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The Truth of Christ

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Christ’s Return Revelation 19:11-21

The climax of all human history is now unfolded in our text. The purposes of God long hidden in His eternal counsels are now made clear. Jesus steps back into history, no longer the suffering servant, He is Lord of All. This passage makes two truths remarkably vivid. They are:

1. The Absolute Security of Trusting the Power of Jesus. Rev. 19:11-16 2. The Absolute Futility of Resisting the Power of Jesus. Rev. 19:17-21

Look closely as God pulls back the veil and reveals the awesome majesty of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in all His glory. As we look at each facet of His wondrous character let your heart rest in the security that comes of trusting in Him.

The Absolute Security of Trusting the Power of Jesus. Rev. 19:11-16

v. 11 Trust in His Truth Revelation  19:11    I  saw  heaven  standing  open  and  there   before  me  was  a  white  horse,  whose  rider  is  called   Faithful  and  True.  With  justice  he  judges  and  makes   war.  (NIV)     Christ now returns with His saints. He came for them in
Rev.4:1. During all of human history He has been watching and waiting. Nothing has missed His eyes. Now He will begin to bring truth to bear upon all lies and falsehoods and deception: He will execute vengeance, so wait on Him. Jude  15  15  to  judge  everyone,  and  to  convict  all   the  ungodly  of  all  the  ungodly  acts  they  have   done  in  the  ungodly  way,  and  of  all  the  harsh   words  ungodly  sinners  have  spoken  against   him.”  (NIV)   2  Peter  2:9  9  if  this  is  so,  then  the  Lord  knows   how  to  rescue  godly  men  from  trials  and  to  hold   the  unrighteous  for  the  day  of  judgment,  while   continuing  their  punishment.  (NIV)   He will repay evil, so trust Him. Hebrews  10:30  30  For  we  know  him  who  said,  “It   is  mine  to  avenge;  I  will  repay,”  and  again,  “The   Lord  will  judge  his  people.”  (NIV)   He will vindicate the oppressed, so hope in Him. Psalm  103:6  6    The  LORD  works  righteousness   and  justice  for  all  the  oppressed.  (NIV)   Psalm  9:9  9    The  LORD  also  will  be  a  refuge  for   the  oppressed,  A  refuge  in  times  of  trouble.   (NKJV)  He will reward the righteous, so work For Him. Psalm  58:11  11    So  that  men  will  say,  “Surely  there   is  a  reward  for  the  righteous;  Surely  He  is  God   who  judges  in  the  earth.”  (NKJV)   Matthew  5:12  12  “Rejoice  and  be  exceedingly   glad,  for  great  is  your  reward  in  heaven,  for  so   they  persecuted  the  prophets  who  were  before   you.  (NKJV)    ⇒ Are all your sadnesses, anxieties and woes poured out on Him? Only Jesus can give us the rest and peace that

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all will be well in Him.

v. 12 Trust in His Intimacy Revelation  19:12  12  His  eyes  are  like  blazing  fire,  and  on   his  head  are  many  crowns.  He  has  a  name  written  on   him  that  no  one  knows  but  he  himself.  (NIV)   Remember what salvation is: John  17:3  3  “And  this  is  eternal  life,  that  they  may  know   You,  the  only  true  God,  and  Jesus  Christ  whom  You  have   sent.  (NKJV)   John  10:27    “My  sheep  hear  My  voice,  and  I  know  them,   and  they  follow  Me.  (NKJV)   ⇒ Do you know Him personally? Do you enjoy talking with Him? How about reading His letters to you, are they at the top of your pile? What do you know of Jesus that only comes by long hours shared?

v. 13 Trust in His Redemption Revelation  19:13  13  He  is  dressed  in  a  robe  dipped  in   blood,  and  his  name  is  the  Word  of  God.  (NIV)   The blood of Christ is the scarlet thread that ties al of the Word into one. It is in His shed blood that we hope. Ephesians  1:7    In  Him  we  have  redemption  through  His   blood,  the  forgiveness  of  sins,  according  to  the  riches  of   His  grace  (NKJV)   1  John  1:7  But  if  we  walk  in  the  light  as  He  is  in  the  light,   we  have  fellowship  with  one  another,  and  the  blood  of   Jesus  Christ  His  Son  cleanses  us  from  all  sin.  (NKJV)   Revelation  1:5    and  from  Jesus  Christ,  the  faithful   witness,  the  firstborn  from  the  dead,  and  the  ruler  over   the  kings  of  the  earth.  To  Him  who  loved  us  and  washed   us  from  our  sins  in  His  own  blood,  (NKJV)   ⇒ What are you holding onto to get you to God? Is it
simply the sacrifice of Jesus for you? Is it only that He died in your place, shedding His blood? Is it all that He did and only that you trust His redeeming blood? ************************************************* v. 14 Trust in His Faithfulness Revelation  19:14  14  The  armies  of  heaven  were   following  him,  riding  on  white  horses  and  dressed  in   fine  linen,  white  and  clean.  (NIV)   Not one of the members of His armies are lost, missing, awol. He has and always will faithfully cared for them through sickness, health, adversity, prosperity, loneliness and joy. He is Faithful. The very character of God is that of Faithfulness. 1  Corinthians  1:9    God  is  faithful,  by  whom  you  were   called  into  the  fellowship  of  His  Son,  Jesus  Christ  our   Lord.  (NKJV)   1  Thessalonians  5:24    He  who  calls  you  is  faithful,  who   also  will  do  it.  (NKJV)   2  Thessalonians  3:3  But  the  Lord  is  faithful,  who  will   establish  you  and  guard  you  from  the  evil  one.  (NKJV)   1  Peter  4:19    Therefore  let  those  who  suffer  according   to  the  will  of  God  commit  their  souls  to  Him  in  doing   good,  as  to  a  faithful  Creator.  (NKJV)   ⇒ Are you resting in His faithful provision for your needs right now? Are you confident in any adversity that God is above all and working through it His glory? How about your health, is it in His Faithful hands? Your children, marital hopes, child bearing desires, college dreams — are they all given to the Faithful One?

v. 15 Trust in His Judgement Revelation  19:15  15  Out  of  his  mouth  comes  a  sharp   sword  with  which  to  strike  down  the  nations.  “He  will   rule  them  with  an  iron  scepter.”  He  treads  the

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winepress  of  the  fury  of  the  wrath  of  God  Almighty.   (NIV)   Judgment is a “compression into a sudden flash the inevitable results of wrong doing.” 1 As the Red Sea for Pharaoh was the demonstration of the danger to any human power that defies the Supreme power of God. So the judgment on Sodom was about those who trifle with sexual promiscuity, and the judgment of Babylon about the overthrow God gives to nations that trivialize the value of human life.

v. 16 Trust in His Authority Revelation  19:16  16  On  his  robe  and  on  his  thigh  he  has   this  name  written:  KING  OF  KINGS  AND  LORD  OF   LORDS.  (NIV)
The Absolute Futility of Resisting the Power of Jesus. Rev. 19:17-21

Why does the Lord give such a horribly graphic view of these His enemies? To remind us of the Absolute Futility of Resisting the Power of Jesus. What should be our response? Look back at verse 10. There are two gems: 1. Worship God. 2. See Jesus. How are we to do this? Simply as His Word has instructed us:

• Focus on the reverent presentation of all we have to God as Rom 12.1-2 says is our spiritual worship.

1 F. B. Meyer, Exodus, p. 133.
• Let Jesus show Himself to you in every page of His book as He did to the two on the road to Emmaus in Lk. 24;27-31 and I Peter 1.10-11.