The Book of Revelation

Open to the only book exclusively devoted to introducing us to what our Master and Savior Jesus is doing RIGHT NOW: the last book of the Bible, the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Have you paused yet today to check in with Jesus Christ? The best way to do that is through your Bible, because Jesus Christ is revealed to us as the Word of God. He is the Word, and the Word reveals Him.  Each time we open God’s Word we can hear His Voice.

At Creation God the Son, the Creator spoke and made all things; and through His Apostles and Prophets, His Word has been given. As you open to the last book of your Bibles, you open to the climactic conclusion of God’s Word written down for us.

God’s Reminder to Us: Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Revelation is God lifting the lid off of Christ, or pulling back the wrapping paper on something very special about Jesus, but not yet fully seen or known. That is what the first word of this book says.

So, chapter 1 is God holding out for us: What Jesus is doing right now.

Chapters 2-3 are God showing us what Jesus sees in His Church.

Chapters 4-22 are what God wants us to know about His plans for the future.

Each of these sections of Revelation is a disclosure and an unveiling of things not yet fully seen, or even really understood.

The Sight of Jesus & Our Progressive Sanctification

As we open to Revelation 1:14 this is the second set of twin descriptions of Christ: His head and hair are white, like wool and snow; His eyes are like burning flames of fire.

When John turned to see who it was that spoke to him, he turned and saw the Ancient of Days Himself, in all His power, in all His holiness, and with those eyes ablaze with an inescapable and penetrating gaze. That is how Jesus Christ the Risen Lord appears at this moment, as we gather before Him. Let that sight get imprinted upon your heart:

Christ’s Flaming Eyes of Penetrating Holiness

Christ’s Chastening & Comforting Work in His Church

When John saw Jesus that Sunday morning on Patmos, he collapsed and was like a dead man. It wasn’t that he was old and weak, or overcome by emotion, John had seen that look in Christ’s eyes before. When he realized what Jesus was communicating, it overwhelmed him. John saw Almighty God the Son, Jesus Christ, who was displeased with His Church.

Did you know that in less than 60 years, the original edition of Christ’s Church had gotten to the point where 70% of the local assemblies were displeasing to God? That’s right 5 out of the 7 churches that Jesus had visited were reprimanded and warned. Christ’s expressed in 5 out of 7 letters His displeasure about the way that were living out God’s plan for their lives.

When Jesus Visits His Church and Finds Unrepentant Sins

John is flattened on Patmos when he sees Jesus. Those flaming eyes seemed so much like the ones John had seen when Jesus cleansed the Temple of Jerusalem. But this time its not the Temple of Jerusalem,  Jesus is headed towards the local churches that make up His Body, His visible presence on Earth.  Jesus with piercing eyes of holiness and glowing feet of chastisement is headed to stomp out the sin that is diminishing His power in His Church.

John is staggered. The churches that received the letter Jesus sent them through John were put on notice and Church History records the results. Those churches that did not repent have gone extinct. Jesus removed their lamp from the stand and He had to find others who would stay useful in His sight.

Why Jesus Chastens His Church

Most of us here today hold the most powerful device in the world; it is more jam packed with unbelievable features than the one-day-coming iPhone 5. It has the most ultimate guidance, communication and efficiency apps ever possible to obtain, and it is called God’s Word. God speaks through His Word, and we have His Voice on paper before each of us today.

As we open to Revelation we open to the longest book written specifically for Christ’s Church, containing 22 chapters, and 404 verses; all with the unique target of being given by God to show Jesus Christ to the Church.

Jesus is Always Encouraging the Fruitfulness of His Church

Have you ever noticed that whenever Jesus described us as His children in the Gospels, somewhere nearby He spoke of fruitfulness?

As we open to the Matthew 13 Parable of the Soils, He said His born-again believers bear three levels of fruit: some 30, some 60, and others 100-fold. Look at v.8 and then at v. 23.

In the John 15 Vine and the Branches discourse, He said that He is vitally interested in us  bearing “more” fruit. In fact, John 15 states more clearly than anywhere else in the Gospels what Christ’s constant desire is for us as His children: glorifying God equals fruitful lives.

How Does Jesus Cultivate Fruitfulness in the Lives of Believers?

God is a Farmer, His Word calls us His field (I Cor. 3:9), and our lives are searched by Him for fruit, so He can harvest from our lives. That is what we will see as we open to Revelation 2 this morning.

Much like the farmers all around us and the many gardeners among us, if you want a good crop this year, the field needs to be prepared and worked.

Jesus desires, from each member of His Body, a life that is plowed, planted and watered, so that we produce a harvest of fruit that pleases Him.

Christ’s Five Expectations for His Church Declared in Revelation 2 & 3

The last book of the Bible seems to be the most fascinating and revealing of all the books of the Bible[i]for believers. Nowhere outside of the first three chapters of Revelation is there such a concentration of church-related truth and they are the single most important source of understanding Christ’s present focus and work of any Book of God’s Word. 

In the Four Gospels we find a quadrophonic symphony of Christ’s Earthly life and ministry. Acts shows what the Spirit of God, using the Word of God, can do through normal people. Romans through Jude records the doctrinal truths and foundation for everything in our new lives as believers, when we become a part of Christ’s Church.

God’s Final Desire for Christ’s Church: Crucified Living

We are part of the gathering, of all His obedient children, for Jesus asked us, as believers, to keep gathering to worship Him until He comes. So, there is perhaps no portion of Scripture more vital for us as we live out our lives on Earth than the last book of the Bible. In the final book of God’s Word we find that:

Revelation is the Culmination & Conclusion

This book comes last because it is not only the Conclusion of God’s Word, it is also the Culmination of God’s Plan. We see everything that started in Genesis: the Perfect Paradise of God, the Rebellion and Fall of the Universe into Sin, the Flood of Water Destroying the rebels, and the choosing and saving of the People of the Covenant-all in their final form in Revelation.

Ephesus: Beware of Doing All the Right Things for the Wrong Reasons

There was a church in the New Testament world that was doing all the right things for the Lord; but there was one problem: they were doing all the right things for the wrong reasons. Jesus addresses that problem in His first letter to the Churches in Revelation 2.

If you were arriving into the harbor to visit the church of Revelation 2 in Ephesus this morning, there is only one sight that would catch your eye. Not the bustling harbor teeming with boats, not the roads lined with the exotic spices and goods from the east. No: it would be the lustrous golden gleam of the Temple of Diana.

Ephesus: First Love Then and Now

As we open to Revelation 2:1-7, we are reading the personal message in Christ’s last words to His Church. These verses are part of a warning about what tripped up the earliest generations of believers. Jesus wanted them, and us, to stay on the right path.

These churches were real gatherings of people 2,000 years ago. That means that Jesus saw seven different types of believers gathering at that moment in the history of His church. Have you ever thought about that?

Every believer back then was like one of these seven types of believers addressed by these seven letters we are studying. In some part of the end of the First Century AD there were Ephesian types of believers (2:1-7); Smyrna types of believers (2:8-11); Pergamos types of believers (2:12-17); Thyatira types of believers (2:18-29); Sardis types of believers (3:1-6); Philadelphia types of believers (3:7-13); and Laodicea types of believers (3:14-22).

The Church at Smyrna: How to Serve Christ Through Affliction

As we open to Revelation 2:8-11 we are opening to the second of Christ’s seven personal letters to individual churches of the late First Century. We looked at them as a group, but now we are taking a look at each individual church.

As we read these words, the historical context is that the Church at Smyrna was going through the second wave of persecutions that the Early Church had to endure.

A Short History of Early Church Persecution

Someone told me this week they could save the first half hour of my messages by just “Google-ing” what I talk about, and implied they wanted me to just stick to reading the text of the Scripture. But for the rest of you that are willing, if you will bear with me, I’d like to give you a sanctified mind’s analysis of Church History: something that they could never get on Google.

Pergamum: When Believers Compromise Christ’s Call to Personal Holiness

As we open to Revelation 2:12-17, remember that Revelation 1-3 is all about:

Seeing Jesus Gathering with His Local Churches

Jesus wants us to know He is walking among us and watching our lives.

The simple message Jesus Christ gives us is that His Highest Priority right now is gathering with His local church. Remember where John first saw Jesus in Revelation 1:12? He was walking around His local churches (that is what v. 20 says that those lampstands represent: Christ’s local churches).

The Pergamum Connection: Babylon, Balaam, the Beast, and the Final World Religion

Christ’s words in Revelation 2:12-17, is addressed to the locally assembled church in the geographic place called Pergamum: a place of Satan’s seat. There we have heard Christ’s words, which contain a warning about idolatry, Satan’s plan of false worship.

From those early days after Creation, when Adam sinned and all of mankind to follow also fell into sin, God made a way for mankind to come back. The way back was to worship Him by a substitutionary, sacrificial, blood-sprinkled way. 

The key to understanding all of world history since the Fall of Humanity into sin comes from God’s Word. Always remember that the only absolutely trustworthy and accurate account of the earliest days of both the Universe and the human race is found in the inspired words from God in Genesis.

Pergamum: The History of Satan’s Religion

As we open Revelation 1:1, stop for a moment and remember how God starts this final book. We read that:

God Wants His Servants to Understand the Future

God opens the Book of Revelation by telling us that He wrote this book “to show His servants” (Rev. 1:1) things that we need to know about the future. Only followers of God and servants of Christ have the incredible insight for living that comes from knowing for sure, what will happen in the days, months and years ahead.

How Paganism Merged with Romanism

As we open to Revelation 2:14-15, and see the next section of Christ’s message to the saints at Pergamum, the story behind these words actually starts way back in the book of Genesis with the life of Abraham.

Revelation 2:14-15 (NKJV) But I have a few things against you, because you have there those who hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balak to put a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat thingssacrificed to idols, and to commit sexual immorality. 15 Thus you also have those who hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate.

Thyatira: Jesus Searches Our Hearts and Minds

As we open to Revelation 2:18-29, we come to the letter to the Church at Thyatira.

That term, Thyatira, is usually a bit foreign to us outside of this chapter. To get our bearings we could also say, we are opening to the geographic area that received more of the books (epistles) of the New Testament than any other geographic area of the ancient world.

Have you ever thought about where these letters we hold were first sent?

God Sent More New Testament Letters Here than Anywhere Else

Here’s the lineup if you haven’t stopped to do the math.

Samson: A Study in the Impact of Chastening Upon a Compromised, Worldly (Thyatiran) Believer’s Life

All of us in Christ’s Church are called from darkness to light at salvation; and we are saved from the power of Satan; and we are being transformed into saints of God. That process in called consecration. Last week as we looked at the Church at Thyatira (Revelation 2:18-29), we saw that their consecrated lives were slipping because of compromise with sin and false doctrine.

Jesus called them to repent, to have a change of mind that would lead to a change in behavior. The letter to Thyatira is a challenge from Christ for His children of faith to do what is needed: repent of compromising their lives of sanctification.

Sardis – Where the Great Physician Felt Their Pulse and Declared Them Dead

110911AM CLW-20 Sardis.doc Christ’s Last Word to His Church SERIES: Sardis: Where the Great Physician Felt their Pulse and Declared Them Dead Revelation 3:1-6 This morning Revelation 3 begins with the second shortest letter[1] of Christ’s Seven, written to Sardis, hometown of Aesop’s Fables and Midas’ Touch.   When we read these words we are […]

Sardis & Christ’s Call to Every Believer: Stay Awake

As we open to Revelation 3:1-6 we are opening to the worst report Christ has given to any of His churches. As we saw last time, this is the only time that Jesus declares that a local church is dead, non-responsive to His plans and non-functional for His purposes.

Look back over the text of the letter Christ wrote to them, which we read last time. In those words we find in an event from Sardis’ past, a key that unlocks the message Jesus gave to the saints that were alive in Christ, and listening.

Philidelphia: How to Build a Quake-Proof Life

This morning we look at what should become the model for us at Calvary. Revelation 3 introduces us to the church that pleased Jesus Christ, and thus had a His blessings poured upon all that they did for Him.

Of all the seven churches, Philadelphia, the sixth church, can be described as the Faithful Church and stands out as the model. My prayer would be that we as a church here at Calvary would be seen by our Lord as a church filled with Philadelphia-like saints, who gather and live out Christ in this faithful way.

The promises Christ gave them, the insights He shares with them, and the lessons He offers to us who listen are unparalleled in any of the other letters.

Philadelphia: Meet the True One, the Key of David Possessor, & the One Who Opens Doors

When Jesus Christ introduces Himself to those precious and faithful saints in Revelation 3:7, He makes one of the greatest promises ever made. They, like us, lived in an uncertain world, and more than to any other church, Jesus explains His power in a way we all can grasp and hold onto today.

We each need to hear and understand and hold onto by faith:

The Most Amazing Promise

In a world of uncertainties, lurking disasters, constant unknowns, and endless potential dangers-Jesus Christ told these believers so much like us: here is truth you can hold tightly.

Philadelphia: The Rapture According to Jesus

Jesus taught such a comforting, hope-filled message of His return to rescue His Church before the Tribulation, that His disciples went everywhere teaching this same truth. When Paul had only a month in a pagan city where he planted a church, the Rapture was central to their doctrine.

The Rapture was First Taught by Jesus

The Rapture is a doctrine started and taught by Jesus, continued and spread by His disciples, and believed and passionately lived out by His Church. The early church heard and understood this doctrine of Christ’s any moment return, and radiantly lived, looking for ways to please Him when He came to rescue them.

Philadelphia: The Rapture is Christ’s Intentional Rescue of His Church – From What?

We all need a good dose of old-fashioned “living hope”, the kind that the teaching of Christ & His Apostles caused to overflow through the hearts, minds and lives of early New Testament believers.

When Peter addressed the most heavily persecuted saints of the 1st Century living all around the area of the seven churches we are studying in Revelation, he told them a foundational truth. He told them that salvation opens to us life-long lives of hope. Look at 1 Peter 1:3.

Laodicea – Seven Bad Habits of Believers that Sicken Christ and Make Him Vomit

Perhaps the most unlikely words to be uttered by the Lord Jesus Christ are in our Bibles this morning. Jesus says in modern terms of the church in Laodicea, “You make me sick!”

As we open to Revelation 3:14-22, Jesus writes a letter that all scholars conclude is the most piercing, stinging and scathing letter He ever wrote to any church. That means:

Laodicea is the Worst Church

Laodicea: The Seven Habits of Sanctified Believers

Today, and every day of our lives, the Cross of Christ is the source of our power to live in this world of sin.

Living a life that glorifies God is called sanctified living.

Sanctification means that God is leading and controlling our lives.

As we return to Christ’s Last Words to His Church, we find that His Church at:

Laodicea was not Living in the Shadow of Christ’s Cross

For two generations, all the local churches around Laodicea had savored the truths about the Cross of Christ. Today as Christ’s Church we gather to hear again for our generation His warning to: Never stop living in the shadow of the Cross.

Laodicea: Living in the Shadow of Christ’s Cross

As we turn to Romans, think of this: Christ’s death on the Cross is the heart of our salvation. His substitutionary death paid the penalty of our sin, removed the record of our transgressions, and purchased our eternal salvation.

Christ’s life, now lived in and for us, opens to us His sanctifying power to save us from sin’s destructive power and keep us useful for his glory.

Laodicea: Listening to Jesus, the Amen of God

Life for us as followers of Christ is all about Listening to Jesus. Jesus said that as His sheep we need to hear Him and follow Him.

Listening to Jesus

Jesus came on an unannounced visit to a church in central Asia Minor two thousand years ago and then wrote a startling letter back to them about their deteriorating spiritual health. They really should have listened to Him.

Laodicea: Jesus Warns of the Danger of Having Too Much Stuff

As we open to Revelation 3:17, we are opening to Jesus the Christ of Christmas, talking about something so timely to Christmas, so relevent to our choices this season, and so right where we are today that it is uncanny.

Jesus is addressing the condition that the believers at Laodicea had gotten themselves into. They were simply described by Christ as: loaded down with stuff.

They could afford all that stuff, they bought all those items with their hard-earned money. They stored their possessions carefully, and used them regularly. But, what the Laodiceans are confronted with by Christ is not that they had so much, but the danger that comes when we have too much stuff.

Challenge #5: Getting Clothed for Christ’s Sake Daily

There’s only one portion of God’s Word, specifically written to the Church, by Jesus Christ: Rev. 2&3. Join me there as we to continue systematically exame Christ’s challenges to this, the seventh and final of the churches.

If you had traveled to visited friends or family in Laodicea, three things would have stood out to you in the First Century. These three unique features to this city, are the framework of Christ’s words we are examining today in Revelation 3:18. These could be called:

Laodicea’s Three Key Industries

Challenge #6: Beware of Self-Induced Spiritual Blindness

One of the greatest works of God in salvation was opening our blind eyes to see. 

Protecting spiritual sight is the final of the three elements we are to deliberately pursue, according to Christ’s Last Words. Jesus counsels His Church in life-long, spiritual vision-care, promoting healthy eyes.

Christ Desires Us
To See Clearly

Please open with me to Rev. 3, and listen again to Jesus,  telling the church at Laodicea what they needed to have lives that pleased Him. Please give attention to the public reading of Scripture.

Challenge #7: Believers are Constantly Repenting of Any Spiritual Laxity

As we open to Christ’s last words, we have come to the last church He addresses in Revelation 3:19. Here in the last words to the last church we find a grand summary of the entire life of the believer, reflecting the theme of most of the New Testament epistles.

In other words, Jesus ends His words to His church asking us to live a life of constant repentence, we are to avoid getting lax about sin. V. 19 brings us to:

Challenge Seven: Jesus wants us to Repent of any Spiritual Laxity

v. 19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.

Getting Ready for the Best Part of the Day: Dining with Jesus

Jesus changes the tone of His Voice as we open to Revelation 3:20. After seven rebukes to the most disobedient church of the seven, Laodicea is hearing something amazing. Jesus makes them an offer that is unbelievable. Jesus invites anyone who wants to spend time with Him, face-to-face and one-on-one, to join Him for the most refreshing meal of the day: the unhurried evening meal that every laboring person longed for after a hard day’s work, and every rich person looked forward to as the best time of the day.

Jesus Describes Overcomers as Possessing Life the Way God Designed it to Be

One of the things I love about the Lord is that He always saves the best for last. Unlike the world whose joys run out and fade, God’s path that shines brighter each day we walk it (Pr. 4:18).

Just like when Jesus turned the water into wine, all the guests said that the best had been saved for the last. Just like the promise to those who stay close to the Lord in Psalm 92, our God is the God who gives better and better joys so that those at the end surpass all others. As we turn to Rev. 3:21-22 we find that once again, our God has saved the best for last.

Christ’s Question to Us – Do You See Yourself in the Picture of the Seven Churches

This morning we are looking back at where we’ve been. Much like getting home from a trip and spending time looking at the pictures that you took while traveling.

We have invested the past year, looking at the only part of God’s Word dictated by Christ, for the express purpose of: being sent to His Church, being read by His Church, and being obeyed by His Church.

There is no part of the Bible so clear, so personal, and so direct: as these three chapters. What exactly did we find in Revelation? We found that:

Christ Actually
Posted a Picture

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A Secure Salvation

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ZNA-199 931121PM REVELATION 17:7-8 BOOK OF LIFE PART THREE “A SECURE SALVATION” 1. We KNOW Satan is the Adversary. “out of the bottomless pit” 2. We ARE Citizens of Heaven. “dwell on the Earth” 3. We HAVE a Secure Salvation. “names were not…” 4. We WERE chosen by God “before the foundation…” Now, lets dig […]

Saved Without a Doubt Pt 1

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ZNA-194 931226AM REVELATION 17:8 SAVED WITHOUT A DOUBT PART ONE ILLUSTRATION: Denver Fire Plastic Lifesize doll REVELATION 20:11-15 1. We KNOW Satan is the Adversary. “out of the bottomless pit” 2. We ARE Citizens of Heaven. “dwell on the Earth” > 3. We HAVE a Secure Salvation. “names were not…” 4. We WERE chosen by […]

Saved Without a Doubt Pt 4

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ZNA-190 940109PM REV 17:8 PART 4 “SAVED WITHOUT A DOUBT” PART FOUR 1. We KNOW Satan is the Adversary. “out of the bottomless pit” 2. We ARE Citizens of Heaven. “dwell on the Earth” > 3. We HAVE a Secure Salvation. “names were not…” 4. We WERE chosen by God “before the foundation…” Today, Why […]

The Doom of Babylon

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ZNA-177 940313pm REVELATION 17 The Doom of Babylon The 17th chapter of Revelation describes the Doom of Babylon. This seems to be a symbol of world religion. The counterfeit church Satan founded at Eden and works on ceaselessly. His ultimate goals are a: 1. Worldwide Political Unity [ seven heads totality rule] Revelation 13:8,16,17 “all’ […]

The Coming Economic Meltdown

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ZNA-175 940320PM Revelation 18 Surviving the Nineties Part One [or How To Survive The Coming Financial Meltdown] To study Revelation 18 we need to turn to Luke 12:13-48. Because Revelation is the Revelation of Jesus Christ then we need to see what He said during His earthly ministry. Lets read this passage together. The Lord […]

How to Survive the Coming Economic Collapse Pt 2

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ZNA-171 940410pm Revelation 18 Surviving the Nineties: Part Two [or How To Survive The Coming Financial Meltdown] Have you stopped to consider what has happened lately? • The vast swings in the stock markets. • The drop in real estate values in many parts of the country. • Floods, tornadoes and hurricane damages in staggering […]

