly (Thyatiran) Believer’s Life

All of us in Christ’s Church are called from darkness to light at salvation; and we are saved from the power of Satan; and we are being transformed into saints of God. That process in called consecration. Last week as we looked at the Church at Thyatira (Revelation 2:18-29), we saw that their consecrated lives were slipping because of compromise with sin and false doctrine.

Jesus called them to repent, to have a change of mind that would lead to a change in behavior. The letter to Thyatira is a challenge from Christ for His children of faith to do what is needed: repent of compromising their lives of sanctification.

Seven Keys to the Heart of God

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Prayer is a journey into the presence of God. We enter God’s presence by way of His Tabernacle, God’s tent of Meeting. Every point of the God’s Tabernacle points to Christ.

The first and primary lesson we learned about the Tabernacle was where God placed it. In the center of the Camp, with smoke slowly rising from the altar and with the Twelve Tribes in an ordered arrangement around it around. Looking intently we would note a long, black, unattractive tent of porpoise skins.

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