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The Horrors of Armageddon

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ZNA-225 930620pm LOCKED HEARTS PLAGUE OF PLAGUES Rev 16:1-3 1. Malignant Sores Ooze unmitigated corruption – Ex. 15:26; 23:25; Dt. 32:39 2. Sea of Death – food chains, hydrological cycle 3. Dying of Thirst – Jn. 7:37; Is. 24:4-6; Mal. 4:1 4. Taste the Blackness of Hell Forever/Black as Hell – Jn. 8:12; (cf Ex. […]

The Ultimate Defeat-Armageddon

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ZNA-214 930815PM BOWL #6 – REV. 16:12-16 1) Aim = Defeat to Satan/Triumph to Christ “The time has come for the fighting of that final war of the age, the name of which has become a byword among men since John first wrote it down–Armageddon! The Holy Land has been chosen by God as the […]