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Crowns Pt 2

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ZNA-256 921018PM Crowns 2-5 The Judgment Seat of Christ II Corinthians 5 Crowns #2 – 5 • Open to Phil 3:14 we must press to the prize • II Cor 5:10 Judgment seat good or bad • Revelation 4 cast crowns I. CROWNS ARE FOR CHRISTIANS. There are five. A. The Crown of life to […]

Sabbath Reflections – Are We Reflecting Our Heavenly Citizenship by Our Time Investments & Calendar

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As we open to Philippians 3, when Paul sat to write a letter inspied by God to the believers in Philippi, his letter was headed to a Roman colony. Like an island in a vast ocean, Roman colonies were settled with citizens and soldiers that had served well and were given the great benefits of citizenship in colonies of Rome.

The Power of Contentment

In the last book of the Bible, we find that Jesus went on a journey visiting seven churches on that particular Sunday, recorded in chapters 2-3. Jesus went to church, reminding us He comes to watch us as we gather today.

When Jesus chose to use the number seven (always used in the Bible for completion, or a complete set of something) He was demonstrating to us what He saw in all churches at that time, in every place, and also I believe, what Christ’s church would be characterized by throughout all the ages. 

The Day Jesus
Came to Church

BYT-39 – God is Pro-Life – Citizens of Heaven Expose the Dark Evils of Abortion and Declare the Power of Christ’s Forgiveness

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Please open with me to Philippians 3:14-21.

Each of us who have had a spiritual heart transplant (Ezekiel 36:26-27), and have been born again (John 3), and have become a temple (I Corinthians 6:19-20) that the Living God lives in—are also now citizens of Heaven. 

This morning, as citizens of Heaven, we have a duty God has given us to expose evil. But as we expose evil in our world we live in, we are also to declare Christ’s power to liberate and forgive sinners.

The Long War
Against Life