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Job – Guided Tour of Suffering

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SUF-03   ZNA-107 Job – Guided Tour of Suffering 951015PM Letter Written to the Roman Emperor Hadrian (AD 117138) The Christians know and trust their God.  They placate those who oppress them and  make their enemies their friends.  They do good to their enemies.  Their wives are  absolutely pure and their daughters are modest.  Their men abstain from unlawful  marriages, and all other impurity. If any of them have bondwomen or children, they persuade them to become Christians for the love they have toward them; and when they become so, they call them […]

Job – Christ Our Sufficiency

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OTI-18 960410WE As long as mankind has existed there has been suffering. Because of sin in the world some suffering is understandable. But what about the innocent, the saints.  Every year 17,000,000 people starve to death on planet earth. That comes to 60,000 people each day. The vast majority are children. Why do they likewise […]