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/ True Riches In Jesus

NR7-10 960908AM What are you taking with you to heaven? For a moment, picture with me the 230+ people of TWA Flight 800, on July 17th, 1996. As the plane was exploding and they were entering eternity as their plane crashed into the Long Island Sound. Before the crash there is a group of French […]

Unleashing the Power of Contentment into My Life and Ministry

We were saved to serve God but Satan wants to distract us from God using the world’s allurements.  One of the greatest needs in life is contentment. Contentment comes only by the application of the doctrines of God to my life.

Any lack of contentment signals a deficiency in experiencing God’s truth in my life. Just as prayerfulness reflects how much we need God, so our:

Contentment Reflects How Well We Know God

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