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The Biblical Basis For Noutheitc Counseling

  Noutheitc Counseling BC&D-01 120912WE Biblical Counseling & Discipleship 101 Calvary Bible Church WHAT IS THE ______________________ OF BIBLICAL COUNSELING (ROMANS 15:4-6, 13-14)? 4 For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope. 5 Now may the God of patience […]

How To Mark Your Bible

  Mark Your Bible BC&D-03 120926WE   Check Out All The Sermons In The Series You can find all the sermons and short clips from this series, Biblical Counseling & Discipleship Class here. Looking To Study The Bible Like Dr. Barnett? Dr. Barnett has curated an Amazon page with a large collection of resources he […]

Foundations For Sanctification – Part 1

  Foundations For Sanctification BC&D-05 121010WE   1 Biblical Counselors are First Called to Be Personal, Daily Followers of Christ Discipleship/Counseling 101 Week 5   2  What is Biblical Counseling? Biblical Counseling is Supernatural: God does the work through the Word. Counseling is not a technique: it is a chosen way of life, of walking […]

Foundations For Sanctification – Part 2

  Foundations For Sanctification 2 BC&D-06 121017WE Discipleship & Counseling | Week 6 5 Colossians 2:6-23: Summary, Lessons & Application Study Summary: everything about our lives changes when we are transformed by Christ: “to walk in Him”. Lessons: 1. My Salvation Came By ____________ (v.6): we are saved by grace through faith; we heard, were […]

A Theology Of Spiritual Health – Chastening, Pruning, And Self-Confrontation

  Chastening Pruning Self-Confrontation BC&D-07 121024WE 121024 BCF 2-4 Chastening.Pruning.docx The Biblical Foundations for Discipleship & Counseling: Sanctification Part Three A Theology of Spiritual Health     A Theology of Spiritual Health: Chastening, Pruning & Self-Confrontation     Have you ever thought about the common elements we see all around us that touch on improving […]

Lesson 3-3 – Recovering The Bible’s Sufficiency For Life And Godliness

  Recovering The Bible’s Sufficiency BC&D-11 121128 BCD101-Week 10.docx Lesson 3: Man’s Way & God’s Way Recovering the Bible’s Sufficiency For Life & Godliness Twenty-first century Christians are nearing a point where the supernatural work of the Spirit of God using the Divinely-inspired Word of God has become simplistic and inadequate for describing, confronting, and […]