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Six Literal Days

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991107AM CPL-06 Creation-6 IN THE BEGINNING GOD SERIES MESSAGE # 6 WHY DOES IT MATTER? BECAUSE IT’S THE SIGNATURE OF GOD Creation is the Signature of God revealing God’s stamp of ownership across everything in this Universe. This morning we are INERRANTISTS, we believe this book is the Holy Word of God. We are also […]

Creation Or Evolution

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The book you can trust # 4 BYT-04 960602AM This morning there are ten words that will determine your destiny.  In fact they’re the ten most important words in the whole universe.  In fact, they’re the foundation for every single one of us this morning that have a hope of eternal life, that we are […]

Biblical Creationism

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960609AM BYCT-5 The book you can Trust #5 Biblical Creation Genesis 1:1 BYT-05   Remember the first words Jesus and the Apostles read at their mothers knees. For all Jewish children were taught to read starting with the Torah, the first five books of Moses. Why don’t we read them together this morning!   Genesis […]

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