Biblical Contentment

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ZNA-168 940424PM REVELATION 18 SURVIVING THE NINETIES PART THREE: CONTENTMENT Read Vietnamese Pastor’s wife story.1 Now look at Paul’s testimony: I Cor 4:9-13 II Cor 11:23-27 Phil 4:11-12 What do both have in common? CONTENTMENT Now, Open with me in your Bibles to Revelation 18:10-11, 15 and 19 we see the people of the Earth […]

The idolatry of Covetousness

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ZNA-137 941030PM REVELATION 18 POINT TWO AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE the IDOLATRY of COVETOUSNESS At the end of an incredible life, John the Apostle wrote some arresting words. He had met and followed Jesus as a very young man. After those climactic days of the Crucifixion, resurection and birth of the church — John had […]

The Four Hallelujahs

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ZNA-136 941106PM Rev. 19:1-6 The Four Alleluias: A Celebration of… The Four Alleluias are part of the 140 hallals of the OT [76X Psalms; 64X in the rest. #1 A Celebration of… SALVATION Who are the Multitude? Rev. 7:9 What is Celebrated? • Salvation Luke 1:77-79 • Glory Rom. 11:36; I Cor 10:31 • Power […]

The Truth of Christ

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ZNA-131 941211PM Christ’s Return Revelation 19:11-21 The climax of all human history is now unfolded in our text. The purposes of God long hidden in His eternal counsels are now made clear. Jesus steps back into history, no longer the suffering servant, He is Lord of All. This passage makes two truths remarkably vivid. They […]

The Secrets of Maintaining Unity

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ZNA-118 950129PM Heaven-2 Heaven Part 2 Revelation 21-22 The sight that satisfies… The year was AD 81. The Roman Empire was ruled by Domitian. The barren and rocky island of Patmos, last stop for dangerous prisoners of the Empire. More than 50 years passed, it was now AD 81 and Domitian the Roman Emperor was […]

Revelation 20

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ZNA-120 950122PM Revelation 20 There is a new world coming In Rev. 20 we find some eternally valuable truths. God is preparing for a whole new world. Far beyond anything we could ever plan or do, He is preparing. Rev. 20 is the step between Earth as we know it and Heaven for Eternity. Lets […]

Worshipping the Unveiled Christ

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ZNA-56 990502AM Ls Experiencing Jesus In Revelation REVELATION 21:9-22:5 EXPERIENCING JESUS This morning God invites us to the greatest event of all time. The ultimate communication from God has arrived. It is a beautiful work of art, a picture of vivid color and radiance. It is a full color portrait of His Son, Jesus. God […]

Thyatira – Secret Sins are Costly

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030831PM Stones-22 Sardis WTB-56 FEARING THE CHASTISEMENT OF JESUS REVELATION 2:18-29 THYATIRA: Secret Sins are Costly Something was going on in Thyatira.   Jesus shows up with blazing eyes and brazen feet. He walks around the homes of His children who are part of His family – the church looking back and forth, breathing warnings […]

Pergamos-Samson: Sin Binds, Blinds, Grinds

030601PM BIO-12     NR2-23    WTB-51 STONES-17 PERGAMOS THE STONES OF GOD’S WITNESS: PERGAMOS– LESSONS IN LIVING AT THE END OF DAYS THE DANGER OF THE COMPROMISED CHRISTIAN God’s Word records that Sampson’s life pictures compromise. o Great blessing and strength in one area of our lives does not make up for neglect and weakness […]

Pergamos – Danger of Compromise

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030504PM WTB-50 Stones-16 Pergamos The stones of god’s witness: pergamos– lessons in living at the end of days Christ’ Awaits our Devotion The Danger of the COmpromised Christian     SLIDE ONE: READ REVELATION 2.12-17   meet the Assembly god can grow his church anywhere! Revelation 2:12a   First the Assembly  –  The word Pergamum […]

Ephesus – My Jesus I love Thee

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030112PM WTB-42 STONES-8 EPHESUS-2 REVELATION 2:1-7 THE JEALOUSY OF JESUS JESUS AS ALL I REALLY LOVE God’s Truth transcends culture and geography. God’s Word is timeless and always relevant. This evening the needs of Ephesus and the truth for the believers who lived there are exactly what we need to hear for life in Tulsa […]

Jesus is Alive and at Work Today

050327AM  NR4-30   ORS-06   WNS-17  “MEET THE RISEN CHRIST” THE GLORY OF JESUS REVELATION 1:9-18 Portraits 4-7 On the first Easter morning, Mary was looking at the empty tomb and met Jesus.   She had come in sorrow and confusion. All the memories of Him flooded her mind. Jesus had loved her, forgiven her, and made […]

What is Jesus Doing Today?

050327AM EASTER JESUS DOING TODAY 1-3 WHATS NEXT-09 NR4-29   ORS-05   WNS-16 What is Jesus Doing Today? “MEET THE RISEN CHRIST” THE GLORY OF JESUS REVELATION 1:9-18 Are you consciously, expectantly enjoying what Jesus is doing today?   On the first Easter morning, Mary was looking at the empty tomb and met Jesus.   She had […]

Lamb’s Book

REV-40 990829AM   The Lamb’s Book The death of John Wesley, the father of Methodism, occurred  in his room on City Road, London.  The end was very beautiful.  No pain, only a growing sense of weakness, and a tranquil acceptance of the inevitable.  He slept much and spoke little, but sometimes the dying flame flickered up, and the inner light that […]

The Victory of Jesus

980726AM NR5-03   REV-31    DTS # 26 THE VICTORY OF JESUS REV 12 UNDERSTANDING THE CONFLICT OF THE AGES Above the softness of our blue green planet there are hostile forces poised. They range across space lurking and flying about at their master’s bidding. They are former angels. They are Satan the Dragon’s army. They […]

Conflict of the Ages

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010415PM MOI-08   NR5-14  The Miracle of Israel – 8 THE MIRACLE OF ISRAEL GOD’S UNBREAKABLE PROMISE TO ABRAHAM: THE CONFLICT OF THE AGES Please open to Revelation 12:1-6, 13-17. In these short verses we see the infernal strategy of Satan to devour, destroy, and defeat God’s plan and His people. It is only one verse […]

The Return of Jesus

NR3-04  NR4-07  REV-20 980823AM   Are you getting ready for The Banquet? The greatest party of all time is approaching. The King of Kings, Lord of the Universe is preparing a wedding feast like none other. In the most breath taking location imaginable He is spreading an immense table. The greatest names of all times […]

The Glory of Jesus

NR3-03    ORS-03  REV-19 980412AM   THE TOMB — IS EMPTY This morning I checked on a few remote cemeteries and did some investigating. Here is the verified record of what I found: Confucius’ tomb- occupied Buddha”s tomb – occupied Mohammed’s tomb – occupied Joseph Smith’s tomb – occupied Mary Baker Eddy’s tomb – occupied […]

The Sacrifice of Jesus

   NR3-02   REV-18   TAB-14 980628PM Are you admiring the perfect sacrifice of Jesus tonight? Has the depth of His love and sacrifice filled your soul so full it is overflowing? There is a place of eternal calm, unceasing tranquility, perfect peace, endless day…  That place is the center of the universe, the throne of God…  […]

Laodicea – The Request of Jesus

980621PM NR2-08   REV-16 DTS # 17 THE REQUEST OF JESUS 7-LAODICEA LAODICEA: NOTHING? REV 3.14-22 Revelation 3:14-22 14 “And to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write, ‘These things says the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God:15 “I know your works, that you are neither cold […]

