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The Apostle of Praise

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SUF-01 950716PM We are looking at the wonders of having the power of God through suffering.  ACTS 16 IS A MODEL OF GROWING THROUGH SUFFERING Open with me to Acts 16.  Here we find the events God used, that led to the founding of the church that received Paul’s letter to the Philippians.  Paul went […]

Discipleship Lesson 4 – The Spirit Of God Teaching Them About The Source Of An Endless Stream Of Divine Power For Abundant Living

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141005AM ESH-28 Lesson-4 Spirit Fullness.docx Biblical Exercises for Spiritual Health & Fitness in 2014 Series Discipleship Lesson-4: The Spirit of God Teaching them about the Source of an Endless Stream of Divine Power for Abundant Living John 7:37-39   As we open to John 7 today, we are doing so because: Discipleship is all about […]

Vital Signs of Living Faith

/ Grace-Energized Men

GEM-18 080302AM God commands each of us this morning to ask ourselves a series of questions. These questions are all targeting the one very most important issue of all—the reality of our eternal destination. As we turn to II Corinthians 13:5, Listen to what God commands us two times in this one verse, to be asking ourselves […]

Imperatives of the Crucified Life – 1

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060312AM DSS-13 Hacking Agag .doc Imperatives of Crucified Living-1 Hacking Agag to Pieces Learning to Mortify our Flesh Colossians 3 Do you remember when God wrote David’s epitaph He said one thing very clearly— David served the Lord. Turn there with me again to Acts 13:36. Acts 13:36 “For when David had served God’s purpose […]

Lesson 3-3 – Recovering The Bible’s Sufficiency For Life And Godliness

BC&D-11 121114 BCD101-Week 10.docx Lesson 3: Man’s Way & God’s Way Recovering the Bible’s Sufficiency For Life & Godliness Twenty-first century Christians are nearing a point where the supernatural work of the Spirit of God using the Divinely-inspired Word of God has become simplistic and inadequate for describing, confronting, and ministering to human problems. We […]

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