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Revelation crucial in times like these (Steadman, Revelation, p. ___):

In 1955 the Rev. Billy Graham was in his mid-thirties and just gaining an international reputation as an evangelist. He was in London conducting one of his evangelistic crusades at Wembly Stadium when he received an invitation to No. 10 Downing Street, the residence of the prime minister of England. Upon his arrival, Graham was introduced to a weary-looking but keen-eyed Sir Winston Churchill. As it later turned out, this was to be Churchill’s final year as prime minister after a long and illustrious career in public service.

Chomping an unlit cigar, Churchill appraised your Graham with a penetrating eye. “Young man,” he said, “I’ve heard a great deal about these crusades you are having up at Wembley. Now, I want to ask you a question. You know the troubled shape the world is in. Personally I don’t think the world has much longer to go,” he paused hesitantly. “Can you give an old man any hope?”

It seemed to Graham that Chcurchill was seeking hope not merely for a troubled world, but for an aging and troubled man. So he took out the pocket New Testament he always had with him and showed the prime minister that the Bible offers not only hope for the world in the ultimate triumph of Jesus Christ, but hope for individual human beings in the plan of salvation.

If Churchcill ever made a decision to commit his life to Jesus Christ, Graham never learned about it. But the question Churchill asked the young Billy Graham is the same question millions struggle with today.
Evil is on the rise. The world is becoming an increasingly more perilous place. We are fouling our own nests with toxic pollutants, destroying the delicate ozone layer above our world, building weapons sof mass destruction at a frenzied pace.

Everywhere you go people are wondering, “With the troubled shape the world is in, do we have much longer to go? Can anyone offer the human race any hope? Why doesn’t God intervene in human affairs? Is He really in control? Or is the world taking an uncontrolled plunge to destruction?”

These are questions we confront in Revelation 10.

Look at Rev. 1:3 – Blessed if read and heed!

Look at Rev. 1:19 – Key! 1) “things seen” = character Christ – Ch.1 2) “things are” = confronting church – Ch. 2-3 3) “things after” = Christ conquered universe – Ch. 4-20 Christ consumating plan – Ch. 21-22

Now, Lord’s Prayer #2 “Thy kingdom come” Remember? Why? Belived God never yet ruled with absolute sovereignity on earth! Yes – omnipotent sovereign majesty, etc.

But, Satan is god of this world: 1 Jn. 5:19; Mt. 4:4-8

The mystery is the secret of His allowing Satan to have his own way, and man too. A very great mystery it is indeed. You will remember

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what a mystery it was to Robinson Crusoe, (Daniel Defoe classic) the lonely castaway on a cannibal isle. He had rescued, not long before, a man-eating savage, and having taught him sufficient English for simple conversation, Robinson Crusoe began to teach Friday the knowledge of the one true God. He impressed upon his servant the fact that God was all-powerful, and he found the savage easily able to comprehend that. “But,” says Crusoe, “I found it was not easy to imprint right thoughts in his mind about the devil.” Finally Friday floored his teacher, who was just a fledgling theologian himself. Says Crusoe, “I had been talking a great deal to him of the power of God, of His omnipotence, His dread aversion to sin, His being a consuming fire to the workers of iniquity…He listened with great seriousness to me all the while. After this, I had been telling him how the devil was God’s enemy in the hearts of men, and used all his malice and skill to defeat the good designs of Providence, and to ruin the kingdom of Christ in the world.” Friday came out with the question. “Well, but you say god is so strong, so great, is He not much strong, much might as the devil?” “Yes, yes,” said Robinson Crusoe, “God is much stronger than the devil.” Said Friday, “But, if God much strong, much might as the devil, why God not kill the devil?” Robinson Crusoe pretended not to hear the question and hastily found some excuse to send Friday on an errand to the other end of the island!

That mystery has puzzled more people than Robinson Crusoe. But for much longer! The Lord has taken His vow that this mystery will be finished. There will be no more delay. The days will be shortened. As we read on through the Apocalypse, we discover that what has yet to come is to be very sharp, but it is also to be very short. “For he will finish the work, and cut it short in righteousness: because a short work will the end make upon the earth” (Rom. 9:28) Phillips, Exploring Revelation, p. 150.


It may surprise you to know that in the entire span of time from Creation until now, God has never reigned on earth. Yes, He is the sovereign King over all of the universe, over both heaven and earth. He has ruled, overruled, and intervened on earth. He governs all human events, yet He does so for now in a way that appears remote and incomplete. He has never used His absolute power to bring about an end to demonic evil, human rebellion, and global injustice and suffering. He does not receive the worship and honor that is His due as the sovereign King. He has authority that He chooses for now not to exercise.

God is sovereign and He rules over the universe, but He does not reign on earth. When He finally establishes His reign, all sin and all suffering will cease. That is our eternal hope for which we pray whenever we repeat the words, “Thy Kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Turn to Rev. 11:17. God starts the conquest for a literal reign on earth, it seems to say here: But why the wait? Rom. 11:17 church put in because of Israel’s unbelief Rom. 11:25 Israel coming back! Acts 15:13-18 Jews – church – Jews That’s God’s plan! and:

Israel is focal point of that plan.

So what about Rev. 10? * Well, God is done with church – Ch. 3 * So, Ch. 4 – Israel on earth… * So, Israel not aware of Christ* They do not recognize Him yet. * Thus, Rev. 10 has two parts: 1. focus on Savior – Christ

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2. focus on servant – John 1. Focus on Savior – Christ A. Character – Rev. 7:2 prophet – Rev. 8:5 priest – Rev. 10 king Angel of Lord – preincarnate Christ Angel of the covenant that led Israel

* Cloud Ex. 12 pillar/fire Ex. 25-40 glory cloud 2 K 7 temple Ezekiel glory cloud left Daniel ancient days sit Mt. 17 transfiguration Acts 1 ascension * Bow after flood around throne Angel of Lord began dealing with Israel before revealed as Messiah. Zech. 12:10 “look on pierced” B. Authority – heaven and earth C. Power D. Oath – Dan. 7:9-14 – same scene? E. Promise – mystery concludes, why wait? So, angel is Christ starting conquest! Not, Part II – Focus on Servant – John A. Challenge – “Go take book” B. Choice – take eat C. Obedience – sweet/sour D. Purpose – to speak for God __________________________________________


1. Focus on our Savior – Do you live like? He’s: * in control? * has plan? * all powerful?

2. Focus on being servant/sweet & sour * great but hurts to change

Do you eat the Word?

Jer. 15:16 ] internalizing Heb. 5:11-14 ] metabolizing truth

– What you had for supper Sat. P.M. Becomes part of flesh and bones this afternoon.

– Is Christ metabolizing plan into your life?

#388! May mind Christ as Savior