The Compassion of Jesus

NR5-05   REV-33 980802AM ü  They stay secure in the face of danger for Jesus is with them. ü  They stay JOYFUL in the midst of desolation for Jesus is with them. ü  They stay PURE in a sea of filth for Jesus is with them. ü  They stay TRUTHFUL in a World of lies for Jesus is with them. ü  They stay HOPEFUL in the […]

Philadelphia – The Approval of Jesus

980621AM NR2-07   REV-15 DTS # 16 THE APPROVAL OF JESUS 6-PHILADELPHIA REVELATION 3: 7 – 13 PHILADELPHIA: OPEN DOORS   Open your Bibles to Revelation 3: 7 13 and in so doing, you open to the sixth of seven letters our Lord Jesus wrote to seven literal, historic churches. Each church was given a powerful […]

The Vengeance of Jesus

NR4-06    REV-28 980823PM He waits, as every page of history is deeply stained. Un-avenged evils, from the time of the first murder until this present hour are still pending. Human history has been written in blood, tears and death.  Why does Jesus wait?  Why is Satan allowed to wrap his vicious, slimy, filthy, cruel […]

Pergamos – The Security of Jesus

NR2-04   NR6-10   REV-12 980607PM DTS # 13 The Security of Jesus Pergamum: Wed to the World REVELATION 2:12-17   Revelation 2:12-17 12 “and to the angel of the church in Pergamos write, ‘these things says he who has the sharp two-edged sword: 13 “I know your works, and where you dwell, where Satan’s throne is. […]

Thyatira – The Chastisement of Jesus

980614AM NR2-05   REV-13 DTS # 14 THE CHASTISEMENT OF JESUS-THYATIRA FEARING THE CHASTISEMENT OF JESUS REVELATION 2:18-29 THYATIRA: THE CORRUPT CHURCH JESUS GETS PERSONAL IN THIS 4TH LETTER Revelation 2:18-29 “And to the angel of the church in Thyatira write, ‘These things says the Son of God, who has eyes like a flame of fire, […]

The Power of Jesus

NR4-05   REV-27 980809AM Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without Jesus? Hitler freed Germany from their consciences and it brought the killing fields, the gas chambers and an industry of death. That was the darkest hour of the 20th century. Mankind’s unending fight with God at last brings them the freedom […]

The Wrath of Jesus

NR4-01   REV-23 980705AM DISCOVER THE PERFECTION OF JESUS The greatest mystery in the world today is the patience of God in allowing sin to run rampantly through this world. ü There is no village or town without its seething, and there is no human heart without its caliginous, black drop. ü There is no life […]

The True Bride of Christ

NR6-02   REV-39 980809PM The True Bride of Christ Revelation 17 – Why I’m Not A Roman Catholic Aug 9, 1998 | tags: 980809pm   Other congregations meet in churches, synagogues, mosques, cathedrals, and temples where organized religion stresses the achievements of humans working their way to God. This is the church of good works, self-righteousness […]

The Four Wars – 1948-1973

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010513PM MOI-09   NR5-15 The Miracle of Israel – 9 THE MIRACLE OF ISRAEL GOD’S UNBREAKABLE PROMISE TO ABRAHAM AND THE FOUR WARS 1948-1973 Please open to Revelation 12:1-6, 13-17. In these short verses we see the infernal strategy of Satan to devour, destroy, and defeat God’s plan and His people. It is only one verse […]

The Judgment of Jesus

NR4-04   REV-26 980712PM The history of planet earth may well be traced by the wars our fellow humans have so often fought. It was Babylon that first conquered in a global way. How many  peace- loving boys and their dads perished to fill he coffers of their king? Then Assyrian and Persian and Greek armies […]

Ephesus – The Jealousy of Jesus

980524PM NR2-02     NR4-38   REV-10 DTS # 11 THE JEALOUSY OF JESUS REVELATION 2:1-7 THE JEALOUSY OF JESUS JESUS AS ALL I REALLY LOVE WELCOME TO THE CHURCH AT EPHESUS: If you were arriving in Ephesus this morning, there is only one sight that would catch your eyes. Not the bustling harbor teeing with boats, […]

Seven Bad Years Ahead

MOI-21   NR4-08   NR5-23 990404PM So what’s the bottom line? There are seven years of history left for Israel to complete in God’s program. It’s a time like never before – demonic creatures ravage the earth; one-half of the population is horribly murdered; earth is a wasteland; mankind fiercely fights against God and tries one last […]

Experience Jesus Often

Experience Jesus Often LHC: Message Fifty (980927PM) LHC-63 Week 50: Experience Jesus Often (Revelation 1–22) As the end of days approaches, you can find hope as you experience Jesus often! SUNDAY: The Greatest Event of All Time “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants.” —Revelation 1:1a, emphasis added God […]

Keep Christ’s Perspective

Keep Christ’s Perspective LHC: Message Thirty-Two (980726AM) LHC-41 Week 32: Keep Christ’s Perspective (Revelation 12) As the end of days approaches, you can find hope as you keep Christ’s perspective! SUNDAY: Space Invaders Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, […]

Understand Christ’s Wrath-I

Understand Christ’s Wrath LHC: Message Twenty-Six (980705AM) LHC-32 Week 26: Understand Christ’s Wrath (Revelation 6) As the end of days approaches, you can find hope as you learn to understand Christ’s wrath! SUNDAY: The Inexplicable Mystery [He] is able to establish you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the […]


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MOI-18 990228PM God has mapped out in the Scriptures that the Holy Land is the stage upon which two crucial events take place. One was on a mountain, and one will be on a plain.  The mountain is MountCalvary. The plain is the Plain of Megiddo. Taken together these may be described as the two altars of sacrifice […]

The Voice of Jesus

980426PM NR1-08   REV-08 DTS# 8 THE VOICE OF JESUS.DOC DISCOVER JESUS REVEALING HIS CARE “THE VOICE OF JESUS” REVELATION. 1:15 Revelation 1:9-16 I, John, both your brother and companion in the tribulation and kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was on the island that is called Patmos for the word of God and for the testimony […]

Living Contentedly for Christ

Living Contentedly for Christ: Stewardship LHC: Message Forty-One (050703PM) LHC-53  Week 41: Living Contentedly for Christ (Stewardship—Matthew 11:28–30) As the end of days approaches, you can find hope as you learn to live contentedly for Christ! SUNDAY: A Lifelong Refuge for the Weary “I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content: I […]

Heed Christ’s Request

Heed Christ’s Request: The Church at Laodicea LHC: Message Twenty (980621PM) LHC-26 Week 20: Heed Christ’s Request (Revelation 3:14–22 — The Church at Laodicea) This week as we approach the end of days, you can find hope as you heed Christ’s request! SUNDAY: Welcome to Laodicea “I know your works, that you are neither cold […]

Understand Christ’s Wrath-II

LHC-33 050227PM As the end of days approaches, you can find hope as you learn to understand Christ’s wrath! SUNDAY: The Inexplicable Mystery [He] is able to establish you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery kept secret since the world began. -Romans 16:25, emphasis added Revelation 6 […]

Enjoy Christ’s Approval

Enjoy Christ’s Approval: The Church at Philadelphia LHC: Message Nineteen (980621AM) LHC-25 Week 19: Enjoy Christ’s Approval (Revelation 3:7–13 — The Church at Philadelphia) This week as we approach the end of days, you can find hope as you enjoy Christ’s approval! SUNDAY: Flight 961 to Eternity You do not know what will happen tomorrow. […]

