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The Biblical Basis For Noutheitc Counseling

  BC&D-01 120912WE Biblical Counseling & Discipleship 101 Calvary Bible Church WHAT IS THE ______________________ OF BIBLICAL COUNSELING (ROMANS 15:4-6, 13-14)? 4 For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope. 5 Now may the God of patience and comfort […]

Foundations For Sanctification – Part 2

  BC&D-06 121017WE Discipleship & Counseling | Week 6 5 Colossians 2:6-23: Summary, Lessons & Application Study Summary: everything about our lives changes when we are transformed by Christ: “to walk in Him”. Lessons: 1. My Salvation Came By ____________ (v.6): we are saved by grace through faith; we heard, were convicted by God, responded […]

A Theology Of Spiritual Health – Chastening, Pruning, And Self-Confrontation

  BC&D-07 121024WE 121024 BCF 2-4 Chastening.Pruning.docx The Biblical Foundations for Discipleship & Counseling: Sanctification Part Three A Theology of Spiritual Health     A Theology of Spiritual Health: Chastening, Pruning & Self-Confrontation     Have you ever thought about the common elements we see all around us that touch on improving our physical well-being […]

Lesson 3-3 – Recovering The Bible’s Sufficiency For Life And Godliness

  BC&D-11 121128 BCD101-Week 10.docx Lesson 3: Man’s Way & God’s Way Recovering the Bible’s Sufficiency For Life & Godliness   Twenty-first century Christians are nearing a point where the supernatural work of the Spirit of God using the Divinely-inspired Word of God has become simplistic and inadequate for describing, confronting, and ministering to human […]

Lesson 4-2 – Obedience

  BC&D-13 121212WE    Mining the Word for Key Counseling Verses   Over the past four months we have been working on daily homework to sharpen our Biblical Counseling & Discipleship skills. One of these has been doing devotional studies on verses we choose from each week’s lesson work. The further we get into the […]

Lesson 12 – Forgiveness

  BC&D-32 130807WE BCF Lesson 12 “boxed notes”   Page 194 The practice of Christ-like love is the distinctive characteristic of a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. As part of loving others biblically, faithful and consistent forgiveness of them indicates your thankfulness and understanding of God’s forgiveness which is available to you through the […]

Lesson 16-1 – Parenting – Godly Mothering

  BC&D-39 131113WE Wednesday, November 13, 2013 BC&D Schedule for the rest of 2013 November 13: BCF-16 Parenting-1 “Godly Mothering” November 20: BCF-16 Parenting-2 “Godly Fathering” November 27: Thanksgiving Service/No Class December 4: BCF-17 Parenting-3 “Parental Praying” December 11: BCF-17 Parenting-4 “The Myth of Perfect Parenting” December 18: BC&D Christmas Party & Fellowship December 25 […]

Lesson 16-2 – Parenting – Godly Fathering

  BC&D-40 131120WE • November 20: BCF-16 Parenting-2 “Godly Fathering” November 27: Thanksgiving Service/No Class December 4: BCF-17 Parenting-3 “Parental Praying” December 11: BCF-17 Parenting-4 “The Myth of Perfect Parenting” December 18: BC&D Christmas Party & Fellowship December 25 & 31 Christmas Break/No Class How Godly Dads Can Bless Their Children I Peter 3:8-9 Counseling […]

Lesson 17-2 – The Myth Of Perfect Parenting

  BC&D-42 131211WE 131211 BCF-17 Myth.docx BCF-17 Parenting-4 “The Myth of the Perfect Family” Our Schedule: December 11: BCF-17 Parenting-4 “The Myth of Perfect Parenting” December 18: BC&D Christmas Party & Fellowship December 25 & 31 Christmas Break/No Class January 8: BCF-17 Parenting-5 “Godly Sons & Daughters” Our Textbook Principles: Page 295: As parents, you […]

Fear And Worry – Part 1

  BC&D-47 140212WE   140212 BCF-19 Fear 061022AM David–Fearing No Evil DSS-38.docx Lesson 19 Fear & Worry God Has His ______________ for Our Lives Matthew 6:33-34 (NKJV) But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow […]

Men – How To Nurture Your Wife Spiritually

BCR-2017    DWM-02   WFF-03 991013WE Key Number One: Lead the Family Devotions A GODLY DAD WILL EMPHASIZE BIBLICAL COMMUNICATION Deuteronomy 6:7-9  And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when […]

