The (ONLY) Gospel By God – In The Greatest Chapter In The Bible – Do You Understand Salvation
Short Clip
There is only one God, the Creator. There is only one Savior, named Jesus Christ.
The only True God is that Creator and Redeemer introduced to us on the pages of Holy Scripture.
The True Savior came into the world as the Lord Jesus Christ, the only Savior.
Biblical Christianity has the only God of all the 21 religions—Who died and rose again to give forgiveness and salvation to His people.
That God who died for the sin of the world is the Lord Jesus Christ
Only Christianity presents a savior.
There is only one way to God, one truth about God, and one life with God–and that is the truth of Christianity.
There’s only one Savior, and He is the Lord Jesus Christ.
Only Christianity faces the reality that—
No person can earn his way to God.
No person can earn forgiveness.
No person can earn salvation.
No person can earn heaven by goodness, morality, religious activity, ceremony, ritual.
The Bible is very clear that salvation is a gift for those who know they can’t earn it and cry for mercy, putting their trust for forgiveness and salvation and heaven in the Lord Jesus Christ, who died for their sins in their place and rose triumphantly from the dead, confirming that He had fully satisfied the justice and the wrath of God.
All people are sinners, all who have ever lived are sinners, all are unable to save themselves, all need a savior.
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