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Unleashing the Transforming Power of God’s Word into Your Life – Exemplified by Jeremiah

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   161002AM SWS-34 Unleashing the Transforming Power of God’s Word into Your Life: Exemplified by Jeremiah Ephesians 6:17 What does the Sword of the Spirit look like when used in the life of a believer? The Scriptures give us many amazing examples to learn from. Each one found the Scriptures profitable for doctrine (what’s right), […]

God’s Chosen People: Preserved

As we open to Jeremiah 30-31 tonight we are looking at the 12 keys God has given us in His Word to identify the nation among nations that will signal the end of days. Those people are the Jews, the nation of Israel, His Chosen People of Promise:

These keys are only part of the evidence, as we shall see, that the prophesied “last days” are upon us and that our generation will likely see the remainder of Bible prophecy fulfilled.   

There are so many more specific prophetic passages to be fulfilled in the last days; based on the prophecies, which have already come true, we must conclude that these too will literally unfold in the not-too-distant future.