The Best Life Possible – Living & Walking In The Spirit

ESH-37   FTF-14   150104AM  Best Life Possible.docx Live the Best Life Possible: Living & Walking in Consecration Romans 12:1-2   As we look at a brand new year right in front of us, what would be the best way to use the most precious commodity: our time we have to live? Perhaps no verse is better […]

What God Wants To Do With Spirit-Filled Dads, Moms, & Children – Lessons From The 1st Spirit-Filled Family

FTF-11  141214AM ESH-35 Spirit Filled Family.docx Truth-3: Spirit-Filled Living a Spirit-Filled Life, Useful to God: is Not Easy Luke 1:5-80   Today we are looking at Christmas through the lens of the Holy Spirit. We see another way God teaches us about the Spirit’s work, using the lives of everyday people surrounding Christ’s birth. First […]

Discipleship Lesson 4 – Teaching Them About The Source Of An Endless Stream Of Diving Power

141005AM ESH-28 Lesson-4 Spirit Fullness.docx FTF-04 Biblical Exercises for Spiritual Health & Fitness in 2014 Series Discipleship Lesson-4: The Spirit of God Teaching them about the Source of an Endless Stream of Divine Power for Abundant Living John 7:37-39   As we open to John 7 today, we are doing so because: Discipleship is all […]

Discipleship Lesson 1 – Teaching Them How To Have A Life Nourished By God’s Word

140824AM ESH-25  Lesson-1 Bible Study for Life .docx FTF-01 Biblical Exercises for Spiritual Health & Fitness in 2014 Series The Discipline of Disciple-Making: Personal Discipleship Lesson-1: Teaching Them Why Our Life is Only Fed by God’s Word  Have you ever been discipled? By that I mean, have you ever sat and learned about the basics […]

The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – Christ – The Center Of The Disciple’s Life

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Each of us here today became Christ’s disciple the moment of our salvation. Disciples are Christ’s sheep, who hear His voice, and follow Him. Followers are disciples, disciples are believers, and believers are Christians, and Christians have been born again at the moment they were saved. So we gather as God’s family, saved by grace, through faith, the moment we called upon the Name of the Lord.
Communion  is when we gather as Christ’s Body, to declare that Christ is the center of our lives, and we are His disciples. We celebrate by reaffirming: Christ’s death in our place, His burial with our sins, and His resurrection for our endless life, is the heart of our life here on Earth each day.    

The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – Seeing, Understanding, Entering, Living, & Seeking The Kingdom Of God

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When we were born again, we become citizens of Heaven. Salvation was when we entered and began to live in the Kingdom of God, while still living here on Earth. That tension between our citizenship in Heaven, and our stay here on Earth is what so much of the New Testament is written about. 
There are three truths that will transform how we look at our calling here on Earth as believers. These three truths we all need to know if we are to master the discipline of disciple-making. Here are those truths:

1.    Jesus Taught that Salvation was Coming Under God’s Kingdom & Rule
2.    The Apostles Taught that Salvation was Coming Under God’s Kingdom & Rule
3.    Disciple-makers Understand that Salvation was Coming Under God’s Kingdom & Rule 

Discipleship Lesson 5 – Meet The Spirit Of God Who Empowers & Transforms My Life

Today, each of us believers gathered here, represent what God began at Pentecost. We are the local, visible gathering of the Church that Christ Jesus is building.

Following Christ’s death, burial, resurrection and ascension the most amazing event of all of human history began at Pentecost.

The Church was born in Acts 2, as the Holy Spirit began to apply the sacrifice of Christ Jesus to doomed earthlings, making them sons and daughters of God.

Discipleship Lesson 6 – The Spirit Of God Getting Full, Staying Full, & Living Full Of God’s Spirit

As we open to Ephesian 5:18, we are learning what it means to Get Full, Stay Full & Live Full of God’s Spirit. This may be one of the most vital topics, in the Bible, for any believer.

Sometimes, when we study a topic as massive as the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we need to remind ourselves why this study matters. For a moment think of the record we find in Acts.

Joseph & Mary – God’s Communication Methods And How God Chooses To Communicate To Guide Us Today

Have you ever noticed how clearly God personally communicated with the characters of Christmas? God explains things to them, shows them when and where to go, warns them of dangers, and arranges amazing meetings for them. What a wonderful way to live with God communicating so clearly & powerfully.

Living the Way God Wants Us to Live – Embracing a Biblical Worldview in a Fallen World

Living The Way God Wants Us to Live: Embracing A Biblical Worldview in a Fallen World Isaiah 58:6-12 Each of us today has an operating system we use to go through life. This operating system is called our worldview. Our worldview is how we determine reality and make decisions like: What is good and what is evil. What is real and what is false. What is worthwhile and what is worthless.

Reflecting the Purpose that God Chose for Fasting by Cultivating Christ’s Compassion for Our Neighbors

Hungering for God Series, Part-5: Reflecting The Purpose that God Chose for Fasting By Cultivating Christ’s Compassion For Our Neighbors Isaiah 58:1-14 Our Almighty God is not prejudiced, He is not unjust, nor is He oppressive. Our Great God has immense compassion for the poor, the orphans, the widows, the oppressed, the afflicted, and the outcasts. GOD UNCHANGING SOCIAL COMPASSION God’s unchanging concern for His people to reflect, support, and seek a just social treatment of fellow humans is a constant theme in the Scriptures. From the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible) to the Prophets (the last 17 books of the Bible), and everywhere in between: God speaks with a consistent voice about the desire He has for justice, mercy, and compassion.

How Does God Want Biblical Fasting to Impact Our Lives?

How Does God Want Biblical Fasting to Impact Our Lives? Isaiah 58:1-14 How do you reach a godless culture, moving away from God? With Christlike Compassion. Our study from God’s Word today may be one of the most relevant to the culture we currently live in, than any other topic we could study. As we open our Bibles to Isaiah 1, let me ask each of you a series of five questions, that explains how God describes the moral and spiritual collapse that precedes: THE DEATH OF A NATION 1. What happens when a nation with a long and deep Biblical Heritage turns its back on God? How about a group of formerly devout followers of the Lord who mostly have abandoned genuine worship, and godly behavior?

Give us This Day Our Daily Bread – Learning How To Invite God To Supply Me Through Life

“Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread”: Learning How to Invite God to “Supply Me” Through Life Matthew 6:11 As we open to Matthew 6:11 in the Lord’s Prayer, we arrive at the central element of these petitions. This fourth of seven petitions, is our shared confession of our need for God to sustain our lives. Simply put, asking God to give us the bread we need for today is us saying: WE NEED TO BE SUPPLIED BY GOD Everything is so fragile around us.

Thy Will Be Done – Learning How To Invite God To Guide Me Through Life

“Thy Will Be Done”: Learning How to Invite God to “Guide Me” Through Life Matthew 6:9-10 Today we begin to look at the third petition of the Lord’s Prayer. This petition that we all know is: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”, can become for each of us, a time when we actually invite to God to guide us through life.

Trusting God Enough To Hold His Hand Through My Life’s Daily Struggles

Trusting God Enough to Hold His Hand Through My Life’ s Daily Struggles Matthew 6:9-13 Prayer could be compared to holding God’s Hand. We are children, and God is our Father. The picture of being like small, weak, and needy children, reaching up to grasp the strong hand of our Heaven Father: is how Jesus presents the disciples with the need for prayer in their lives.

How To Connect With God – By Focusing Upon Who He Is

Focus Me .docx How to Connect with God: By Focusing Upon Who He Is Matthew 6:9-13 Please open with me to the most widely known passage of Scripture, in Matthew 6. The Lord’s Prayer as this passage is known is a life-altering introduction to the transforming power that comes by comprehending the implications of, and actually living like, God is our Heavenly Father.

The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – Making Disciples & Baptizing Them

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God’s Word teaches us a doctrine called “believer’s baptism” which means that: God has only designed baptism to be applied to believers. Believer’s Baptism started when Jesus Christ said that the way that people were to declare God’s ownership of their lives after they were saved, was when they were baptized in His Name. Jesus included this baptism of believers into the plan for the church.

The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – Sharing The Master’s Message

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Jesus came into the world to seek and to save the lost; and that is what it says as we open to Luke 19:10. Jesus spent three plus years talking to groups, and individuals, pointing them to salvation. Then He died for sinners, commending God’s love towards us, as Paul said. That is the heart of our Savior. That is the love of Christ. Jesus is still seeking and saving the lost, every day, all over the world; and He will keep doing that until the last moments of human life on Earth before the end.