Know Christ Personally

Know Christ Personally: The Church at Sardis LHC: Message Eighteen (980614PM) LHC-24 Week 18: Know Christ Personally (Revelation 3:1–6 — The Church at Sardis) This week as we approach the end of days, you can find hope as you make sure that you know Christ personally! SUNDAY: Professing without Possessing “Not everyone who says to […]

Honor Christ’s Holiness

Honor Christ’s Holiness: The Church at Thyatira LHC: Message Seventeen (980614AM) LHC-23 Week 17: Honor Christ’s Holiness (Revelation 2:18–29 — The Church at Thyatira) This week as we approach the end of days, you can find hope as you honor Christ’s holiness! SUNDAY: Holiness Is Fearing Sin The solid foundation of God stands, having this […]

Cling to Christ-I

Cling to Christ: The Church at Pergamos LHC: Message Sixteen (980607PM) LHC-21  Week 16: Cling to Christ (Revelation 2:12–17 — The Church at Pergamos) This week as we approach the end of days, you can find hope as you cling to Christ! SUNDAY: The Security of Christ’s Plan [We] are kept by the power of […]

Get Ready to Meet Jesus

Get Ready to Meet Jesus LHC: Message Four (050109AM) LHC-04 Week 4: Get Ready to Meet Jesus (Revelation 1:4) As the end of days approaches, you can find hope as you see Christ’s soon return through signs of the end of the world like widespread tribulation, tsunamis, and global travel advances! SUNDAY: The Greatest Tribulation […]

Corinth and the Bema Seat-1

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KGD-38  NR2-12 021124PM   Are you ready this evening to appear at Christ’s Throne? When we take pilgrims to Greece, the most moving spot of all is in the city of Ancient Corinth. I have seen travelers who were just tourists the whole trip until they reached that spot. And there beneath the raised stone […]

Thanks to God

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EBG-16  SPC-56 981122AM  American History chronicles numerous events called the “first” Thanksgiving. Perhaps the earliest recorded Thanksgiving celebration occurred 57 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth in 1621. The first American Thanksgiving was at a small colony of French Huguenots[1] who established a settlement near present-day Jacksonville, Florida. On June 30, 1564, their leader, Rene de Laudonniere, […]

Smyrna – Ending Well like David

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David’s Spiritual Secret— Overcoming Life’s Unending Struggles Study Guide David’s Spiritual Secret DSS: Message One (060108AM) BIO-11 When we get to the end of everythingwhat is left? In other words, what will last forever? Revelation 22 ends with God, Heaven and one more el ement—servants serving God. Who are those surrounding God’s Throne? Revelation 22:3 […]

What Happens When We Worship? – The Sounds & Sights Around the Throne of Our Awesome God

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Most of our lives are dominated by the physical world: our health, the weather, our family, our car, our job, etc. The Holy Scriptures each of us hold, were designed to transport our minds away from our physically-dominated-world that is easiest for us to see and feel; and to transport our minds onto the spiritually-dominated world of God’s Throne.

Paul explained this process that God uses to the Colossians when he taught them to: “Set your affections on things above” (Col. 3:1). Paul was telling them that they still had to live out their life in the Roman Empire (most of them were stuck for life as slaves). But, they could live life on earth in a transformed way when they learned to focus their mind and heart on “things above”.

How Should God’s Description in Revelation 4 & 5 Impact Each of Our Lives Today?

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Do you realize how much of the theological fog and confusion that surrounds so many sincere believers each day, can be cleared up just by a simple reading and believing of the truths of Revelation 4-5?To get a very foundational view of what God has taught us, please open with me to the last 4 verses of Revelation 5.

One of the truths that we never can hear often enough is that we are each in possession of God’s Word today. God’s actual voice recorded, His actual words written down, the Divine Revelation of God is ours in the Holy Bible.

How God’s Word in Revelation 4 & 5 Impacts Each of our Lives Today – Part 2

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One of the most remarkable elements of Revelation is seeing into Heaven. But one of the most vital truths we learn from learning about Heaven is that God affirms that:

There is Only One Road
That Leads to Heaven

Heaven is where God is, His Throne, His perfected worship, and the way things look untainted by sin. We hardly ever get to see what something looks like that is perfect, during our earthly lives, because everything we see is marred by sin, the fall, and the rebellion of Satan swirling around us.

How Does God’s Word Guide Us to Understand Disasters, Massacres & Bad Things that Keep Happening All Around Us?

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Please open with me in your Bibles to God’s final written communication to humanity.

God’s Final Written Communication to Humans

The Book of the Revelation is unique. These 404 verses were sent to the Earth by God the Father, through His Son: the Lord Jesus Christ. Those final written words are part of the Holy Scriptures, inspired by God, sent through His Prophets and Apostles, to us who hear His voice.

The flow of Revelation is simple to see. 
•    Chapter 1 is Jesus Christ showing Himself as God the Son in all His glory, like the Sun’s blazing light. 
•    Chapters 2 and 3 are His personal letters to the churches that bear His Name. 
•    Chapters 4 and 5 are His guided tour of the Throne Room of God Almighty.

Thy Kingdom Come: The Big Connection of the Lord’s Supper, God’s Kingdom, Our Lives Each Day, and the Antichrist

Today we celebrate communion, which is the highlight of our month. We have also been studying Revelation. It is amazing that Revelation and the Celebration of Communion have a very big connection. What is also amazing is that the very same big connection can also be found in the Lord’s Prayer. Today may be one of the most amazing connections of the Bible to our every day life.

The Big Connection of The Lord’s Supper & God’s Kingdom

First, please open in your Bibles to Matthew 26:26 where we see Jesus initiating communion as an ongoing reminder of:

Christ’s Death on the Cross for us
Christ’s Burial that forever removed our sins from God’s wrath upon us
Christ’s Resurrection that declares the triumph of God’s plan, God’s Kingdom and of us His children

The Antichrist is the Worst Human Who Ever Lives

As we open to Daniel 7, we continue to listen to God describe the worst human who will ever live.

We first met him as the Beast and the false peacemaking Rider on the White Horse in Revelation 6& 13.
Then we saw him as the One Standing in the Holy Place that Jesus says in Matthew 24 will bring the abomination that causes desolation.
Then we saw Paul’s long description of him as the Man of Sin and the Lawless One in 2 Thessalonians 2.
We went on to 1 John’s description of him as the Antichrist.

When God Removes His Restraint Humanity Destroys Itself

One of God’s attributes is His wrath. Last time we saw His future, ultimate, smoldering wrath as He returns to judge the world. That is His cataclysmic wrath as He pours out His fiery indignation. There is another element of God’s wrath and that is what operates all the time. It is called His consequential wrath. Cataclysmic & Consequential, both are forms of God’s wrath against sin and sinners who do not repent.

God’s consequential wrath was built into His creation of the universe. Please turn to Hebrews 11. Our Creator-God who is the All Mighty Maker of the Heavens & the Earth, spoke so much into existence at Creation that scientists have never stopped discovering, for thousands of years, more and more of what He did. Underlying all the vast parts of the Universe are laws that seem to govern everything.

What Happens When God Shakes the Earth With a “Mega Seismos”?

