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The Incarnation & The Power Of Jesus Unleashed In His Great Names

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The greatest revelation of our Infinite God’s nature, character, and personhood comes through His Name.

Theologians have classified all the different names, ascriptions, and titles of our Triune: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

In Theology (or the study of God), we find there are no less than 420 names, titles, and ascriptions of God in three persons, contained in the Scriptures. In the Old Testament, there are 225 of them, and in the New Testament, there are 195.

Once a year, at Christmas, we mostly hear the sound of that incredible river, of the mighty names of God come down to man, revealed from Heaven through the inspired Word.

God revealed Himself to mankind as a man.

God used human terms so we could understand Him.

God gave incredible access to know Him, and understand His power and love, by way of a series of names, titles, and ascriptions to His Majesty.

To the Old Testament saints the name of the Lord was a strong tower.

In the New Testament, Jesus became God with us!

Isaiah wrote at a dark hour in Israel’s history. It was about 730 years before Bethlehem’s babe was born. The Northern half of Israel was about to vanish in the Assyrian conquest and deportation.

The countdown to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple had started. In that dark and perilous time for God’s people of promise, THE INCARNATION OF GOD WAS ANNOUNCED! Through a promise in chapter 7 and in chapter 9—four pairs of names, that distilled divinity into a coming person, were revealed.