The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – When God Saves Us – What Does He Do Inside Us

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The Eternal, Infinite God of the Universe is a Savior, and offers to anyone who will call upon His Name some amazing, supernatural transformations within. That is what the Gospel has been doing from the start: changing humans from the inside out. That is what Paul watched happen across the pagan world of the Roman province of Asia.

The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – What Was The Gospel That Turned The World Upside Down

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Salvation is also the most amazing miracle that we get to see up close throughout our lives as believers. That we were even saved is in itself is a miracle of God’s grace; and those around us who are saved are also part of a constant stream of miracle we get to see and touch personally through life. Getting to disciple a miraculously saved individual is such an encouragement for our faith and walk.
From God’s perspective all humans are born into this world infected with a blinding, crippling virus that left alone: leads to eternal death in darkness and endless pain. So as God looks down He sees us all sitting blindly in the dark on the edge of a deadly chasm. Salvation is when He opens our eyes and turns us from sinful darkness lovers: to God loving and following saints. 

The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – How Should We Share The Gospel With The Rich, Famous, And Powerful?

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Of the millions and millions and millions of people that lived before and during the time period of 15 centuries when God’s Word was written, the vast majority are nameless. People were born, lived, and died without most of the rest of humanity before or after them even knowing their names. The Washington DC think tank called the Population Reference Bureau calculates that by the time of the first century over 40 billion humans had lived and died. 

The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – Paul – Used By God To Change The World

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God wants to use people. He provides everything needed. All God wants is willingness mixed with humility. When He finds that mix there is no limit to what God can do. 
Paul is an example of the limitless ways God can, did, and continues to use Paul. As God already told us in 1 Chronicles 16:9, His eyes are searching today, as they have always been, looking for those who will seek Him wholeheartedly. God found a whole-hearted servant in Paul. Just the fact that we are reading this account is quite a testimony to what God can do if we invite Him to control our lives.

The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – Personal Discipleship Lesson 3 – Teaching Them To Follow Christ

As we open to John 10 this morning, we look at the very foundation of Christianity.

Whose birth do we celebrate as God with us, Immanuel? Jesus Christ the Lord.

Who lived the only perfect human life ever lived? Jesus Christ the Lord.

Who dies a substitutionary, atoning death on the Cross of Calvary? Jesus Christ the Lord.

We are to go through life as the Great Commission says, leading people to follow Who? Jesus Christ the Lord.

The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – Personal Discipleship Lesson 2 – What Does A Normal, Healthy Believer Look Like

In Romans 15, Paul who had never been to Rome was writing to the church there and commending them on their living out the truth of Christ. He describes many elements of their lives that were what he noted as good, healthy, and part of a normal life of one supernaturally saved.
Mature, normal, healthy believers display compassion for believers who differ with their convictions (Romans 15:1-3).

Truth 3 – Spirit-Filled The Amazing Plan God Designed To Keep Us Filled

Discipleship is Explaining What God Has Said

Discipleship is all about explaining what God’s Word says about God’s desires for our lives as believers. Every generation needs those who will explain God’s Word to the next generation. Not just the facts, but also the application. As the Great Commission puts it: “teaching them to observe all things”.

Like Simeon, God Offers To Us The Spirit-Filled, Illumined, And Led Life

We are looking one-by-one at the Spiritual Living Lessons that new believers need to have personally taught to them by older believers.

Saved: We have seen salvation as portrayed across the pages of Acts by those early Apostles & disciples.

Scripture-Fed: Then we examined the Scriptures and the link between salvation through the Word and spiritual nurture by daily feeding upon the Word.

God Designed The Most Amazing Operating System In The Universe – How Well Is It Working In Your Life?

How Can We Avoid Grieving the Holy Spirit?

We can choose to keep God’s commandments and to lead a disciplined life. There are so many verses, let me just show you a couple. Turn to Romans 8—this is probably the best part of the Bible to mine out truth about the Holy Spirit.  And this is what I want on your heart as we commune at the Lord’s Supper this morning. When we grieve and quench the Holy Spirit it immediately impacts the key areas of our Spiritual life. Romans 8:2 says this:  When we sin, we must confess the sin immediately and repent of it, changing our minds and our behavior to conform to God’s statutes.