This morning we are examining the Biblical Doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ. This Doctrine is taught in God’s Word across over 1,800 verses, with over 300 of those verses in the New Testament.

The Doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ

God’s Word is immensely prophetic.

When the Bible was written it was made up of approximately 27% pro­phetic material. Over the thirty-five hundred years since the Bible first began to be written down, many of the prophecies have already come true. But many prophecies are still slumbering, not yet awakened and launched into history by the Hand of God Himself. God watches over His Word to perform everything He has written (Jeremiah 1:12).

The Day of the Lord and the Centrality of Christ to Everything

We have come this morning to the next doctrine in Revelation 6. We have come to the Day of the Lord & Christ’s Centrality to Everything.

All of human history, all of God’s Word the Bible, and the entire universe in which we live centers upon Jesus Christ, God the Son.

Paul overflowed in wonder at Christ’s glory in Romans 11:36 (NKJV) when he said:

For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen.

The Great Contrast: The Intense Hatred of God Against Sin and the Immense Love of God Toward Sinners

This morning we enter a new chapter of the Book of Revelation. As you open with me to Revelation 7, let me explain what lies before us.

If we were doing a one-phrase-summary of each chapter of the Bible, we could summarize the main idea of Revelation 6 as: The Intense Wrath of God Against Sin.

If we did the same for Revelation 7 it would be: The Immense Love of God Towards Sinners. Back to back those seem to be polar opposites.  What is amazing is that God designed this incredible contrast.

The Silence Before the Storm

As we open to Revelation 8 today, we are going to find again that in each chapter there are incredible insights into our Great God. Each of this book’s 404 verses are like tiny windows into understanding a bit more of our All Powerful and Almighty God.

Almost every one of the seven teaching truths or “doctrines”  that are presented in this chapter are tied to the same doctrines in the other books of the Bible that God has already taught us. Here is what we see taught in Reveltion 8:

The Silence of God & the Suffering of Saints

This morning we arrive at the eighth chapter of Revelation. This chapter may hold one of the most impacting truths we have studied so far in this final book of God’s Word. This chapter before us contains the twin truths that explain what has happened to the prayers of every believer and saint of every age of human history. The twins truths are that God illustrates for us:

The Destination & Application of Our Prayers

Each time we pray in Christ’s Name that prayer rises before the Face of God our Father. 

Why Does God Send the Second Greatest Ecological Disaster of History in Revelation 8?

In Genesis 6-8, God sent the first ecological disaster of human history in the catastrophic Global Flood of Noah. It was less than 5,000 years ago, when God completely devastated the surface of the entire planet. Through 40 days of rain, plus most likely the fountains of the deep (volcanic eruptions), God drowned or buried every land animal, and every human except the eight in the Ark. That was:

The First Catastrophic Ecological Event

The Bottomless Pit and God’s Lessons About the Demons’ Location

Before we return to Revelation 9, which would be opening to one of the darkest chapters of the Bible, we should ask ourselves why would we even want to study through this chapter? Why do we need to study what God says about Satan, demons, and the bottomless pit? Is that something that believers in the 21st century really need to know?

The answer to all those questions is the same. A resounding YES. The truth is that God has warned us about our Adversary Satan (that by the way is the meaning of the name Satan, “adversary”), and commanded us to on guard against him. 

Stark Choices: Christ’s Offer of Life and the Devil, Demons, the Destroyer from the Abyss, and Endless Death

We open to what most Bible commentators over the centuries have called perhaps the most challenging chapter in the Bible, Revelation chapter 9. Before we dive in we need to step back and remember one of the most amazing features of this book: the role of the Gospel in relation to the horrors of the Tribulation.

An Invitation from God

The Bible closes with one of the greatest invitations of all, found in the final chapter, of the last book of the Bible. So, before the horrors of Rev. 9, listen to the offer of endless life from Jesus Christ to all who will listen:

Revelation 22:16-17 (NKJV) “I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.” 17 And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely.

The Serpent, Devil, Deceiver, Dragon, Accuser Satan is Alive and Busy on Earth Today

One of the reasons God has left us as believers on earth is to resist the Devil and stand against Satan’s plans. God wants us aware that Satan is alive and well on planet Earth, We are to neither ignore nor fear Satan, we are to resist him. That is the truth that God wanted emphasized in the Church, and that is the theme of Revelation 9. 

Satan is constantly prowling the world seeking to demote God, and derail God’s work from being accomplished on Earth among people, but we are called to resist and stand against him.

How Can Our Understanding of Almighty God, Angels, and Demons Transform Us as Followers of Jesus Today?

As we open to Revelation 9 this morning we come asking God to meet with us, and speak to us from His Word. That is what the Bible means when it is called the Word of God. So for each of us, for every day of our lives, we are to live not just by eating food, but by also listening from our hearts to these:

Words to Hear from Almighty God

The Bible is the Almighty God of the Universe Who desires to speak to us, and desires that we respond to Him. The Bible was sent to us by God; and God is the Subject of every part of this Book. 

When God Sends Humanity a Taste of Hell by Releasing the Locust Demons from the Pit

One of the more difficult and misunderstood topics of the Bible is the doctrine God’s Word teaches us about Hell. As we open to Matthew 25, consider the Biblical Doctrine of Hell.

There are many opinions, many disputes, and many misunderstandings. As with almost all disputes about the Bible, each can be answered by a look at the actual passages, and not merely by talking about them. 

So this morning, we open to the greatest living authority on Hell, who spoke more about it than all the other writers of the Bible combined: His name is Jesus; and if you doubt that there will be an endless, conscious, horribly painful torment of un-forgiven sinners in a literal Hell, then understand that you’re protesting the clear, plain and simple teaching of Jesus Christ, and no one else.

Learning How to Resist Our Worst Enemies Using the Five Key Truths of Spiritual Warfare

As we open to Isaiah 14 this morning, we are viewing the spiritual realm beyond our physical world. Above all the vast reaches of the cosmos, above all the swirling galaxies, shining stars and circling planets God made some special creatures, fashioned for His own service—the angels.
And in this angelic host of the Almighty God in heaven, above the super-powerful archangels, above the fiery seraphim, and above the mighty cherubim, there was one angel that God chose to be the crown prince of them all.

Deception, Deceivers, Satan, and the Rebels

As we open to Revelation 1:3 this morning, we enter the only book of the Bible that has attached to it a promised blessing from God, for any believer who reads and responds to these words from God. 

God Wants to Bless each of His servants this morning

So just opening and following along today with an open and surrendered heart means we each get to experience today the blessings of God. Listen to His promise:

Rev. 1:3 (NKJV) Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.

The Blind Can See – Salvation is When We Go From Sightlessness to Seeing Christ

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One element of John’s writing style in Revelation is his usage of sevens. There are seven stars, seven lampstands, seven churches, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven bowls, and seven angels. Beyond these seven named groups of sevens are many other sevens. There are seven beatitudes, seven spirits, seven mountains, seven lamps, seven horns, seven eyes, seven heads, seven crowns, seven thunders, seven kings, and seven last plagues.

Fifty-four sevens are noted by John in the book of Revelation. John observes and records for us that God is into sevens, or heptads. But it isn’t only in Revelation that God uses sevens, this morning, we find that the way to eternal life has seven intentional markers along the way. As we open to John 20, let me show you this amazing chain of truths about salvation.

What Was the Message of Salvation Jesus Christ Himself Presented?

