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The Church – A shared Life

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ZNA-451 890108PM THE CHURCH – A SHARED LIFE MATTHEW 16:18 The church is literally the ekklesia, “called out ones”. Our study is a biblical portrait of who and what we are… More than a 160 year old organization we are an organism… The Scriptures call us the body of Christ, a living, growing body called […]

The Church- A Shared Life

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ZNA-448 890122AM “GRACE AND PEACE” I THESSALONIANS 1:1 It is amazing to watch the transfer of power of the greatest political force on earth this week. But 20 centuries ago an even greater power transformed lives. What a thrill to begin this morning plunging into this most special epistle! Paul as he writes is consumed […]

The Church – A Shared Life

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ZNA-441 890219PM Our shared life THE CHURCH: OUR SHARED LIFE EPHESIANS 1:4 0A Christian physician wrote some powerful words once that portray our life in Christ’s body as seen through our human bodies – Sometimes a dreaded thing occurs in the body – mutiny – resulting in a tumor… A tumor is called benign if […]

The Body of Christ

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ZNA-415 890716AM Church #7 “As the Church, We Are” A Declaration of Dependence Some 300 years ago, John Donne penned the following words in Holy Sonnets: No man is an island, entire of it self; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the maine; if a Clod bee washed away by […]

What is a Church?

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ZNA-203 931107AM WHAT IS A CHURCH? Quidnessett.. There are many quidnessetts, in the phone book i found: Grange-cemetary-country club-service center-school for young children-materials service-bookstore… Baptist… There are northern, southern, american, zion, reformed, free will, independent, conservative… But there is one word that is so vital to us this morning: church 1577 ekklesia {ek-klay-see’-ah} from a […]

Ten Vital Signs of a Healthy Church Pt 3

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ZNA-197 931212am TEN VITAL SIGNS OF A HEALTHY CHURCH -Part Three  Illustration= George Washington Bled By Doctors Led To Death… A Healthy Church Family Member: 1. FEELS FOR ONE ANOTHER: Philippians 2:1; Hebrews 4:15-16 2. LONGS TO SEE EACH OTHER:Romans 1:11-12; Philippians 2:25-26 3. GIVES SACRIFICIALLY TO MINISTER TO THE FAMILY:2 Corinthians 8:1-5; Philippians 4:15-16 […]

How to Get Ready for Sunday

RIG-06 000910AM How to Get Ready for Sunday WFF: Message Forty-Nine (000910AM) The feasts of God may well be the most comprehensive roadmap ever made to point at Jesus Christ. For example, every year around the world every Jew observes Passover. At that Biblical feast each person holds in his hand a piece of bread. […]

The Honeymoon of Jesus

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REV-49 980920AM As you turn to Revelation 21 let me read a letter  Dr. Harry Rimmer wrote in 1953, just a week before his death. He wrote to the great radio Bible teacher, Dr. Charles Fuller who was just starting a series on heaven, just as we are doing. Listen and carefully ask yourself if […]

The True Bride of Christ

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REV-39 980809PM In Revelation 17 we find the collapse of the apostate world church. In the process we see Satan’s harlot bride, the delusion of religion. From Eden onward Satan has been building his church. Eve was tempted and fell into sin but never joined. Cain was Satan”s first member (I John 3:12) and the […]

Is There a Pagan Origin?

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REV-38 930328PM Well, in the words of Pastor Huff, I always love beginnings and endings.  It’s always good to see beginnings, new life in Christ.  I love to marry people, I love to dedicate babies, and it”s such a joy.  Endings are always wonderful too.  Especially the home going of a dear saint.  But it’s […]

Sacraments and Purgatory

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REV-37 930321PM There are seven reasons, but I’ll introduce that starting in verse 6, because the apostle Paul was confronted with something of nearly as great a magnitude as the Roman Church is. And you can see how he spoke out very strongly.  In fact, this book of the, his epistle to the Galatians, is […]

Bible, Traditions and Images

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REV-36 930314PM   God’s Simple Plan of Salvation I was challenged this morning after the second service.  Someone came up to me and said, “It’s really wonderful to know everything that the Bible says is wrong about that; but how do you get in to the family of God if you don’t get in through […]

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