How Mary Immortalized Her Very Common Life By Very Un-Common Living

We are studying what it means to walk through life in step with the Spirit of God. There is nothing complicated about life as a believer, it is just staying under the direction & control of the Spirit. When we do so we can live the most amazing life possible, the life God desires us to live. This morning as we look at Mary there is one truth we need to notice:

7 Habits of Highly Useful Believers

Why should we pray? The more we examine this precious opportunity given to us by God, the more we are drawn into deeper and deeper connection to the Almighty King of the Universe.

Prayer is what Jesus modeled so clearly from the pages of the Gospels.

Prayer was what surrounded all of the major events recorded from Christ’s life.

Prayer is what we are to do or we will faint Jesus said.

Control Me – Learning to Seek First the Rule of God Over My Life Each Day

Today we are looking at the Lord’s Prayer. As we open to Mat. 6:9-13, we are examining each of the seven petitions or phrases that make up this model prayer. These petitions are much like an overview of all the elements that make up the life of a healthy, growing believer.

This pattern Jesus gave us is a reminder for us, each time we pray, of all the elements needing attention in our Christian lives. This prayer can become the vital link between our minds (where we know truth), and our lives (where we live out that truth).

The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – Sharing The Same Gospel & Mission

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The only trustworthy, reliable, authoritative explanation of God is right here in our hands: it is God’s Word the Bible. 
The Bible is the only real key to unlock truth about God, thus it is: the only sure doorway into His salvation, the only official map that leads to God, the only trustworthy reference book that defines and reveals God, the only verified classification guide to explain what God does, and the only navigational chart that leads us to the True & Living God. 

The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – Disciples Share God’s Simple Plan Of Salvation

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Have you ever wondered how people in the Bible shared the Gospel, and did evangelism way back then? Last week we looked at our Discipline of Discipleship and saw that we have the very same Gospel, the very same Mission, and the very same power source of the Spirit of God. This week we need to go onward to examine exactly how they communicated that Gospel. 

The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – When Christ Explained The Gospel To Paul

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1.    Each scene in Acts seems more amazing as we walk through these salvation messages. But of all the presentation of the Gospel, this is by all measures the best, most important, and the deepest impact. Paul shares the story of how Jesus Christ met him on the road to Damascus. In Acts 9, the details are sparse, but here the fullest and clearest account comes to us.

The Discipline Of Disciple-Making

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As we come to the Discipline of Disciple-Making, we come to our very own personal Job Description, left by Christ as the reason He saved us and left us here to serve Him through life. A question that should frame each day of our lives is: “Am I Doing What Christ Left Me to Do?”
God has always desired to be glorified by reaching this world with His message of love, His forgiveness of sin, and His offer of reconciliation leading to eternal life. God is not willing that any should perish, so He has always desired that the world to hear His message and repent, so that they may be saved. Because:


The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – Disciples – Follow Christ & Make Disciples

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Today, if asked, most of us would describe ourselves as “Christians”, some maybe as “Born-again”, others that we are “Saved”. Those are all good, valid, and proper terms; but, what is amazing is how far we have moved from what the New Testament called those who were saints and headed to Heaven. 
If you just read and note the descriptions as you proceed through the books of the New Testament, you would assemble a list of the:


The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – Learning To Follow Our Master’s Palm Sunday Lessons For His Disciples

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Jesus constantly discipled His disciples; and Palm Sunday was no exception. 
Welcome to our ongoing study of Biblical exercises for spiritual health & fitness in 2014. Paul told Timothy, and all the generations of believers to come, stay close to Christ: command and teach the church to be all Christ taught us to be. That is what we have before us in the New Testament. We are to command in the sense that “God says this”, and we are to follow up with teaching them “how to” observe what Christ wants from us who please Him by our lives.

That They Admonish – Investing My Life in Others in a Detached World

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This is the final quality God desires to see in every older woman of grace, which describes their lifestyle of admonishing, encouraging, or calling others to realize what God has clearly stated they are supposed to do.

This quality is God’s call for women of grace to wise living, encouraging counsel, discreet or focused living, and restraining life choices. In the English-speaking world, when we see someone doing something totally unprofitable, that shows they are oblivious to something far greater they should be doing there is an expression that goes something like: ‘you are just arranging deck chairs on the sinking Titanic’.