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210131AM Short Clip Today we are opening to the final and most important of all the courses needed for graduation, it is the last book of the sixty-six of God’s Word. If the Bible is like a good graduate school, then the last Book of the Bible, containing the last course God gave for us […]

The Greatest Verse In The Bible – One Verse Sums Up All That Matters Forever

FTGC-05b 150403PM Here are links to the 52 Greatest Chapters Bible Study Resources we are using:   1. The MacArthur Study Bible I use: 2. Grudem Systematic Theology: 3. The Larger Moleskin Notebook I use: 4. The Smaller Moleskin Notebook I use:   “As an Amazon Associate, I earn income to […]

THE SCIENTIFIC PROOF FOR GOD’S WORD–The Bible is ALWAYS Scientifically & Archeologically Accurate

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EBIs-09e Seven Reasons Why I Believe The Bible Is Flawless – And You Should Too! 201029AM Short Clip #5—BECAUSE OF ITS SCIENTIFIC ACCURACY. Just the last few chapters of Job would be enough to prove the extra-terrestrial nature of this Book. Have you ever read an old biology book? Have you looked at an old […]

GOD’S WORD ENDURES FOREVER–The Bible Has Endured Everything Thrown At It & Won Each Time

EBIs-09f Seven Reasons Why I Believe The Bible Is Flawless – And You Should Too!  201029AM Short Clip   Follow Discover the Book Ministries to stay up to date: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:   Purchase resources: E-Books: Traditional Books: Audio CDs:   Donate to the ministry: PayPal QuickLink: […]

Getting Ready for the Best Part of the Day: Dining with Jesus

Jesus changes the tone of His Voice as we open to Revelation 3:20. After seven rebukes to the most disobedient church of the seven, Laodicea is hearing something amazing. Jesus makes them an offer that is unbelievable. Jesus invites anyone who wants to spend time with Him, face-to-face and one-on-one, to join Him for the most refreshing meal of the day: the unhurried evening meal that every laboring person longed for after a hard day’s work, and every rich person looked forward to as the best time of the day.