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Thy Will be Done #5

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“THY WILL BE DONE” Matthew 6:9-13

* Embracing the Lord of the Lord’s Prayer can make a big difference in your life!

What does that mean? In short, the Lord’s Prayer strikes a knockout punch to our six greatest problems!

Which ones? Listen:

Mt. 6:9-13 – To go to God as Father ends the:

1. Problem of Fear: All societies throughout history lived in fear. Illustration card: * “fear ends with God as Father”. 2 Tim. 1:7 not specified fear. 1 Jn 4:18 perfect love casts out. God can take away all your fears! Will you let Him? 2. Problem of Uncertainty and Hopelessness: Mt. 7:11; Js. 1:17 every good gift….God can fill you with true, unending hope! Will you let Him? 3. Problem of Loneliness: Heb. 13:5 I will never leave you….Jn. 14:21 He that hath….God can fill your life so you are never empty/alone! Will you let Him? 4. Problem of Selfishness:no sing. pronoun in prayer all are ours and thys; we are in God’s family; “He that spared not…” Rom. 8:32; God can focus your life on others instead of self! Will you let Him? 5. Problem of Ability (or Awareness of Our Inability): He is able! blessed with everything, Eph. 1:3; Mt. 28:8 all power; God can
empower you to do and face the impossible for Him! Will you let Him?

6. Problem of Obedience: – Mt. 11:28-30 take yoke… – v. 10 Thy will be done – transition: the truth of Thy will be done is God can conquer you! Will you let Him?

Luther called it the “Fearful Prayer” — It is our greatest need, to do God’s will, not ours!

1. When you pray “Thy will be done” what tone of voice is it? Hughes, Abba, p. 58: Here I think the tone of voice with which we say “Thy will be done” will serve as a good illustration. It is possible to say “Thy will be done” in a tone of bitter resentment.

Julian (4th century) was the Roman Emperor who tried to put the clock back. He tried to reverse the decision of Constantine that Christianity should be the religion of the Empire, and he tried to reintroduce the worship and the service and the ceremonies of the ancient gods. In the end he was mortally wounded in battle in the east. The historians tell how, when he lay bleeding to death, he took a handful of his blood and tossed it in the air, saying: “You have conquered, O man of Galilee!”

Bitter tone of resentment, that’s not God’s way.

2. You can also say “Thy will be done” in a defeated tone of resignation. (Okay – I guess I have no other choice….)

3. Or, how about the perfect tone of love and trust. The third petition is: Let Your will be done.

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Do whatever it takes to be more like you.

At the most basic levels “Thy will be done” = saying to God:

(1) I will live in profound obedience to you God. Your will is my supreme desire.

(2) My obedience on earth will be like the obedience you get in heaven — joyous, bounding, enthusiastic!

So, what is God’s will for me?

First, STARTS WITH SALVATION – 1 Tim. 2:3-4

Are you born again this morning? If not, would you like to be?

Second, DEPENDS ON DEDICATION – Rom. 12:1-2 Have you given yourself to God? Living sacrifice or crawled off altar. If not, why not today?

Finally, God’s will is SEEN IN THE SCRIPTURES – Eph. 5:18 = spirit filled. Col. 3:16 = word filled.

Are you full of the Holy Spirit? Does God’s word and will permeate your life? If not, why not yield and purpose to feed and pray and obey today!