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Does God Judge with Disasters?

MOI-15    NR5-21 010722PM On Friday May 20, 2011 President Obama stunned the world with an amazing about face in American Foreign Policy. In a major speech he declared that Israel must return to its 1967 borders. Just 48hours later the single most deadly tornado, an F-5 destroyed 75% of Joplin, Mo and caused over […]

Why Does God Send the Second Greatest Ecological Disaster of History in Revelation 8?

In Genesis 6-8, God sent the first ecological disaster of human history in the catastrophic Global Flood of Noah. It was less than 5,000 years ago, when God completely devastated the surface of the entire planet. Through 40 days of rain, plus most likely the fountains of the deep (volcanic eruptions), God drowned or buried every land animal, and every human except the eight in the Ark. That was:

The First Catastrophic Ecological Event