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BYT-44 090329AM Understanding How Jesus Used God’s Word. If we look closely at the recorded words of Jesus, and especially in the 1 in every 10 that are quotations from the Old Testament, we can see that the Bible was Christ’s Book that He constantly relied upon.   Jesus built His life and ministry upon […]

The End Of Everything Starts – The Return Of Jesus To Judge, Reign, & Renew The Entire Universe

FTGC-20  210409PM The END of EVERYTHING starts when the skies peel back, and every human on Earth at the same instant sees Jesus Christ coming back in GLORY! Even those in the grave see this climactic moment unfolding—and everyone not redeemed dreads it moans in pain, and cries out in fear. This starts the most […]

The King Is Coming – When All Climate Change Gets Fixed – Jesus Returns, Restores, & Rules Earth

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EBIs-14 201030PM The Perfect World everyone wishes for is coming. The ENVIRONMENT is amazing: Pure fresh air, sparkling clear water, plentifully organic food with no chemicals, no pesticides, no poisons. The soil is so fertile and pure that everything grows beautifully, fragrantly lush. SOCIETY is also amazing. Jesus Christ, Himself is King. Everyone knows that. […]

Understanding The Real Aliens Of Lucifer’s Rebellion – Satan’s Demons & The Cosmic War Raging Today

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EBIs-06 201027PM Tomorrow morning when you wake up, aliens are lurking around ready to attack. Our demonic enemies—more lethal than any terrorist, or murderer, or hardened criminal, will be waiting for you. With a flaming arrow ready he will watch for the exact moment to shoot that fiery missile into your mind. Are you ready […]

When God Abandons A Nation To Die – His Plan For A Dying Culture Is A Lesson For U.S.

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EBIs-02 201024PM Isaiah confronts a nation drowning in sin and points out what God sees—Corrupt leadership. Grasping materialism, drunken pleasure-seeking, defiant sinfulness, moral perversion, arrogant conceit, and corrupt leadership. These are the specific sins that God identifies as the reason for the destruction of Israel. Do they sound vaguely familiar? It wouldn’t be a stretch, […]

God’s Call To Isaiah – Who Will Go For Us?

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190707AM CBC The Call of Isaiah .docx God’s Call to Isaiah: “Who Will Go For Us?” Isaiah 6:1-13     The call of Isaiah is an opportunity for all of us to think about what God says and whether or not we have responded to Him. Isaiah was asked by God to do something hard, […]

How to Slow Life Down

DWM-32   NR1-34  NR7-16    RIG-02   WFF-45   WWJ-26 000820AM Isaiah 58:13-14 Did you notice this morning the pace of your life as you came here to worship God? Perhaps[1] we all need to slow down and reflect on the following…   The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers; […]

When Troubles Come in Overwhelming Waves

050522PM WN-18  Anchored By Clinging Hope.Hupomeno WNS-25 Anchored by Clinging Hope Matthew 24:13 Lamentations 3:21-25 Isaiah 40:31 For those of us who believe the Bible, the weeks since Christmas have been thrilling.   Jesus said that the generation that sees His plan unfold for the end of days–will witness His second coming. That promise has […]

Jesus Defines the Sabbath

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000820AM NR1-33 Mark-26 2.23-3.6 Sabbath Promises-2 RESTING IN GOD SERIES: SABBATH PROMISES Isaiah 58:13-14 HOW TO SLOW DOWN AND REST IN THE LORD Jesus lived the perfect life, accomplished more than any human ever did, and yet Jesus was never in a HURRY! He was Purposed but never PUSHED. He was focused but never Frantic. […]

The Evidence Of Biblical Prophecy

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 BYT-07 960623AM ISAIAH 40:8 What is the simplest and yet most profound evidence the Bible offers?  Fulfilled Biblical prophecy. What an irrefutable verification reserved to the Judeo-Christian Scriptures alone. Prophecy is the missing element in all other sacred scriptures of the world’s religions, It is not to be found in them, by contrast prophecy comprises […]

Living the Way God Wants Us to Live – Embracing a Biblical Worldview in a Fallen World

Living The Way God Wants Us to Live: Embracing A Biblical Worldview in a Fallen World Isaiah 58:6-12 Each of us today has an operating system we use to go through life. This operating system is called our worldview. Our worldview is how we determine reality and make decisions like: What is good and what is evil. What is real and what is false. What is worthwhile and what is worthless.

Reflecting the Purpose that God Chose for Fasting by Cultivating Christ’s Compassion for Our Neighbors

Hungering for God Series, Part-5: Reflecting The Purpose that God Chose for Fasting By Cultivating Christ’s Compassion For Our Neighbors Isaiah 58:1-14 Our Almighty God is not prejudiced, He is not unjust, nor is He oppressive. Our Great God has immense compassion for the poor, the orphans, the widows, the oppressed, the afflicted, and the outcasts. GOD UNCHANGING SOCIAL COMPASSION God’s unchanging concern for His people to reflect, support, and seek a just social treatment of fellow humans is a constant theme in the Scriptures. From the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible) to the Prophets (the last 17 books of the Bible), and everywhere in between: God speaks with a consistent voice about the desire He has for justice, mercy, and compassion.

How Does God Want Biblical Fasting to Impact Our Lives?

How Does God Want Biblical Fasting to Impact Our Lives? Isaiah 58:1-14 How do you reach a godless culture, moving away from God? With Christlike Compassion. Our study from God’s Word today may be one of the most relevant to the culture we currently live in, than any other topic we could study. As we open our Bibles to Isaiah 1, let me ask each of you a series of five questions, that explains how God describes the moral and spiritual collapse that precedes: THE DEATH OF A NATION 1. What happens when a nation with a long and deep Biblical Heritage turns its back on God? How about a group of formerly devout followers of the Lord who mostly have abandoned genuine worship, and godly behavior?

How To Live As Reflections Of Christ

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Today, sitting here: we are gathered as the Body of Christ. So the first truth for us to consider today is this:

We are the Body of Christ

The Body of Christ: that is what we are called, and that is what we are by God’s grace to be.

We are to represent Christ alive in us, as we are living, and going through life in the world. That is what it means that our body is the temple of God. He lives is us; and He wants to radiate out of us in our words, attitudes, and actions.

Applying a Biblical Worldview of Love & Compassion

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At salvation each of us were designed by God to impact the world around us.

The way God describes our choices to fulfill our duty was simply stated in Acts about how David lived. David accomplished God’s will by doing what God desired for him to do.

Acts 13:36 (ESV) For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep and was laid with his fathers and saw corruption,

Acts 13:36 (NKJV) “For David, after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell asleep, was buried with his fathers, and saw corruption;

God wants us to serve those people He puts around us during our lifetime.