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Life in the Minor Key

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051030AM COR-24 Psalm 142 Most of the Bible is in the major key. Saints fearlessly witnessing, churches valiantly serving against all odds—and what a joy those sections are to our souls. But side-by-side with all that is the minor key. God’s Word contains true glimpses into the weaknesses and frailties that God understands and shows […]

Beware of Depression

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ZNA-206 931024am MARK 13: 7-8 “BEWARE OF DEPRESSION” We all battle with our flesh, our falleness and our feelings. In his closing sermon to the disciples, and to all of us disciples to come, our lord gave some dangers that would rob us of the joy and strength and hope, of expectancy. READ MARK 13:7-8 […]

Confessions of a Caveman

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DAV-02  ZNA-65 981101PM Turn in your Bible to the 142nd Psalm. It sure has been a wonderful evening. I can’t think of many things that are more delightful than little lives as D. L. Moody used to always say: children have their whole life ahead of them and when we see the Lord work in […]

David’s Life in the Minor Key: Is Depression Sin?

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If you’ve ever felt trapped, imprisoned, or helplessly caught by life, then you share the emotions of David in the midst of life in the Cave of Adullam.

Things had gotten so bad that David makes a confession that is packed with meaning to us today. In the form of an urgent prayer offered to God, and captured for us on paper, David explains that his soul is in prison. The setting is so graphic, look at it with me in I Samuel 22.

When Fear and Desperation Ruled

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None of us know what will be written across the pages of life tomorrow. So God invites us to cling to Him, since He already knows what lies ahead. We cling to God more and more through His promises, as we see how precarious life can get. If we don’t start a habit of clinging to the promises of God, sooner or later we’ll end up falling apart during times of living fear and desperation like David did.

As we turn to James 4, we will see the spiritual principle David had to learn the hard way. How swiftly David’s life changed from unbelievably good, to incredibly bad. Everything had become a disaster. When we look after a while in I Samuel 21, we will find David is all alone and afraid. David never anticipated the turn of events he was facing. In quick succession: he lost his job, he was separated from his family, he lost his closest friend, he lost all feelings of security, and he was facing great danger. David was feeling the upheavals: