Lessons in Humility From John the Baptist

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EBG-29 070311PM I invite you to consider Jesus, humility—and the greatest man who ever lived up until Christ. The supreme lesson of John the Baptist’s life is humility. And there can be no more vital message that we all need to hear than that God HATES pride. God uses John because he was willing to […]

Peter – Do You Love Me

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070304AM EBG-27 Peter–Do You Love Me? .doc The Gospel of the New Beginning Peter’s Life of New Beginnings John 21   Peter—Do You Love Me? Lessons in Loving Jesus… “Peter, Do you love Me?” Have you ever answered the question Jesus asked three times to Peter? It was directed to Peter that morning two thousand […]

The Lesson Peter Never Forgot

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070218AM EBG-26 Peter’s Life of New Beginnings.The Lesson Peter NEVER Forgot .doc The Gospel of the New Beginning Peter’s Life of New Beginnings John 21   The Lesson Peter Never Forgot Peter reached the bottom and came to his darkest hour. Alone and unprepared for temptation, he forgot Christ’s warning and plunged into waters too […]

Servants of God Say Pure – Love on Its Knees

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EBG-21 070421PM The last scene in Christ’s life we are going to study this weekend is when Jesus washed His disciple’s feet. This may be called seeing ‘Love on Its Knees”. Jesus who came to serve, serves by kneeling before His troubled, proud, dirty disciples. Often our homes have the same problem that Jesus saw […]

Fruitfulness Explained – Abiding Sanctified

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EBG-19 040912AM We need to do a self-checkup of our spiritual health. Are you distant these days from God? Can you hardly remember the last time your life was fruitful? Do you feel far from joy and peace, victory and blessing? Do you hope that no one gets too close and asks you personal questions? […]

Fruitfulness Explained – Abiding Satisfied

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EBG-18 040919AM  I carry with me a reminder of the incredible plan God has for me, everywhere I go. It is a piece of gold. Most of you here this morning have one too. It is a ring. If you have anything made of gold, silver, or precious gemstones — you have that reminder also. […]

Fruitfulness Explained – Abiding Crucified

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EBG-10 040829AM This morning the key to all you and I will ever be is summed up by two words “in Christ”. Our identification with Him in His work on the Cross brought us salvation. Our continuing with Him brings everlasting rewards. When we were saved we became born again what? Christians. A Christian is […]

Be the Greatest Person by Being the Greatest Servant

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061224AM EBG-04 Christmas–Have you opened your present .doc Christmas: God Gave the Greatest gift of All Have you opened your present? Forgiveness John 3:16 Jesus is the greatest person who has ever lived; each year we celebrate His Birth as the coming of our salvation. Salvation is the greatest gift of all. Salvation is the […]

Spirit Filled Believers are Learning How to Friend God for Life

120805AM Choice-4 God’s Friend.docx Choices Every Spirit-Filled Believer should make Choice #4: Spirit-Filled Believers Are Learning How to Friend God for Life CHO-04 Genesis, John & James     Sometimes a person gets tagged, and that tag sticks with them through life. The same is true in the Bible, when God tags a person in […]

God’s Christmas Gift List

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 This Christmas was summed up by God in these words: “God so loved the world that he gave”.

Christ’s Birth was God giving the hope of salvation to all who would hear and respond in faith to His Son.

In this season of Christmas that one element still rings throughout the world: giving.

HFG-15 – Sabbath Pictures – Seeing Christ Each Day – Revealing God’s Grace & Truth

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Christ Jesus is the theme of every part of the Bible, God’s Word. Jesus often reminded His audiences that the Scriptures speak about Him. Going to the Scriptures is the way to encounter Jesus.

Have you thought about that? When we think of each book, whether Obadiah or Philippians, He is the central message of every book. When we think of any doctrine, He is the central truth of every doctrine.

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