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Thou Shalt Call His Name Immanuel





Matthew 1:18-23

Christmas is coming! And lest we miss the full impact of what happened, we start four weeks of contemplation! Our target this Sunday is to see the marvels of God with us. Read Mt. 1:18-23 – what does God with us mean?

C. H. Spurgeon preached one Advent Sunday:

“It must ever remain to us the mystery of mysteries that God Himself was manifest in the flesh. God the invisible was manifest; God the spiritual dwelt in mortal flesh; God the infinite,uncontained, boundless, was manifest in the flesh. What infinite leagues our thought must traverse between Godhead self-existent, and, therefore, full of power and selfsufficiency,before we have descended to the far-down level of poor human flesh, which is, at its best, but as grass, and, in its essence, only so much animated dust! Where can we find so great a contrast man between God and flesh!

And to that we say yes and to the incomprehensibleness of that moment at the manger when we see: * the heir of all things — yet Joseph’s poor, despised son, a carpenter * the infinite one — yet an infant * He who upholds all things by the word of His power — yet held in His mother’s arms. God with us: Immanuel is truly: a miracle a wonder an awesome thing

But even more, the realization of God’s marvelous plan. Join me in Eden as we see God inaugurating His presence with man. Conclude with me in eternity future as God consumates His presence forever with us. God with us: Genesis 3:8a

1. God started with us in creation and Eden see Him “walking in the garden”. Let’s call that God sharing. From creation onward He has sought to share: His creative genius His infinite power His incredible presence

Out of all the measureless expanse of the universe, where do we find God? Sharing with Adam and Eve.

2. Look again at Gen. 3:8-9. God is now seen as He sought out fallen man. We can see that aspect of God with us.

God seeking: 100 years ago God raised up a voice – D. L. Moody
“WHERE ART THOU1?” Genesis 3:9

“The very first thing that happened after the news reached Heaven of the fall of man, was that God came straight down to seek out the lost one. As He walks through the garden in the cool of the day, you can hear Him calling–

“‘Adam! Adam! Where art thou?’

“ It is the voice of grace, of mercy, and of love. Adam ought to have taken the seeker’s place, for he was the transgressor. He had fallen, and he ought to have gone up and down Eden crying,
1 Moody sermon book

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“‘My God! My God! Whwere art Thou?’

“But God left Heaven to grope through the dark world for the rebel who had fallen–not to hurl him from the face of the earth, but to plan for him an escape from the misery of his sin. And He finds him-where? Hiding from his Creator among the bushes of the garden.

“The moment a man is out of communion with God, even the professed child of God, he wants to hide away from Him. When God left Adam in the garden, he was in communion with his Creator, and God talked with him; but now he has fallen, he has no desire to see his Creator, he has lost communion with his God. He cannot bear to see Him, even to think of Him, and he runs to hide from God. But to his hiding-place his Maker follows him. ‘Where art thou, Adam? Where art thou?’”

Let me hasten to add that our third portrait of God with us is also in Genesis 3, v. 15-24. As God begins the process of declaring how man can be restored we can call this God forgiving. The first hint of the gospel – v. 15 The first hint of sacrificial death – v. 21 The first hint of being clothed by God!

Hasten to Gen. 6-8 as we see God standing with righteous Noah, the blood you remember was God (Gen. 6:8) saying that in all the earth “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord”.

So God stood with fallen man in grace, preserving Him while He destroyed the rest of mankind! Thus, we see God judging!

The God who is sharing and, the God who is seeking and, the God who is forgiving.

Also, He is the God who is judging sin and sinners!

From Gen. 8 through Deut. We have God teaching mankind how to approach His presence. That is:

Gen. 8:20 it’s an altar with Noah and his family Gen. 12:7 it’s an altar again with Abram Gen. 14:17-24 it’s a special messenger, Melchisadek Gen. 18:1 God comes in person to Abram Gen. 32:24-32 He even wrestles with Jacob Exodus He delivers and then details God’s tent, the place of meeting – tabernacle by Ex. 33 God meets Moses face to face He gives His word: His requirement His meeting place His presence

So, God sharing seeking forgiving judging revealing

Look back at Mt. 1:21 because God with us: Immanuel was revealed as Jesus. And what will He be doing? “For it is He who will save His people from their sins” Let’s call this #6: God delivering, and let me hasten to say:

Jn. 1:29 “behold the lamb that (ranges along side to bear away) the sin of the world”

Lk. 1:78-79 (turn there)

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That’s Jesus Christ: God delivering.

Finally, Rev. 21:3 – here we see God consumating His plan for us. God with us forever.

– God shared in Eden – God sought fallen mankind – God opened forgiveness – God stood with righteous – God revealed His access way – God delivered those who came His way – and now God completes it all the end of time eternity starts God is with us

Will you be there? Only if you meet Jesus now will God be with you then!!

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