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Three Crosses

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WWJ-11 000423AM Three Crosses stood upon Calvary 2,000 years ago. Those three crosses speak of two destinies, of three men and in what condition they died. Today you and I are just like one of those crosses. Because those three Crosses portray you and me. Those three crosses portray all that is important today, in […]

Whom Did They Crucify?

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ORS-31 120406GF Who Crucified Good Friday Message WhoM didthey crucify? john 18-20 Tonight we are gathered at what for centuries has been called: Good Friday. Good Friday is just one of a string of events that fill of the greatest week in the Universe since Creation. These are: The Momentous Events of Passion Week Now, […]

When Christ was Crucified – Were You

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ORS-24 070406LS   Christ Crucified Me.doc When Christ was Crucified Paul Says Christ Crucified Me too! Galatians 2:20 Do you realize that this weekend is far more than just a holiday? Each of us in Christ this evening have a stake in this week’s events that exceeds anyone else’s in the world (those who are apart […]

He Was Buried

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ORS-12 040808PM WOTB-25 He Was Buried He Was Buried There are two amazing men that we find in the opening and closing pages of the Gospel by John. The first was Nicodemus who comes to Jesus by night and hears the greatest verse in the Bible which was spoken to him. Every time you hear […]

Christ Died – The Exact Confirmation

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ORS-11 040509PM The Resurrection of Christ Importance of the Resurrection The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the crowning proof of Christianity. Everything else that was said or done by Christ and the Apostles, no matter how great or marvelous, is secondary to the resurrection in importance. If the resurrection did not […]

Christ Died – The Exact Moment

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OSR-10 040502PM So what do these Scriptural prophecies tell us about the Bible itself? They declare that the Bible is absolutely unique. Not only does it contain prophecy about Christ’s Cross; it also contains detailed prophecies about many other things as well – the rebirth of Israel, the final alignment of world powers, the form […]

Christ Died – The Exact Event

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ORS-09 040425PM WOTB-18 TheExact Event The Exact Event One of the greatest proofs we as believers can ever find about God’s Word is found in fulfilled prophesy. Of all the prophecies fulfilled in the Bible, the clearest and most verified are those surrounding Christ’s 1st coming and death. Tonight we are in the second of […]

What Happened at the Earthquake When the Graves Were Opened in Matthew 27:45-56?

Foretaste of the Final Resurrection

We do not understand certain aspects of these miracles. The meaning of the torn veil is the easiest to decipher because of the way it is developed in the Book of Hebrews. But the darkness is unexplained. So is the earthquake. And so is the miracle to which we come now: the resurrection of many of the Old Testament saints and their appearance to many in Jerusalem following Jesus’ resurrection. We do not know whether these saints had died long ago or only recently. We do not know how long they remained alive. Was this a permanent resurrection? If it was, what happened to them? Were they transported to heaven, like Elijah? Or did they die again? We do not even know whom they went into Jerusalem to see or why they went or what they said to those they saw.

What Happened at the Earthquake When the Graves Were Opened in Matthew 27:45-56 – Part 2?

Q&A-95 150927PM 150920PM Q&A Graves Opened What Happened At The Earthquake When The Graves Were Opened? Matthew 27:45-56? In Hebrews 2:14 God tells us that through death Christ destroyed the Devil’s power of death. That event was spiritual, invisible, and would have escaped notice except for God’s amazing illustration. Point-1: Jesus Showed Death Was Subdued […]

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