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The Death Of A Nation – When God Is Abandoned

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God Is Abandoned



The Death of a Nation:
1. What happens when a nation with a long and deep Biblical Heritage turns its back on God? How about a group of formerly devout followers of the Lord who mostly have abandoned genuine worship, and godly behavior?
2. What does God’s Word prescribe when a nation that formerly honored Him, slips into Eastern mysticism and new age errors, accepts and dabbles in witchcraft and occultic errors, plunges into materialism and greed, and allows idolatry and false worship to thrive?
3. What does God’s Word prescribe when a formerly God-honoring nation chooses the pathway of greedy overdevelopment of its land, allows and enables a culture of alcohol and drug-fueled addictions, with a bent towards unrestrained spring-breakish partying among its people?
4. What does God’s Word prescribe when a nation that was built upon the moral law of God descends into a place where injustice towards the poor and helpless reigns, and where the land becomes a place of growing lawlessness?
5. What does God’s Word prescribe when a nation that formerly revered God’s Word becomes a place where truth is replaced with lies, and absolutes with relativism, where cultural and educational elitism begins to rule as pride and arrogance are promoted at the highest levels, and national heroes are actually people who are sexually immoral and often addicted to substances that control their minds and actions?
Eerie Similarities
Doesn’t that sound like the land that watches the current moral condition of the United States of America?
The similarity is eerie, but actually, every one of those five questions is behind what God Almighty Himself is asking to His Chosen People of Promise, the nation of Israel. The primary targets of these questions were the people that God Himself confronts in Isaiah 1-5.
As you sit with Isaiah open before you, may I ask a quick question? Why would we: in the New Testament Era, the Church Age, the time of Grace, turn back to the Old Testament, and start there as we study an important Biblical topic? Is there authority for our lives in the Old Testament?
The Magnitude of Isaiah in God’s Word
God Is Abandoned

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