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As we start back at our look at the Gospel presentations of Jesus, recorded in the Gospels, start with me in Revelation 14:6. From cover to cover in the Bible, our Great God has revealed Himself as God the Savior.

God the Savior is Not Willing
That Any Should Perish

God is not willing that any should perish in a Christ-less and Eternal Hell.

God wants everyone to hear His truth, receive His Gospel, and repent unto life eternal. 

The Gospel According to Jesus

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No one understands the Gospel better than our Lord & Savior, the Author & finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ.

Today we continue on our journey through the Gospel recorded by the Apostle John. 

As we open to John 5 we are listening and watching the eyewitness record of John who was closest of all the Apostles to Jesus.

The Holy Spirit uses that proximity and loving eye and ear of young John, to give the most unique of all the four Gospel accounts. 

Applying the Gospel Jesus Taught to Our Life Today

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Only worshippers are in Heaven.

Worship is what the Father seeks.

Jesus came to seek and to save lost sinners, and make them worshippers of God.

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

The driving message of salvation is worship. Jesus tells us the only thing God seeks is worship. So, the purpose of salvation is worshiping the God of Heaven. Now, look what Revelation completes for us. The whole Bible can be summed up by the theme of worship. We have come to the final lesson from Revelation 4 & 5.

When God Finally Answers Generations of Prayers for Justice

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Unanswered prayers: what happens to them? As we open to Rev. 5, we find the answer to one of the great mysteries of God’s Word: Where do all our prayers go? After we prayed them, God heard them, and then what? 

What Happens to
All Our Prayers

Do prayers become like deleted emails? Does God get them, see them on His screen, read them; and then just hits the trash button, and poof, they are gone? 

No, that is never the image God wants in our minds. 

When God Writes the Lyrics: The Songs of Heaven’s Worship Teams in Revelation 4-5

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As we open to Revelation 5: we have come to the greatest portion, of the greatest book, about the greatest place there could ever be anywhere: the Place of God’s Personal Presence called Heaven.

Today, Heaven’s worship, distilled before us in our Bibles, into words we each can understand: is the most challenging message we could ever hear to prepare us for serving God!

Worship is the offering given to God from my heart, quickened by His Spirit, unto a true awareness of my unworthiness, and His Almighty Immensity. That is how we sync with the constant atmosphere of Heaven. 

Our Redemption Driven Songs in Heaven

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Someday in the not too distant future, each of us who are born-again by the Spirit, saved from God’s wrath, justified freely by His grace, and forgiven forever: are going to join the ultimate, Heavenly Hallelujah chorus. The words for that chorus have been given to us already, written down in Revelation.

The term in English: Hallelujah Chorus, has become totally associated with an oratorio written 271 years ago in London. 

It was in April, 1741 the German composer Handel was bankrupt, imperiled by paralyzing pain, betrayed by friends, and depressed. It looked like his composing career was over. 

The Context God Gives for the Tribulation

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For several weeks we have been looking at the elements of worship that are so incredibly displayed in Heaven around the Throne of God. As we have examined each element there has been in the background a scroll. 

As we open to Revelation 5 this morning, we have come to the merging of two themes in Scripture that often do not go together in our minds. I am talking about our worship of our Redeemer being portrayed in the very same verse as the judgments of God’s wrath being poured out upon the Earth.

Thy Kingdom Come, Asking for Paradise on Earth

We have come to the twelfth and final promise God made to Israel. 

God PROMISED in His Word that: Jesus will return as Israel’s Messiah, Jesus Christ the Pierced Messiah will rescue the Jews at their darkest hour, after defeating all their enemies and locking up their fiercest adversary the Devil they will rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem for all the world to visit, and finally that Jesus Christ, the Son of David will sit as the Promised King on the Throne of David. 

God Keeps His Promises

Strategic Planning to Face the Coming End of Days

Each year we get to start a new fresh page.

This year that page is named 2010, and it contains 365 1/4 days, 8766 hours, 1/2 million minutes , and 31 1/2 million seconds. 

But more than anything else, this new year is a new opportunity for each of us to invest as much of that time as we want to into the First Eternal Bank of Jesus Christ, located at the Throne of the Almighty Ancient of Days, at the source of the River of Life, in the center of the Crystal Sea, also commonly known as Heaven.

Humility: The Essential of True Biblical Worship

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Last time we saw what always makes worship unacceptable to God. This week we are looking at what always makes our worship acceptable and pleasing to God.

As we read these words, think about what you are looking at as we see a picture of the 24 elders; most likely, each of these 24 men seated on the inner circle of the Throne were formerly imperfect sinners, saved by grace, cleansed each day by the sacrifice of Christ, glorified at the moment of their death, and now in Heaven offering perfected worship.

Redeemed – How I Love to Proclaim It

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As we open to Revelation 5:9, we are analyzing the words of the first song we see ourselves singing in heaven—the song of our redemption. We who were slaves to sin, and lost sinners: were purchased by Christ’s blood. The God who so loved the world that he gave His Son to die on a cross; and shed His blood to pay the price of our sin! The message of this verse could be reduced to the simple phrase:

Redeemed: How I Love to Proclaim It. In Revelation 5:9 we see ourselves the way we will be—singing the new song of our worthy Redeemer. Please stand and follow along as we read these words:

The Redemption-Driven Life

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One of the best-selling books of modern times was called the Purpose-Driven Life. Author Rick Warren hit a collective nerve in society because so many people feel aimless at times, and struggle for a clear purpose to point our lives at.

The amazing truth is that we are bought and owned by God. He tells us that the purpose that should drive us to focus upon how we use our river of time, that rushes past us at 60 minutes-per-hour.

The Redemption-Driven Life – Set Free & Zealous for Good Works

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God has declared that each of us have been forever set free. Starting in Titus 2:11 we are looking at the third and final word, that God chose to describe the wonders of redemption.

Redemption, as we’ve seen, is what God wants to motivate us to lives that glorify God, because we were bought at a price.

Redemption is also what fills our hearts, and pours forth around the Throne in the songs of our worship in Heaven.

The Father We All Need is the One Seated on the Throne of Heaven

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As we enter into Revelation 4 & 5 we must always remember that the best explanation of Scripture is Scripture. So to see the Throne of God most clearly we must see it through the lens of all the other times God chooses to show The Throne to us.

In one of the most well known scenes in the Old Testament, The Throne of God surrounds Isaiah’s call.

Please turn with me to the scene of Isaiah 6, and notice it is representative of what we often see about God’s Throne: it is High, it is Holy, and because of the smoke and quaking, it is almost Distant.

God Maps Out the Future in Great Detail for His Servants

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Revelation 1-22

God wrote down an inspired record of the history of the world: from the time when John was sitting on Patmos in AD 95, right up to the very end of days. That is what you are holding in your hands this morning.

The online world mourned for a few moments this week, the passing of another icon from the former, pre-cyber world of the past. After 244 years of publication, the Encyclopedia Britannica will no longer be printed on paper. Thus ended the longest published record of civilization’s knowledge.

A Theology of True Worship

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Towering over all our daily lives and worship we offer as believers: is the Throne of our God the King.

When we pray it’s to the Throne of our Hallowed Father who is King in Heaven that we are to address our prayers.

When we struggle it is to the Throne of our King of Grace and Mercy that we cry to out for help in time of need.

When we serve it is our King who tests all our good works by His refining fire, and then passes out all rewards, that we prepare to stand before.

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