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The Ultimate Sunburn

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REV. 16 The Ultimate Sunburn Bowl # 4

Jesus Christ is revealed in Rev. 16 (8-9) as the Sun of Righteousness, the Liberator.

Mal. 4:1-2 Sun of right/heaven Lk. 1:78 Sunrise But, Rev. 16:8-9 He is spurned

Jesus Christ is liberator to all who look to Him in 3 powerful ways:

1. 2 Cor.14 Leads us in triumph 2. Gal. 2:20 crucifies our flesh I Cor. 15:31 we die daily 3. Rev. 1:5 Washes us (salvation = garments)

Are you in the triumphal procession? Are you dying daily to flesh? When you fall do you let Him wash you?

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The Unexampled Catastrophe to the Sun (16:8-9) (Phillips, Exploring Revelation, p. ___?)

“…The sun, in its normal state, pours out a continuous stream of high-energy particles which race toward the earth at a peak speed of three million miles an hour. The earth is surrounded by a field of radiation, the magnetosphere, which protects it from full exposure to this deadly assault. The solar radiation which penetrates the magnetosphere is trapped in turn by the Van Allen belts…The changeover is thought to take place about every five thousand years, at the midpoint of which the magnetosphere is reduced to a mere five percent of its normal strength…

“…The sun itself is subject to violent weather patterns of its own. From time to time, tongues of flame leap out from the seething surface of the sun, erupting hot solar plasma as far as a million miles from the sun, and projecting X-rays, radio waves, light waves, electronic clouds, and destructive high-energy protons toward the earth. When the earth is in a direct line with these eruptions, magnetic storms occur on earth which disrupt communication systems and play havoc with sophisticated modern equipment. These giant flares, which follow three well-known cycles (one of eleven-year intervals, one of eighty-year intervals, and one of four hundredyear intervals), cause the phenomena in the sun known as sun spots. One such flare occurred at 2:37 p.m. on November 12, 1960. The resulting cloud of solar hydrogen gas measured ten million miles across and trailed halfway back to the sun, ninety-three million miles away, and bombarded the earth at a speed of four thousand miles a second. It set off violent week-long disturbances on and around the earth and precipitated an electrical and magnetic storm of enormous proportions. Compass needles wavered eratically, communications were blacked out, and the northern lights flared majestically. Yet this was a mere ripple in the steady flow of energy from the sun. The disaster on earth caused by the fourth vial might easily result from some such explosion of the sun.
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“Or perhaps the sun will die a premature death. The sun, known to astronomers as a “second-generation star” is built up of cosmic dust and gas. It has been radiating for only a comparatively short time, astronomically speaking, and its hydrogen content has been only moderately depleted….”